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The Royal Diaries Series

Description: Read the fictional diaries of real female figures of royalty throughout world history as children. Ideal for ages 10-13. #kids #series

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Title Author Date Added Action
Anastasia Carolyn Meyer 08/02/2018
Marie Antoinette Kathryn Lasky 07/30/2018
Mary, Queen of Scots Kathryn Lasky 07/30/2018
Lady of Ch'iao Kuo Laurence Yep 07/30/2018
Cleopatra VII Kristiana Gregory 07/30/2018
Sondok Sheri Holman 07/30/2018
Nzingha Patricia C. Mckissack 07/30/2018
Lady of Palenque Anna Kirwan 07/30/2018
Eleanor Kristiana Gregory 07/30/2018
Victoria Anna Kirwan 07/30/2018
Anacaona Edwidge Danticat 07/30/2018
Isabel Carolyn Meyer 07/30/2018
Kazunomiya Kathryn Lasky 07/30/2018
Elisabeth Barry Denenberg 07/30/2018
Kristina Carolyn Meyer 07/30/2018
Catherine Kristiana Gregory 07/30/2018
Kaiulani Ellen Emerson White 07/30/2018
Jahanara Kathryn Lasky 07/30/2018
Weetamoo Patricia Clark Smith 07/30/2018
Elizabeth I Kathryn Lasky 07/30/2018

Showing 1 through 20 of 20 results