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Description: Find books that match your lexile measure. Browse these novels and non-fiction reads written at the 1200L through 1900L. All Lexile measures verified by MetaMetrics. #teacher

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Category Title Author Date Added Action
1360L The Woman in Black Susan Hill 08/14/2018
1260L The Odyssey of Homer Homer and Richmond Lattimore 08/14/2018
1380L The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Washington Irving 08/14/2018 Read Now
1200L The Dark Game Paul B. Janeczko 08/14/2018
1230L A Rare Breed of Love Jana Kohl 08/14/2018
1200L Cod Mark Kurlansky 08/14/2018
1430L The Prince Niccolo Machiavelli 08/14/2018
1410L One Hundred Years of Solitude Gabriel Márquez 08/14/2018 Read Now
1490L Ring of Bright Water Gavin Maxwell 08/14/2018
1300L 1776 David Mccullough 08/14/2018
1200L 12 Years a Slave Solomon Northup 08/14/2018
1200L Empire of Ivory Naomi Novik 08/14/2018
1480L The Rifle Gary Paulsen 08/14/2018
1200L In the Heart of the Sea (Young Readers Edition) Nathaniel Philbrick 08/14/2018
1210L Dodger Terry Pratchett 08/14/2018
1200L The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood Howard Pyle 08/14/2018
1230L The Tales of Beedle the Bard J. K. Rowling 08/14/2018
1270L The Impossible Rescue Martin W. Sandler 08/14/2018
1330L Small Is Beautiful E. F. Schumacher 08/14/2018
1240L Black Ships Before Troy Rosemary Sutcliff 08/14/2018
1200L Yes We Can Garen Thomas 08/14/2018
1300L The Pluto Files Neil Degrasse Tyson 08/14/2018
1200L The Smart Girl's Guide to Going Vegetarian Rachel Meltzer Warren 08/14/2018
1320L Up from Slavery Booker T. Washington 08/14/2018
1240L Cleared for Takeoff Rowland White 08/14/2018

Showing 26 through 50 of 51 results