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Description: Find books that match your lexile measure. Browse these novels and non-fiction reads written at the 1100L through 1190L. All Lexile measures verified by MetaMetrics. #teacher

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Category Title Author Date Added Action
1140L The Namesake Jhumpa Lahiri 08/15/2018
1150L Nana Cracks the Case! Kathleen Lane 08/14/2018
1150L Avalon Stephen R. Lawhead 08/15/2018
1150L In Search of Bernabé Graciela Limon 08/15/2018
1120L Call of the Wild Jack London 08/14/2018
1170L Strong Inside (Young Readers Edition) Andrew Maraniss 08/14/2018
1100L Keys to the Repository (Blue Bloods) Melissa de la Cruz 08/15/2018
1100L Bringing Down the Mouse Ben Mezrich 08/14/2018
1100L The Borden Murders Sarah Miller 08/14/2018
1130L The Freedom Summer Murders Don Mitchell 08/14/2018
1130L The Snow Walker Farley Mowat 08/15/2018
1130L An American Plague Jim Murphy 08/14/2018
1170L Breakthrough! Jim Murphy 08/14/2018
1120L Shimmer Alyson Noël 08/14/2018
1140L Rascal Sterling North 08/14/2018
1170L Black Powder War Naomi Novik 08/14/2018
1140L Throne of Jade Naomi Novik 08/14/2018
1100L Victory of Eagles Naomi Novik 08/14/2018
1130L I Beat The Odds Don Yaeger and Michael Oher 08/14/2018
1140L The Scarlet Pimpernel Baroness Orczy 08/14/2018
1170L Animal Farm George Orwell 08/14/2018
1150L The Crossing Gary Paulsen 08/14/2018
1150L My Life in Dog Years Gary Paulsen and Ruth Wright Paulsen 08/14/2018
1110L The Winter Room Gary Paulsen 08/14/2018
1170L The Mayflower and the Pilgrims' New World Nathaniel Philbrick 08/14/2018

Showing 51 through 75 of 101 results