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#NativeReads for Kids and Teens

Description: In honor of Native American History month, check out these great reads by authors with strong connections to Native communities. #kids #teens

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Category Title Author Date Added Action
Young Adult Elatsoe Darcie Little Badger 08/03/2022
Young Adult A Snake Falls to Earth Darcie Little Badger 08/03/2022
Young Readers Where Did You Get Your Moccasins? Bernelda Wheeler and Herman Bekkering 10/12/2018
Young Adult Firekeeper's Daughter Angeline Boulley 10/22/2021
Middle Grade The Girl Who Married the Moon Gayle Ross and Joseph Bruchac 10/12/2018
Young Adult Killer Of Enemies Joseph Bruchac 10/12/2018
Middle Grade Skeleton Man Joseph Bruchac 10/22/2018
Middle Grade Two Roads Joseph Bruchac 03/28/2019
Young Adult The Lesser Blessed Richard Van Camp 10/12/2018
Young Adult Who Will Tell My Brother? Marlene Carvell 10/22/2018
Young Adult #NotYourPrincess Lisa Charleyboy and Mary Beth Leatherdale 04/30/2019
Young Adult Counting Coup Joseph Medicine Crow and Herman J. Viola 10/12/2018
Middle Grade Waterlily Ella Cara Deloria 10/12/2018
Young Adult The Marrow Thieves Cherie Dimaline 10/12/2018
Middle Grade The Window Michael Dorris 10/22/2018
Middle Grade The Birchbark House Louise Erdrich 10/22/2021
Young Adult The Summer of Bitter and Sweet Jen Ferguson 08/03/2022
Young Readers When We Were Alone David A. Robertson and Julie Flett 10/22/2021
Young Readers Boozhoo Fond Du Lac Head Start Program Staff 10/22/2021
Young Adult Crooked Hallelujah Kelli Jo Ford 10/21/2020
Middle Grade The Legend of the White Buffalo Woman Paul Goble 04/21/2020
Young Readers Turtle Island Eldon Yellowhorn and Kathy Lowinger 05/18/2021
Young Readers What the Eagle Sees Eldon Yellowhorn and Kathy Lowinger 05/18/2021
Young Readers Fry Bread Kevin Noble Maillard 06/30/2020
Middle Grade In the Footsteps of Crazy Horse Joseph Marshall 10/22/2021

Showing 1 through 25 of 35 results