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Investigative Reporters and Editors Award

Description: The annual IRE Awards recognize outstanding investigative work and help identify the techniques and resources used to complete each story. This collection includes award winners and finalists. #award

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Year Title Author Date Added Action
1998 Blind Man's Bluff Sherry Sontag and Christopher Drew and Annette Lawrence Drew 10/24/2018
1998 A Promise of Justice Rob Warden and David Portess 10/24/2018
1996 No Matter How Loud I Shout Edward Humes 10/24/2018
1993 Gone in the Night Rob Warden and David Portess 10/24/2018
1990 A Law Unto Itself David Burnham 10/24/2018
1989 Inside Job Paul Muolo and Stephen Pizzo and Mary Fricker 10/24/2018
1988 A Bright Shining Lie Neil Sheehan 10/24/2018
1988 Blowback Christopher Simpson 10/24/2018
1986 Yakuza Alec Dubro and David E. Kaplan 10/24/2018
1983 The Price of Power Seymour M. Hersh 10/24/2018
1982 The Puzzle Palace James Bamford 10/24/2018
1979 The Brethren Bob Woodward and Scott Armstrong 10/24/2018

Showing 51 through 62 of 62 results