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Fountas & Pinnell Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI) Purple System Grade 5

Description: Leveled Literacy Intervention Purple System for Grade 5 by Fountas & Pinnell #kids #teachers

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Category Title Author Date Added Action
Fiction: Fable, Level Q All in a Day's Work Isabella Traveler 02/20/2019
Fiction: Fantasy, Level P Wish Bowl Jacques Hughes 02/15/2019
Fiction: Fantasy, Level Q Wonder Ride Katie McLaughlin 02/15/2019
Fiction: Fantasy, Level S The Game Ann Dorer 03/13/2019
Fiction: Fantasy, Level U The Quest for the Golden Feather Mike Dion 03/13/2019
Fiction: Fantasy, Level V Moriah the Strongheart John Rawson 03/13/2019
Fiction: Fantasy, Level V ToverQuest Pat Schmatz 03/13/2019
Fiction: Fantasy/Mystery, Level S Stanley Shadow Part-time Private Eye Laura Purdie Salas 03/13/2019
Fiction: Fantasy/Short Stories, Level S Shivers Pat Shmatz 02/15/2019
Fiction: Folktale, Level P Sweet Rain Byrd Mills 03/13/2019
Fiction: Folktale, Level P Three Strong Women Susan McCloskey 02/15/2019
Fiction: Folktale, Level S Rich Man, Poor Man / The Miserly Baker Susan McCloskey 03/13/2019
Fiction: Folktale, Level T The Strange Case of Captain Moulton Michael Sullivan 03/13/2019
Fiction: Folktale, Level T Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves Stephen Krensky 02/20/2019
Fiction: Historical, Level U The Choice Maggie Bridger 02/19/2019
Fiction: Historical, Level V Flimflam Girl Louise Herman 03/13/2019
Fiction: Historical, Level W The Day the Mountain Burst Louise Herman 02/19/2019
Fiction: Humorous, Level R Worse Than Detention Michael Sullivan 02/15/2019
Fiction: Humorous, Level U Detention Intervention Michael Sullivan 03/13/2019
Fiction: Mystery, Level Q A Dog Gone Mystery Ann Dorer 02/20/2019
Fiction: Mystery, Level R The Stolen Bicycle Belinda Ray 02/15/2019
Fiction: Myth, Level V Persephone's Return Anna McCart 03/13/2019
Fiction: Narrative, Level U The Case of the Disappearing Diamonds Stephen Krensky 02/19/2019
Fiction: Novel Study, Level Q Archer's Quest Linda Sue Park 12/12/2018
Fiction: Novel Study, Level R Fig Pudding Ralph Fletcher and Arthur Howard 12/12/2018

Showing 1 through 25 of 106 results