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Fountas & Pinnell Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI) Purple System Grade 5

Description: Leveled Literacy Intervention Purple System for Grade 5 by Fountas & Pinnell #kids #teachers

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Category Title Author Date Added Action
Level P, Fiction: Realistic The Phenom! Nolan Zavoral 03/13/2019
Level W, Nonfiction: Expository Vaccines Miles Zapata 03/13/2019
Level U, Nonfiction: Narrative Fireworks! Paul Winter 08/28/2019
Level Q. Nonfiction: Expository What the Nose Knows Patrick Winter 08/14/2019
Level T Non-Fiction: Expository What You Should Know About...Pets Nancy White 08/14/2019
Level T, Nonfiction: Expository What You Should Know About Monsters Nancy White 03/11/2019
Level W, Nonfiction: Expository What You Should Know About Inventions Nancy White 03/13/2019
Level U, Nonfiction: Expository The Stories Shoes Tell Nancy White 08/14/2019
Level T Nonfiction: Expository Chili Peppers Darius Tuly 08/28/2019
Level R, Nonfiction: Memoir, Fiction: Realistic The Elephant Farm / Elephants and Me Isabella Traveler 02/19/2019
Level Q, Fiction: Fable All in a Day's Work Isabella Traveler 02/20/2019
Level U, Non-Fiction: Narrative The Book No One Has Ever Read Betsy Thomas 08/28/2019
Level R Nonfiction Expository ParĂ­cutin Laura Tabbert 04/02/2019
Level Q, Nonfiction: Expository Surprise! It's a Flash Mob Elizabeth Sycamore 03/11/2019
Level R, Fiction: Humorous Worse Than Detention Michael Sullivan 02/15/2019
Level T, Fiction: Folktale The Strange Case of Captain Moulton Michael Sullivan 03/13/2019
Level S, Fiction: Realistic First Day on the Job Michael Sullivan 03/13/2019
Level T, Fiction: Realistic The Extra Body Michael Sullivan 02/15/2019
Level U, Fiction: Humorous Detention Intervention Michael Sullivan 03/13/2019
Level U, Fiction: Realistic Career Day Michael Sullivan 02/20/2019
Level S, Fiction: Realistic The Auto Heist Michael Sullivan 02/19/2019
Level R, Fiction: Realistic All for Glory / Better Than You Michael Sullivan 02/20/2019
Level U, Non-Fiction: Expository Steelpan Music Judith Stamper 09/04/2019
Level R, Nonfiction: Expository Making Waves Judith Stamper 08/07/2019
Level R, Nonfiction: Biography Invasion of the Plastic Bags Judith Stamper 07/31/2019

Showing 1 through 25 of 154 results