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District List: BCPS Core Text Lists – Grade 2

Description: Baltimore City Public Schools Core Text List for students in 2nd Grade. Contains books from Modules: A Season of Change, The American West, Civil Rights Heroes, and Good Eating. #bcps

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Title Author Date Added Action
The Digestive System Christine Taylor-Butler 08/13/2019
Making Choices Cynthia Martin 07/22/2019
Journey of a Pioneer Patricia J. Murphy 05/03/2019
Bill Pickett Andrea Davis Pinkney and Brian Pinkney 03/27/2019
The Digestive System Jennifer Prior 03/06/2019
The Vegetables We Eat Gail Gibbons 02/27/2019
Bone Button Borscht Dusan Petricic and Aubrey Davis 02/20/2019
Ruby Bridges Goes to School Ruby Bridges 01/18/2019
John Henry Julius Lester and Jerry Pinkney 01/18/2019
Good Enough to Eat Lizzy Rockwell 01/18/2019
Good Enough To Eat Lizzy Rockwell 01/10/2019
Stone Soup Marcia Brown 01/10/2019
I Have a Dream Kadir Nelson and Martin Luther King Jr. 01/10/2019
The Story of Ruby Bridges Robert Coles and George Ford 01/10/2019
Martin Luther King Jr. and The March on Washington Frances E. Ruffin 01/10/2019
Separate Is Never Equal Duncan Tonatiuh 01/10/2019
The Legend of Bluebonnet Tomie Depaola 01/10/2019
John Henry Julius Lester 01/10/2019
The Buffalo are Back Jean Craighead George 01/10/2019
Plains Indians Andrew Santella 01/10/2019
Johnny Appleseed Steven Kellogg 01/10/2019
John Henry Ezra Jack Keats 01/10/2019
The Story of Johnny Appleseed Aliki 01/10/2019
How Do You Know It's Fall? Lisa M. Herrington 01/10/2019
The Little Yellow Leaf Carin Berger 01/10/2019

Showing 1 through 25 of 28 results