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Heart on Fire

by Ann Malaspina and Steve James

On November 5, 1872, Susan B. Anthony made history--and broke the law--when she voted in the US presidential election, a privilege that had been reserved for men. She was arrested, tried, and found guilty: "The greatest outrage History ever witnessed," she wrote in her journal. It wasn't until 1920 that women were granted the right to vote, but the civil rights victory would not have been possible without Susan B. Anthony's leadership and passion to stand up for what was right.

Date Added: 03/11/2019

I Have a Dream

by Kadir Nelson and Martin Luther King Jr.

On August 28, 1963, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial during the March on Washington, Martin Luther King gave one of the most powerful and memorable speeches in our nation's history. His words, paired with Caldecott Honor winner Kadir Nelson's magificent paintings, make for a picture book certain to be treasured by children and adults alike. The themes of equality and freedom for all are not only relevant today, 50 years later, but also provide young readers with an important introduction to our nation's past.

Date Added: 03/11/2019

I Could Do That!

by Linda Arms White

Full of humor and spunk – just like Esther! "I could do that,"says six-year-old Esther as she watches her mother making tea. Start her own business at the age of nineteen? Why, she could do that, too.

But one thing Esther and other women could NOT do was vote. Only men could do that.

With lively text and humorous illustrations as full of spirit as Esther herself, this striking picture book biography shows how one girl's gumption propels her through a life filled with challenges until, in 1869, she wins the vote for women in Wyoming Territory – the first time ever in the United States!

I Could Do That! is a 2006 Bank Street - Best Children's Book of the Year.

Date Added: 03/11/2019

The Listeners (Tales of Young Americans Series)

by Gloria Whelan

Ella May lives on a plantation but she doesn't live in the great house. She is a slave. It's dark in the morning when Ella May heads to the fields to pick cotton. And it's sunset when she comes home. But her day isn't done, not yet. Ella May still has important work to do. She's got to listen. Each night Ella May and her friends, Bobby and Sue, listen outside the windows of their master's house. Acting as the ears of their families, the children listen in the hopes of gleaning information about their fates and those of their loved ones. Who will be sold? Who will stay? What is happening in the rest of the country? The lives of slaves depended on the whims and inclinations of their owners. They had no control over the circumstances of their daily lives or futures. But they could dream. And when the promise of freedom is spoken, the children are the first to hear it. Award-winning author Gloria Whelan's quiet, poignant story brings to life the heartbreaking reality of what life as a slave was like for the youngest members of society. Picture descriptions added.

Date Added: 03/11/2019

Henry's Freedom Box

by Ellen Levine and Kadir Nelson

A stirring, dramatic story of a slave who mails himself to freedom by a Jane Addams Peace Award-winning author and a Coretta Scott King Award-winning artist.

Henry Brown doesn't know how old he is. Nobody keeps records of slaves' birthdays. All the time he dreams about freedom, but that dream seems farther away than ever when he is torn from his family and put to work in a warehouse. Henry grows up and marries, but he is again devastated when his family is sold at the slave market. Then one day, as he lifts a crate at the warehouse, he knows exactly what he must do: He will mail himself to the North. After an arduous journey in the crate, Henry finally has a birthday -- his first day of freedom.

Winner of the Caldecott Honor

Date Added: 03/11/2019

The Rough-Face Girl

by Rafe Martin and David Shannon

NIMAC-sourced textbook

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The Rough-Face Girl

by Rafe Martin

In this Algonquin Indian version of the Cinderella story, the Rough-Face Girl and her two beautiful but heartless sisters compete for the affections of the Invisible Being. This variation on the Cinderella tale takes place in an Algonquin village on the shores of Lake Ontario.

Date Added: 03/11/2019

New York's Bravest

by Mary Pope Osborne

In the 1840's there was a New York City firefighter named Mose Humphreys whose bravery was known throughout the city. Over the years, legends about Mose's strength and heroics grew to larger-than-life proportions. In this book Mary Pope Osborne adds her own two cents to the old legends, telling an exciting and touching story that introduces Mose--all of eight feet tall and able to swim the Hudson River in two strokes--to young children.

Date Added: 03/11/2019

Maybelle the Cable Car

by Virginia Lee Burton

Maybelle was a cable car a San Francisco cable car. . . She rang her gong and sang her song from early morn till late at night. . . . By recounting the actual events in San Francisco's effort to keep the city's cable cars running, this classic story illustrates how the voice of the people can be heard in the true spirit of democracy. Virginia Lee Burton's original art for Maybelle the Cable Car was retrieved from the archives of the San Francisco Public Library to re-create this edition with all the vibrant charm of the original, which was published in 1952.

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Children of the Wild West

by Russell Freedman

Historical photographs with explanatory text present a picture of life in the American West from 1840 to the early 1900s.

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Trail of Tears

by Joseph Bruchac

In 1838, settlers moving west forced the great Cherokee Nation, and their chief John Ross, to leave their home land and travel 1,200 miles to Oklahoma. An epic story of friendship, war, hope, and betrayal.

Date Added: 03/11/2019

How We Crossed The West

by Rosalyn Schanzer

THE YEAR: 1804

THE MISSION: To search for a river route across the western united states all the way to the Pacific Ocean, mapping and exploring this uncharted land for the U.S. government.

THE EXPLORERS: MERIWETHER LEWIS AND WILLIAM CLARK: Two military men, a crew of adventurers, and a dog named Seaman.

Join Lewis and Clark and their Corps of Discovery on an incredible, historic, and unforgettable journey.

Date Added: 03/11/2019

The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush

by Tomie Depaola

In spring, the hills and meadows of Texas and Wyoming are ablaze with the reds, oranges, and yellows of the Indian Paintbrush. How this striking plant received its name is told in an old Indian legend. Many years ago, when the People traveled the Plains, a young Indian boy had a Dream-Vision in which it was revealed that one day he would create a painting that was as pure as the colors of the evening sky at sunset. The boy grew up to become the painter of the tribe, but although he found a pure white buckskin for a canvas and made paints from the brightest flowers and the reddest berries, he could not capture the sunset. How the young Indian artist finally fulfills his Dream-Vision is lovingly told and illustrated by Tomie dePaola, in words and pictures that capture the spirit and beauty of this dramatic legend.

Date Added: 03/11/2019


by Brian Floca

It is the summer of 1869, and trains, crews, and family are traveling together, riding America's brand-new transcontinental railroad. These pages come alive with the details of the trip and the sounds, speed, and strength of the mighty locomotives; the work that keeps them moving; and the thrill of travel from plains to mountain to ocean.

Come hear the hiss of the steam, feel the heat of the engine, watch the landscape race by. Come ride the rails, come cross the young country!

The Caldecott Medal Winner, Sibert Honor Book, and New York Times bestseller Locomotive is a rich and detailed sensory exploration of America's early railroads, from the creator of the "stunning" (Booklist) Moonshot.

Date Added: 03/11/2019

Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa

by Erica Silverman and Betsy Lewin

A Theodor Seuss Geisel Award Honor Book Hold on to your hats! Two new pals have arrived on the scene: Cowgirl Kate and her stubborn, but devoted cowhorse, Cocoa. Together they count the herd, ride the range, and, of course, argue till the cows come home--as only best friends can do.With its spirited text and bright, humorous illustrations by Caldecott Honor recipient Betsy Lewin, this first book in the Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa series is bound to be a hit with young wranglers everywhere. This title has been selected as a Common Core Text Exemplar (Grades 2-3, Stories)

Date Added: 03/11/2019

Over and Under the Snow

by Kate Messner and Christopher Silas Neal

Over the snow, the world is hushed and white. But under the snow exists a secret kingdom of squirrels and snow hares, bears and bullfrogs, and many other animals that live through the winter safe and warm, awake and busy, under the snow. Discover the wonder and activity that lies beneath winter s snowy landscape in this magical book.

Date Added: 03/11/2019


by Cynthia Rylant and Lauren Stringer

Cynthia Rylant’s lyrical descriptions of the sights and feelings evoked by falling snow blend gorgeously with the rich and beautiful world created by Lauren Stringer’s illustrations, in which a young girl, her friend, and her grandmother enjoy the many things a snowy day has to offer.

Date Added: 03/11/2019

Henry and Mudge in the Sparkle Days

by Cynthia Rylant

From the Book Jacket: Henry and his 180-pound dog Mudge are best friends forever. And in this fifth book of their adventures, they share the joys of winter. Other books in this series are available from Bookshare.

Date Added: 03/11/2019

Frog and Toad All Year

by Arnold Lobel

Go sledding with Frog and Toad and see what happens when Frog tumbles off and Toad has to steer by himself. See how frog cheers Toad up on a rainy day when it feels as if spring will never come. See why Frog and Toad go to bed happy after raking yards all day even though the wind scatters the leaves all around until it looks as if the leaves were never raked up at all. Toad the ice-cream monster may be the funniest Toad you've seen yet. On Christmas Eve find out how worries can grow and grow even when there's nothing to worry about. Two of the four Frog and Toad books by Lobel have won major awards. In Frog and Toad All Year, the third book in this hilarious series of easy to read chapter books about best friends, children will laugh and cheer at the five stories: one for each season and one about Christmas Eve. The pictures are carefully and humorously described.

Date Added: 03/11/2019

Poppleton in Winter

by Cynthia Rylant

In this easy-to-read chapter book, Poppleton the pig charms young readers with his quirky adventures and whimsical ideas! Poppleton grows an icicle garden and ends up with an icicle fence instead. He sculpts a bust of Cherry Sue without explaining his constant visits just to look at her face. And he wonders why he can't find a friend to go on a sleigh ride with. No one can go, because they're all preparing Poppleton's birthday party!

[This text is listed as an example that meets Common Core Standards in English language arts in grades 2-3 at http://www.corestandards.org.]

Date Added: 03/11/2019

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