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District List: FWISD High School - Social Science

Description: High school Social Science textbook list for students in 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grades at Fort Worth ISD. #fwisd

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Title Author Date Added Action
Deaf Culture Our Way Thomas K. Holcomb and Roy K. Holcomb and Samuel K. Holcomb 03/25/2019
Principles of Applied Engineering Elizabeth A. Stephan and Kenneth Reid and David Reeping 03/25/2019
Learning Web Technologies Jim Maivald and Cheryl Brumbaugh-Duncan 03/25/2019
Chiarissimo due Bruna Petrarca Boyle and John Giovanelli 03/25/2019
Apprenons Elizabeth Zwanziger and Brittany Goings and Elizabeth Rench and Brittany Selden Griffin 03/25/2019
Chiarissimo Uno Bruna Petrarca Boyle and John Giovanelli 03/25/2019
Principles of Human Services Sharleen L. Kato 03/25/2019
Auto Collision Repair and Refinishing Michael Crandell 03/25/2019
Photography Jack Klasey 03/25/2019
Modern Carpentry Howard Bud Smith and Willis H. Wagner and Mark W. Huth 03/25/2019
Immagina Anne Cummings and Chiara Frenquellucci and Gloria Pastorino 03/25/2019
Principles of Floral Design Pat Diehl Scace and James M. DelPrince 03/25/2019
Krugman’s Economics for AP® David Anderson and Margaret Ray 03/25/2019
Business Information Management I, Companion Material for Texas K12 Cengage Learning 03/25/2019
Soft Skills for a Digital Workplace Jeff Butterfield 03/25/2019
Texas Manufacturing Welding, Volume 1 Nccer 03/25/2019
Business Management James L. Burrow and Brad A. Kleindl and Michael B. Becraft 03/25/2019
Law for Business and Personal Use John E. Adamson and Amanda Morrison 03/25/2019
Wildlife and Natural Resource Management Kevin H. Deal 03/25/2019
Communicating through Graphic Design Scott Menchin and Kevin Gatta and Claire Mowbray Golding and Luis Kerch and Reba Libby 03/25/2019
Latin of New Spain (Bilingual Edition) Donald E. Sprague and Rose Williams 03/25/2019
Cicero Cicero and Steven M. Cerutti and Gaby Huebner 03/25/2019
Ovid Ovid and Laurie Haight Keenan and Charbra Adams Jestin and Phyllis B. Katz and Bridget Dean and Laurel Draper 03/25/2019
Vergil's Aeneid Vergil and Barbara Weiden Boyd and Bridget Buchholz and D. Scott Van Horn 03/25/2019
One Way, Deaf Way James W. Van Manen and Ann Silver 04/10/2019

Showing 1 through 25 of 98 results