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Description: Each month Bookshare staff will choose a book for members to read before hosting a discussion at the end of the month. The conversation will take place on Zoom. Visit tiny.cc/BookshareBookClub for more details. #bksbookclub #bookclub #adults #teens

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Year Month Category Title Author Date Added Action
2021 October Adult A Slow Fire Burning Paula Hawkins 10/06/2021
2021 September Adult Velvet Was the Night Silvia Moreno-Garcia 09/09/2021
2021 August Adult We Could Be Heroes Mike Chen 08/02/2021
2021 July Adult The Other Black Girl Zakiya Dalila Harris 07/06/2021
2021 June Adult The Midnight Library Matt Haig 06/07/2021
2021 May Adult The Souvenir Museum Elizabeth McCracken 04/30/2021
2021 April Adult The Lost Apothecary Sarah Penner 04/02/2021
2021 March Adult His Only Wife Peace Adzo Medie 03/02/2021
2021 February Adult Black Buck Mateo Askaripour 01/28/2021
2021 January Adult Leave the World Behind Rumaan Alam 01/05/2021
2020 November Adult Memorial Bryan Washington 10/29/2020
2020 October Adult Mexican Gothic Silvia Moreno-Garcia 10/02/2020
2020 September Adult The Vanishing Half Brit Bennett 09/01/2020
2020 August Adult Such a Fun Age Kiley Reid 08/04/2020
2020 July Adult My Soul Looks Back Jessica B. Harris 06/26/2020
2020 June Adult The Municipalists Seth Fried 05/28/2020
2020 May Adult Days of Distraction Alexandra Chang 04/30/2020
2020 April Adult The Hunting Party Lucy Foley 04/01/2020
2020 March Adult Weather Jenny Offill 03/03/2020
2020 February Adult Trust Exercise Susan Choi 01/30/2020
2019 November Adult The Incendiaries R. O. Kwon 11/01/2019
2019 October Adult Red at the Bone Jacqueline Woodson 10/10/2019
2019 September Adult American Spy Lauren Wilkinson 08/29/2019
2019 August Adult Baby, You're Gonna Be Mine Kevin Wilson 07/31/2019
2019 July Adult Polaris Rising Jessie Mihalik 07/02/2019

Showing 1 through 25 of 42 results