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District List: BCPS Social Studies - Grade 1

Description: Baltimore City Public Schools Social Studies book list for students in 1st Grade. #bcps

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Title Author Date Added Action
The Three Bears Paul Galdone 05/16/2019
Taxi Giulio Maestro and Betsy Maestro 07/08/2019
Being A Good Citizen Stacey Previn and Mary Small 08/19/2019
Little Red Riding Hood Candice Ransom 08/30/2019
What is a Community? Bobbie Kalman 05/10/2019
Miss Nelson is Back Harry Allard 05/10/2019
Miss Nelson Has A Field Day Harry Allard 05/10/2019
Me on the Map Annette Cable and Joan Sweeney 05/10/2019
No, David! David Shannon 09/19/2019
Miss Nelson is Missing! Harry Allard 09/09/2019

Showing 1 through 10 of 10 results