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Description: Baltimore City Public Schools Social Studies book list for students in 1st Grade. #bcps

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No, David!

by David Shannon

When David Shannon was five years old, he wrote and illustrated his first book. On every page were these words: NO, DAVID! . . . and a picture of David doing things he was not supposed to do. Now David is all grown up. But some things never change. . . .

Over fifteen years after its initial publication, NO, DAVID! remains a perennial household favorite, delighting children, parents, and teachers alike. David is a beloved character, whose unabashed good humor, mischievous smile, and laughter-inducing antics underline the love parents have for their children--even when they misbehave.

Date Added: 09/19/2019

Miss Nelson is Missing!

by Harry Allard

The kids in Room 207 were misbehaving again. Spitballs stuck to the ceiling. Paper planes whizzing through the air. They were the worst-behaved class in the whole school.

So begins this quirky classic, first published in 1977 and still relevant today as a lighthearted reminder to show our appreciation to those we value. The students don’t proffer a shred of respect for their good-natured teacher Miss Nelson, but when the witchy substitute Miss Viola Swamp appears on the scene, they start to regret their own wicked ways. James Marshall’s scritchy, cartoonish full-color ink and wash illustrations are hilarious. A back-to-school perennial!

Date Added: 09/09/2019

Little Red Riding Hood

by Candice Ransom

In this beloved tale, Little Red Riding Hood is uneasy when her grandmother looks suspiciously like a sly wolf that she met along the way. Children will eagerly continue reading to see what will happen when the wolf shows how big and sharp his teeth are! --Between the pages of the Brighter Child Keepsake Stories books are the classic tales of magic, imagination, and inspiration that will delight children again and again.

Date Added: 08/30/2019

Being A Good Citizen

by Stacey Previn and Mary Small

Simple text and illustrations show children doing the things that demonstrate their good citizenship like greeting new neighbors and picking up neighborhood litter.

Date Added: 08/19/2019


by Giulio Maestro and Betsy Maestro

The reader is introduced to such typical city words as "theater,""museum," "office building," and "train station" as a taxi travels through a hectic workday in and around the city.

Date Added: 07/08/2019

The Three Bears

by Paul Galdone

This familiar nursery tale features a warmly appealing bear family and a naughty, gap-toothed Goldilocks.

Date Added: 05/16/2019

Me on the Map

by Annette Cable and Joan Sweeney

Illustrated in full color. In this playful introduction to maps and geography, step by simple step, a young girl shows readers herself on a map of her room, her room on the map of her house, her house on the map of her street--all the way to her country on a map of the world. Once the reader is familiar with the maps, she demonstrates how readers can find their own country, state, and town--all the way back to their room--on each colorful map. Easy-to-read text, bright artwork, and charming details give children a lot to search for and will have them eager to help navigate on the next family vacation From the Hardcover Library Binding edition.

Date Added: 05/10/2019

Miss Nelson Has A Field Day

by Harry Allard

From the Book Jacket: The football team hasn't won a game all year. They haven't even scored a single point. They practice only when they feel like it, and neither Principal Blandsworth's admonition nor Coach Armstrong's heart-rending sobs spur them on. Something has to be done. On a certain day when no one wants to practice, the coach's whistle blows, and the team cannot believe what they see: It's that substitute teacher from times past, the terrible tyrant from Miss Nelson's Room 207. The team knows they're in for it when she shouts for all to hear, "I am Coach Swamp." The surprise twist to Miss Swamp's outrageous and rollicking story will delight and mystify the multitude of fans that Harry Allard and James Marshall have won with Miss Nelson Is Missing! and Miss Nelson Is Back. Harry Allard and James Marshall have teamed up before to create the wonderful adventures of the Stupid family in The Stupids Step Out, The Stupids Have a Ball, and The Stupids Die. And, of course, they are the creators of the famous Miss Nelson Is Missing!, which has won the Arizona Young Readers Award, the Georgia Children's Picture Storybook Award, and the California Young Reader Medal. Miss Nelson Is Back, the rollicking sequel, is a featured selection on the PBS television series "Reading Rainbow." Other books about Miss Nelson are available from Bookshare.

Date Added: 05/10/2019

Miss Nelson is Back

by Harry Allard

When the high-spirited kids in Room 207 learn that Miss Nelson is to be away for several days, they begin to make plans. What better time to act up and be wild?

They change their tune, however, when they hear all about the terrible Miss Viola Swamp-"the meanest substitute in the whole wide world." "Oooh," they say.

Naturally, when Mr. Blandsworth, the school principal, decides to take over for Miss Nelson, the kids in 207 are relieved. No Miss Swamp to worry about. But when relief turns to groaning boredom, they hatch a clever plot-not unlike something Miss Nelson herself might dream up.

In this delightful comedy of disguise and surprise, Allard and Marshall pay a return visit to Room 207. There's nothing quite like Miss Nelson and her class-or is there? And what about the famous Miss Swamp? Oh, she's around.

Date Added: 05/10/2019

What is a Community?

by Bobbie Kalman

This educative text explains the common components shared by many communities like people, transport, buildings, culture, etc. It also illustrates how various communities are interdependent and sows the seed for respecting mother earth as the most important community.

Date Added: 05/10/2019

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