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District List: BCPS Social Studies - Grade 3

Description: Baltimore City Public Schools Social Studies book list for students in 3rd Grade. #bcps

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Title Author Date Added Action
Common Ground Molly Bang 07/08/2019
The Lorax Seuss 09/20/2019
Managing Your Money Barbara Simons 07/12/2019
Osprey Adventure Jennifer Curtis 08/30/2019
Sam Kristina Henry 09/23/2019
Charlie Needs a Cloak Tomie DePaola 07/15/2019
Perry's Baltimore Adventure Peter E. Dans 10/01/2019
Can a Coal Scuttle Fly Tom Miller and Camay Calloway Murphy 09/19/2019
Recycle! A Handbook for Kids Gail Gibbons 05/10/2019
Just a Dream Chris Van Allsburg 05/10/2019
Falcons Nest on Skyscrapers Priscilla Belz Jenkins and Megan Lloyd 05/10/2019
The Great Kapok Tree Lynne Cherry 05/10/2019
The Great Kapok Tree Lynne Cherry 05/10/2019
Me on the Map Annette Cable and Joan Sweeney 05/10/2019
Coming to America Betsy Maestro and Susannah Ryan 05/10/2019
The Keeping Quilt Patricia Polacco 05/10/2019
Journey to Ellis Island Carol Bierman 05/10/2019
Charlie Needs a Cloak This title is no longer available. Tomie DePaola 05/10/2019
How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World Marjorie Priceman 05/10/2019
Isabel's Car Wash Judy Stead and Sheila Blair 05/10/2019
Uncle Jed's Barber Shop Margaree King Mitchell 05/10/2019
Miss Rumphius Barbara Cooney 10/16/2019
Mama Panya's Pancakes Julia Cairns and Richard Chamberlin and Mary Chamberlin 07/05/2019
The Pickle Patch Bathtub Frances Kennedy 10/01/2019
Where Does the Garbage Go? [Grade 3] Paul Showers and Randy Chewning 06/26/2019

Showing 1 through 25 of 25 results