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District List: BCPS Social Studies - Grade 5

Description: Baltimore City Public Schools Social Studies book list for students in 5th Grade. #bcps

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Title Author Date Added Action
Colonial Times Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis 05/14/2019
Nystrom Atlas of Our Country's History Nystrom 05/14/2019
A History of US: Joy Hakim 05/14/2019
Life On A Plantation Bobbie Kalman 07/08/2019
The U.S. Constitution Michael Burgan and Gordon Purcell and Terry Beatty 07/08/2019
Early Congresses Wendy Conklin 07/09/2019
A Primary Source History of the Colony of Maryland Liz Sonneborn 09/17/2019
The Declaration Of Independence In Translation Amie Leavitt 09/17/2019
The Black Regiment Of The American Revolution Linda Brennan and Cheryl Noll 09/17/2019
Mr. Madison's War Kassandra Radomski 09/18/2019
The Revolutionary War Home Front Diane Smolinski 08/22/2019
A Slave Family Bobbie Kalman 07/12/2019
The Biggest (and Best) Flag That Ever Flew Rebecca Jones 09/23/2019
Key People Of The Revolutionary War Patrick Catel and Megan Cotugno 07/15/2019
The United States Constitution Therese Shea 07/15/2019
Understanding The US Constitution Sally Isaacs and Baron Bedeksy 07/15/2019
How Did Tea And Taxes Spark A Revolution? Linda Gondosch 07/15/2019
The Maryland Adventure Suzanne Ellery Chapelle 05/10/2019
Chronicle of America Joy Masoff 05/10/2019
Abigail Adams Natalie S. Bober 05/10/2019
Crispus Attucks Anne Beier 05/10/2019
George vs. George Rosalyn Schanzer 05/10/2019
The U. S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and a New Nation Steven Anthony Otfinoski 05/10/2019
A Timeline Of The War Of 1812 Sandra Giddens and Owen Giddens 07/05/2019
The United States Constitution Liz Sonneborn 08/23/2019

Showing 1 through 25 of 31 results