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Into Reading Texas Kindergarten (NIMAC)

Description: HMH Into Reading guides students as they transition from emerging readers to effective writers. These titles are available to students with IEPs. Learn more here: http://www.nimac.us #teachers #nimac

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Category Title Author Date Added Action
Level D, Book 67 Time to Go Ann Iosa and Andrea Almada 09/13/2019
Level D, Book 68 Chico Patricia Almada and Monique Passicot 09/13/2019
Level H, Book 8 The Pond Rob Arego and Toby Williams 01/15/2020
Read Aloud Module 9 Book 3 A Day and Night in the Desert Caroline Arnold 10/01/2019
Level C, Book 41 Baby Lamb Is Hungry Annette Smith and Samantha Asri 09/13/2019
Level D, Book 84 Josh's Scooter Annette Smith and Samantha Asri 09/17/2019
Read Aloud Module 6, Book 1 America the Beautiful Katharine Bates 09/09/2019
Level B, Book 25 Bugs in the Garden David Bauer and Burgandy Beam 08/29/2019
Level B, Book 35 How Does a Tree Help? David Bauer 08/29/2019
Level A, Book 4 My New Pet David Bauer and Kathleen Rietz 08/23/2019
Level A, Book 3 A Rainy Day Jeff Hopkins and David Bauer 08/23/2019
Level A, Book 16 What Is Wet? David Bauer 08/23/2019
Level B, Book 30 What Needs the Sun David Bauer 08/29/2019
Read Aloud Module 6, Book 3 Martin Luther King, Jr. Jamie Smith and Marion Bauer 09/09/2019
Level G, Book 7 Tamales! Burgundy Beam and Dixie Petrokis 01/15/2020
Read Aloud Module 2 Book 2 I Like Myself! David Catrow and Karen Beaumont 09/17/2019
Level I, Book 9 Measure Me! Sergi Camara and Gabriel Berman 01/15/2020
Level N, Book 14 Museum Adventures Gabriel Berman and Ronald Lipking 01/15/2020
Level B, Book 24 Mack Forgot! Ellen Catala and Doreen Kassel and Anne Blake 08/29/2019
Read Aloud Module 4 Book 1 Being Fit: Healthy Plates Valerie Bodden 09/17/2019
Level A, Book 5 At the Beach Denny Bond and Sandy Caporale 08/23/2019
Level C, Book 53 2, 4, 6, 8 Legs Patricia Brennan 09/13/2019
Level D, Book 73 Animals Go Home Patricia Brennan 09/16/2019
Level B, Book 36 Animals Hide Patricia Brennan 08/29/2019
Level C, Book 43 Where Are We Going? Patricia Brennan and Chi Chung 09/13/2019

Showing 1 through 25 of 158 results