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District List: ELC-4 Unit 1 Realistic Fiction - MCPS

Description: Montgomery County (MD) Enriched Literacy Curriculum (4). Focus the instruction on narrative elements in realistic fiction texts. Pay attention to how the author develops the main character and how that character interacts with other characters. #mcps

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Title Author Date Added Action
The Penderwicks Collection Jeanne Birdsall 09/17/2019
Wild Wings Gill Lewis and Yuta Onoda 09/17/2019
Zeely Virginia Hamilton 09/17/2019
The Sea in Winter Christine Day 11/22/2023
Rain Reign Ann M. Martin 11/21/2023
Spider Boy Ralph Fletcher 11/21/2023
The Epic Fail of Arturo Zamora Pablo Cartaya 11/21/2023
From the Desk of Zoe Washington Janae Marks 11/21/2023

Showing 26 through 33 of 33 results