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Into Reading Texas Grade 1 (NIMAC)

Description: HMH Into Reading guides students as they transition from emerging readers to effective writers. These titles are available to students with IEPs. Learn more here: http://www.nimac.us #teachers #nimac

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Category Title Author Date Added Action
Big Book Module 1 Pete the Cat: Rocking in my School Shoes Eric Litwin and James Dean 09/17/2019
Big Book Module 10 What Can You Do? Shelley Rotner and Sheila Kelly 09/17/2019
Big Book, Module 2 Whose Hands Are These? Miranda Paul and Luciana Powell 09/17/2019
Big Book, Module 3 Best Foot Forward: Exploring Feet, Flippers, and Claws Ingo Arndt 09/17/2019
Big Book Module 5 On Earth G. Karas 10/01/2019
Big Book, Module 6 You're a Grand Old Flag George Cohan 10/01/2019
Big Book Module 7 Rainy, Sunny, Blowy, Snowy Jane Brocket 01/15/2020
Big Book Module 8 Chicken Little Ed Emberley and Rebecca Emberley 09/17/2019
Level C, Book 1 Helping Each Other Meryl Treatner and Gail Riley 10/11/2019
Level C, Book 10 What Is Hiding? Cheryl Jakab and Luke Jurevicius 01/15/2020
Level C, Book 2 Tick, Tock, Check the Clock! Jackie Urbanovic and Lisa Trumbauer 01/15/2020
Level C, Book 3 Grandpa Alison Hawes and Liz Catchpole 10/11/2019
Level C, Book 4 Who Is Hungry? Julie Haydon 01/15/2020
Level C, Book 5 Play Ball! Ellen Catala 01/15/2020
Level C, Book 6 Little Cat and Big Cat Annette Smith and Ben Spiby 01/15/2020
Level C, Book 7 Boss Is Hungry Debbie Croft and Natalie Hinrichson 01/15/2020
Level C, Book 8 Now It's Hot! Bill Thomas and Julie Haydon 10/11/2019
Level C, Book 9 The Five Senses Bill Thomas and Julie Haydon and Lindsay Edwards 01/15/2020
Level D, Book 11 This is My Family Betty Kwong-Lee and Chi Chung 01/15/2020
Level D, Book 12 Little Squirrel Wants to Play Bradley Bergeron 10/11/2019
Level D, Book 13 Our Flag Ken O'Donoghue and Cindy Harris 10/11/2019
Level D, Book 14 Our Gift to the Beach Margarita González-Jensen and Richard Hutchings 01/15/2020
Level D, Book 15 Little Terriers Annette Smith and Lyz Turner-Clark 01/15/2020
Level D, Book 16 Lizard Loses His Tail Beverley Randell and Bruce Lauchlan 01/15/2020
Level D, Book 17 Animal Shapes Heather Hammonds 01/15/2020

Showing 1 through 25 of 147 results