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Into Reading Texas Grade 5 (NIMAC)

Description: HMH Into Reading guides students as they transition from emerging readers to effective writers. These titles are available to students with IEPs. Learn more here: http://www.nimac.us #teachers #nimac

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Category Title Author Date Added Action
Level R, Book 1 Keeping Up with Claire Scott Angle and Karen Guralnick and Meg García 01/15/2020
Level R, Book 10 Working High and Low Diana Noonan 01/15/2020
Level R, Book 11 Robot Trouble Claire Daniel and Christine Benjamin 01/15/2020
Level R, Book 12 Hypotheticus and His Calculatorium Ian Forss and Quentin Flynn 01/15/2020
Level R, Book 13 My Special Upside-Down Birthday Paul Könye and Peter Millett 01/15/2020
Level R, Book 14 The Fabled Baguettes of Beauchamp Richard Hoit and Quentin Flynn 01/15/2020
Level R, Book 15 Time and Clocks Debbie Croft 01/15/2020
Level R, Book 2 Mass Production and the Model T: Building the Car for Everyone Meish Goldish 01/15/2020
Level R, Book 3 Swamp Explorer Kathleen Simpson 01/15/2020
Level R, Book 4 The Rainbow Serpent: An Aboriginal Australian Story Chris Sarandis and Bronwyn Bancroft 01/15/2020
Level R, Book 5 Needs Versus Wants Phillip Simpson 01/15/2020
Level R, Book 6 Save Our Library! Peter Millett and Scott Fraser 01/15/2020
Level R, Book 7 Megafauna Mega-Fright! Cameron Macintosh and Alina Tysoe 01/15/2020
Level R, Book 8 Unusual Sports Phillip Simpson 01/15/2020
Level R, Book 9 Who Was the Greatest Electrical Inventor? Sharon Parsons 01/15/2020
Level S, Book 16 Plastics: Good or Bad? Phillip Simpson 01/15/2020
Level S, Book 17 Watching the Night Skies George Ivanoff 01/15/2020
Level S, Book 18 By Sea to America Brian Moses and Tom McNeely 01/15/2020
Level S, Book 19 The Return of the Wolf Margaret Su and Bradley Clark 01/15/2020
Level S, Book 20 A Night at the Beach Diane Bair and Pamela Wright 01/15/2020
Level S, Book 21 Midnight Journeys Maureen Mecozzi 01/15/2020
Level S, Book 22 Dreamers and Doers Darleen Ramos 01/15/2020
Level S, Book 23 The Search for New Lands Ellen Catala 01/15/2020
Level S, Book 24 Newton and the Apple Sue Bursztynski and Vasja Koman 01/15/2020
Level S, Book 25 Who Can Make Art? Pamela Rushby and Rosalie Street 01/15/2020

Showing 1 through 25 of 108 results