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100 Notable Books of 2019

Description: The New York Times list for the 100 notable books of 2019. Did your favorite book of 2019 make the list? Subscribe to find out! #adults #general

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Category Title Author Date Added Action
Non-Fiction Thick Tressie Cottom 02/14/2020
Fiction The Tradition Jericho Brown 02/06/2020
Fiction Ducks, Newburyport Lucy Ellmann 01/29/2020
Fiction The Parisian Isabella Hammad 01/28/2020
Non-Fiction In Hoffa's Shadow Jack Goldsmith 01/23/2020
Fiction Girl Edna O'Brien 01/23/2020
Fiction The Revisioners Margaret Sexton 01/23/2020
Fiction Optic Nerve Thomas Bunstead and Maria Gainza 01/23/2020
Fiction The Heavens Sandra Newman 01/17/2020
Fiction The Grammarians Cathleen Schine 01/15/2020
Non-Fiction The Yellow House Sarah Broom 12/02/2019
Non-Fiction Women's Work Megan K. Stack 12/02/2019
Fiction Women Talking Miriam Toews 12/02/2019
Non-Fiction What You Have Heard Is True Carolyn Forché 12/02/2019
Fiction Westside W.M. Akers 12/02/2019
Non-Fiction The War Before the War Andrew Delbanco 12/02/2019
Non-Fiction The Unwinding of the Miracle Julie Yip-Williams 12/02/2019
Non-Fiction The Uninhabitable Earth David Wallace-Wells 12/02/2019
Non-Fiction Underland Robert Macfarlane 12/02/2019
Non-Fiction Trick Mirror Jia Tolentino 12/02/2019
Fiction The Topeka School Ben Lerner 12/02/2019
Fiction The Topeka School Ben Lerner 12/02/2019
Fiction The Testaments Margaret Atwood 12/02/2019
Non-Fiction Stony the Road Henry Louis Gates 12/02/2019
Fiction Spring Ali Smith 12/02/2019

Showing 1 through 25 of 106 results