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Wish List Books 2020

Description: Books added to the collection from "Wish List" requests from our members in 2020. Thank you to the dedicated donors and volunteers who made these books available to the wider Bookshare community. To learn more, visit https://pt.bookshare.org/donate

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Title Author Date Added Action
Beautiful Sacrifice Jamie McGuire 07/23/2020
An American Railroad Dream Susie Gaglia and Patrick Morrison 07/15/2020
Girl On Pointe Nancy Ohlin and Chloe Lukasiak 07/15/2020
All The Weight Of Our Dreams Lydia Brown and E. Ashkenazy and Morénike Giwa Onaiwu and Autism Women'S Network 07/15/2020
Never Never Brianna Shrum 07/15/2020
Now We Shall Be Entirely Free Andrew Miller 07/15/2020
Justice Jeffrey Salane 07/15/2020
One Nation, Uninsured Jill S. Quadagno 07/15/2020
Love Must Be Tough James C. Dobson 07/15/2020
All The Way Don Yaeger and Sean Mortimer and Joe Namath 06/02/2020
Hacker Ted Dekker 06/02/2020
Supernova Marissa Meyer 06/02/2020
When The Drummers Were Women Layne Redmond 06/02/2020
Indian Horse Richard Wagamese 05/28/2020
Just One Drop Quinn Loftis 05/28/2020
Ember Rising S. D. Smith 05/28/2020
Jane Austen Irene Collins 05/28/2020
The Plastic Magician Charlie N. Holmberg 05/28/2020
At The Sign Of Triumph David Weber 05/28/2020
One For The Blackbird, One For The Crow Olivia Hawker 05/28/2020
The First Girl Child Amy Harmon 05/28/2020
By Gaslight Steven Price 05/28/2020
In The Name Of Honor Richard North Patterson 05/28/2020
The Accessible Home Deborah Pierce 05/28/2020
Radical Inclusion Ori Brafman and Martin Dempsey 07/23/2020

Showing 1 through 25 of 97 results