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Wish List Books 2020

Description: Books added to the collection from "Wish List" requests from our members in 2020. Thank you to the dedicated donors and volunteers who made these books available to the wider Bookshare community. To learn more, visit https://pt.bookshare.org/donate

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Title Author Date Added Action
Perfect Scoundrels Ally Carter 04/03/2020
The Fowl Twins Eoin Colfer 04/03/2020
Uncompromising Honor David Weber 04/03/2020
Erdogan's Empire Soner Cagaptay 04/03/2020
Musings To Meaning Christina Rosenthal 04/03/2020
The Dressmaker's Gift Fiona Valpy 04/03/2020
You're Not Crazy - It's Your Mother Danu Morrigan 04/03/2020
Are We There Yet? Michal Brody 04/03/2020
One Was A Soldier Julia Spencer-Fleming 04/03/2020
Regretting You Colleen Hoover 04/03/2020
The Everlasting Rose Dhonielle Clayton 04/03/2020
Why Does Patriarchy Persist? Carol Gilligan and Naomi Snider 04/03/2020
Beautiful Redemption Jamie McGuire 04/03/2020
The Last Sister Kendra Elliot 04/03/2020
The Politics Of Heroin Alfred McCoy 04/03/2020
Why I'm No Longer Talking To White People About Race Reni Eddo-Lodge 04/03/2020
Unplanned Cindy Lambert and Abby Johnson 04/08/2020
Wedding Bells, Magic Spells Lisa Shearin 04/08/2020
Meet Your Baker Ellie Alexander 04/08/2020
Girl, Woman, Other Bernardine Evaristo 04/08/2020
From The Hilltop Toni Jensen 04/08/2020
The Dollmaker Mary Burton 04/08/2020
99 Red Balloons Libby Carpenter and Elisabeth Carpenter 04/08/2020
Master Of The Phantom Isle Brandon Mull 04/08/2020
The Murmur Of Bees SofĂ­a Segovia and Simon Bruni 04/15/2020

Showing 51 through 75 of 196 results