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Fountas & Pinnell Classroom, Guided Reading Grade 3 (NIMAC)

Description: The Fountas & Pinnell Classroom Guided Reading Collection will allow teachers to build a rich collection over time with engaging original texts to advance students' ability to process increasingly challenging books with fluency and comprehension. #teachers

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Title Author Date Added Action
Trevor's Big Adventure / Red-Eyed Tree Frog Eugenia Nobati and Michelle Olmsted and Alice McGinty 04/02/2020
Kirobo™ the Robot Catherine Friend 04/02/2020
The Trail Home Kevin Keele and Elizabeth Coburn 04/02/2020
Captain Amos and the Spider Marilyn Taylor and Logan Kline 04/02/2020
Alan Bean Suzanne Slade 04/02/2020
The Salt Stacks Jeff Scarletti 04/02/2020
Food Boats, Ahoy! Julie Rowe 04/02/2020
The Substitron–9000 Yaniv Shimony and Peter Ferland 04/02/2020
The Paper Airplane Pilot George Pasles 04/02/2020
Partners in Crime Maurie Manning and Casie Hermansson 04/02/2020
Brenda and Sam Susan Buckley 04/02/2020
The Fuzzy Robot Judith Stamper 04/02/2020
Delete Donna Gephart and Eric Deschamps 04/02/2020
A Day Without Reading Jimmy Holder and Peter Ferland 04/02/2020
Coco's Escape Craig Orback and Estelle Ito 04/02/2020
Moon Buggies Suzanne Slade 04/02/2020
Thumbs Tompkins and the Long Mile Bill Basso and Michael Sullivan 04/02/2020
Leaving a Mark Michael Sullivan and Monica Auriemma 04/02/2020
Parrot Talk Dave Gunson and Jill Nadler 04/02/2020
Finnegan and the Big Oops Maurie Manning and Casie Hermansson 04/02/2020
The Tree Doctor Craig Orback and Jacqueline Adams 04/02/2020
Wild Nature Gavin Malone 04/02/2020
My Lazy Cat, Henrietta Stephen Krensky and Jessica Warrick 04/02/2020
Einstein's Lawn Mower Mike Lester and Peter Ferland 04/02/2020
Ice Cream's Delightful Surprises Joanna Cruz 04/02/2020

Showing 176 through 200 of 200 results