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Fountas & Pinnell Classroom, Guided Reading Grade 3 (NIMAC)

Description: The Fountas & Pinnell Classroom Guided Reading Collection will allow teachers to build a rich collection over time with engaging original texts to advance students' ability to process increasingly challenging books with fluency and comprehension. #teachers

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Title Author Date Added Action
The Salt Stacks Jeff Scarletti 04/02/2020
A Tree's Secret Story Jeff Scarletti 04/02/2020
Creepers in the Corn Robert Squier and Pat Schmatz 04/02/2020
The Wolf and the Seven Billy Goats Sholto Walker and Judy Schmauss 04/02/2020
A Flurry of Fun Maxine Schur 04/02/2020
Wild and Wacky Inventions Maxine Schur 04/02/2020
Daniel and the Walking Fish Terry Shannon 04/02/2020
Searching for the Pygmy Hippo Terry Shannon 04/02/2020
The Night of the Sand Cat Zeke Shepherd 04/02/2020
Another Turn for a Carousel Diane Silver 04/02/2020
Alan Bean Suzanne Slade 04/02/2020
Cool Cats, Hot Dogs Suzanne Slade 04/02/2020
Moon Buggies Suzanne Slade 04/02/2020
A School Made Out of Trash Suzanne Slade 04/02/2020
Fortune Cookie: A Surprise Inside Julius Smitherson 04/02/2020
Almost Flying Phoebe Soleil 04/02/2020
Life in the Redwood Forest Joanna Solins 04/02/2020
Shells, Spikes, and Scales Devra Speregen 04/02/2020
Up a Tree with a Koala Devra Speregen 04/02/2020
The Fuzzy Robot Judith Stamper 04/02/2020
Ava and the Spider Sarah Stroud and Amit Tayal 04/02/2020
The Hidden City: Based on a True Story Amit Tayal and Harold Williams 04/02/2020
Hot, Hot Mud Pots Javier Tempkin 04/02/2020
Finding a Forever Home Andrea Weiss 04/02/2020
The Ailey Athletic Boys Nancy White 04/02/2020

Showing 176 through 200 of 200 results