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Fountas & Pinnell Classroom, Guided Reading Grade 6 (NIMAC)

Description: The Fountas & Pinnell Classroom Guided Reading Collection will allow teachers to build a rich collection over time with engaging original texts to advance students' ability to process increasingly challenging books with fluency and comprehension. #teachers

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Title Author Date Added Action
The Sky's the Limit Linda Cernak 04/02/2020
Zaha Hadid: The Architect Who Never Quit Katherine Gleason 04/02/2020
Your Emotions: Your Brain's Survival Kit Carla Mooney and Brucie Rosch 04/02/2020
Yasmine Moustafa: Young Scientist, Rising Star Louise Hegazzi 04/02/2020
Written All Over Your Face: Facial Recognition Technology Susan Stubbs 04/02/2020
Women Warriors: Tales of the Onna Bugeisha Pamela Dell and Scott Plumbe 04/02/2020
Wildlife Detectives Brenda Iasevoli and Tony Shasteen 04/02/2020
Why Hackers Hack: From Curiosity to Crime Carla Mooney 04/02/2020
What Goes Around Shane Johnson and Mark Shulman 04/02/2020
Water Girl Shane Johnson and Mary McCoy 04/02/2020
Venom Extractors Katy Duffield 04/02/2020
Valerie L. Thomas: Images of a Lifetime Jacqueline Adams 04/02/2020
Up in Flames Fabio Leone and Susan Layne 04/02/2020
Unraveled Chris King and Esther Mizrachi 04/02/2020
Unexpected Killers: Things You Didn't Know You Should Fear Javier Luna 04/02/2020
Tiny Jumper Irene Parker 04/02/2020
The War Rug Ollie Cuthbertson and Robyn Turner 04/02/2020
The Spark and the Blade Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan and Shen Fei 04/02/2020
The Science Behind the Art of Manga / Mangaka Mania: How to Make Your Own Manga Story Yishan Li and Mitchell Beck 04/02/2020
The Scam William McCay and Mitt Roshin 04/02/2020
The Rain Watch Bradley Wilson and Alessandro Valdrighi 04/02/2020
The Phone of the Wind Esther Mizrachi and Justin Oon 04/02/2020
The Philosopher's Stone Jean-Paul Eid and Noah Sellman 04/02/2020
The Obsession Teri Eastman and Jan Feindt 04/02/2020
The Mysteries of Blood Falls Laura Strom 04/02/2020

Showing 1 through 25 of 150 results