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Anti-Racism 101

Description: Subscribe and read about how you can challenge racism in your own life. These books will help give you a better understanding of racist institutions and attitudes, and what you can do to dismantle them. #adults #general

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Title Author Date Added Action
An African American and Latinx History of the United States Paul Ortiz 06/16/2020
Are Prisons Obsolete? Angela Y. Davis 06/02/2020
Assata Angela Y. Davis and Assata Shakur and Lennox S. Hinds 06/02/2020
The Autobiography of Malcolm X Malcolm X 06/02/2020
The Autobiography of Malcolm X Alex Haley and Malcom X 06/16/2020
Benign Bigotry Kristin J. Anderson 06/02/2020
Between the World and Me Ta-Nehisi Coates 06/02/2020
Beyond the Pale Vron Ware and Mikki Kendall 06/02/2020
Black Feminist Thought Patricia Hill Collins 06/02/2020
Black Feminist Thought Patricia Collins 06/02/2020
Black Marxism Cedric J. Robinson 06/02/2020
Black Skin, White Masks Charles Lam Markmann and Frantz Fanon 06/16/2020
Blinded by Sight Osagie K. Obasogie 06/02/2020
Blindspot Anthony G. Greenwald and Mahzarin R. Banaji 06/16/2020
But Some of Us Are Brave Barbara Smith and Gloria T. Hull and Patricia Bell Scott 06/02/2020
The Color of Law Richard Rothstein 06/02/2020
The Condemnation of Blackness Khalil Gibran Muhammad 06/02/2020
Discourse on Colonialism Robin D. G. Kelley and Aime Cesaire and Joan Pinkham and Rene Depestre 06/16/2020
Dying of Whiteness Jonathan M. Metzl 06/02/2020
Eloquent Rage Brittney Cooper 06/16/2020
Evicted Matthew Desmond 06/02/2020
Evicted Matthew Desmond 06/02/2020
Fatal Invention Dorothy Roberts 06/02/2020
The Fire Next Time James Baldwin 06/02/2020
The Fire This Time Vivien Labaton and Dawn Lundy Martin 06/02/2020

Showing 1 through 25 of 91 results