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NYPL's 2020 Election Reading List

Description: The books on this list cover voting issues including healthcare, education, climate change, and foreign policy, and explore subjects including political polarization, the media, and movements toward greater justice and equity.

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Category Title Author Date Added Action
Climate Change The Uninhabitable Earth David Wallace-Wells 10/19/2020
Climate Change This Changes Everything Naomi Klein 10/19/2020
Climate Change A Terrible Thing to Waste Harriet Washington 10/19/2020
Climate Change The Sixth Extinction Elizabeth Kolbert 10/19/2020
Climate Change The Rule of Five Richard J. Lazarus 10/19/2020
Climate Change As Long as Grass Grows Dina Gilio-Whitaker 10/19/2020
Economy Nomadland Jessica Bruder 10/19/2020
Economy Janesville Amy Goldstein 10/19/2020
Economy Beaten Down, Worked Up Steven Greenhouse 10/19/2020
Education The Schoolhouse Gate Justin Driver 10/19/2020
Education Pushout Monique W. Morris 10/19/2020
Education Human Targets James Diego Vigil and Victor M. Rios 10/19/2020
Foreign Policy Winners Take All Anand Giridharadas 10/19/2020
Foreign Policy The Man Without a Face Masha Gessen 10/19/2020
Foreign Policy Clear and Present Safety Michael A. Cohen and Micah Zenko 10/19/2020
Gun Control Antisocial Andrew Marantz 10/19/2020
Gun Control Another Day in the Death of America Gary Younge 10/19/2020
Gun Control An American Summer Alex Kotlowitz 10/19/2020
Health The Poisoned City Anna Clark 10/19/2020
Health Pale Rider Laura Spinney 10/19/2020
Immigration We Too Sing America Deepa Iyer 10/19/2020
Immigration Tell Me How It Ends Valeria Luiselli 10/19/2020
Immigration Sand and Blood John Carlos Frey 10/19/2020
Immigration No Justice in the Shadows Alina Das 10/19/2020
Immigration The Far Away Brothers Lauren Markham 10/19/2020

Showing 1 through 25 of 79 results