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Post-Election Uncertainty

Description: To help make sense of this moment, The New York Public Library has put together a new reading list that explores our electoral process and past elections that, like right now, did not have an immediate or clear outcome. #adults

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Title Author Date Added Action
America Afire Bernard A. Weisberger 11/05/2020
1876 Gore Vidal 11/05/2020
Too Close to Call Jeffrey Toobin 11/05/2020
Blackballed Darryl Pinckney 11/05/2020
Fraud of the Century Roy Morris Jr. 11/05/2020
A Magnificent Catastrophe Edward J. Larson 11/05/2020
The Voting Wars Richard L. Hasen 11/05/2020
Year of Meteors Douglas R. Egerton 11/05/2020
Jeffersons Second Revolution Susan Dunn 11/05/2020
Uncounted Gilda R. Daniels 11/05/2020
Give Us The Ballot Ari Berman 11/05/2020
Our Time Is Now Stacey Abrams 11/05/2020

Showing 1 through 12 of 12 results