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Sequoyah Book Awards Masterlist 2022

Description: The Sequoyah Book Awards are selected by Oklahoma students annually. Eligibility to vote for the Sequoyah Book Award requires all students to have read or heard at least three books from the current Masterlist. #kids #teens #teachers

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Category Title Author Date Added Action
Children's Echo Mountain Lauren Wolk 02/17/2021
Children's Zeus, Dog of Chaos Kristin O'Donnell Tubb 02/17/2021
Children's Tune It Out Jamie Sumner 02/17/2021
Children's Brave Like That Lindsey Stoddard 02/17/2021
Children's Gloom Town Ronald L. Smith 02/17/2021
Children's The Elephant's Girl Celesta Rimington 02/17/2021
Children's Any Day with You Mae Respicio 02/17/2021
Children's Seekers of the Wild Realm Alexandra Ott 02/17/2021
Children's From the Desk of Zoe Washington Janae Marks 02/17/2021
Children's The Way Past Winter Kiran Millwood Hargrave 02/17/2021
Children's A Place at the Table Laura Shovan and Saadia Faruqi 02/17/2021
Children's The Great Pet Heist Emily Ecton 02/17/2021
Children's Winterborne Home for Vengeance and Valor Ally Carter 02/17/2021
Children's, Intermediate Black Brother, Black Brother Jewell Parker Rhodes 02/17/2021
Children's, Intermediate The Mystwick School of Musicraft Jessica Khoury 02/17/2021
High School Dear Justyce Nic Stone 02/17/2021
High School The Truth Project Dante Medema 02/17/2021
High School What I Carry Jennifer Longo 02/17/2021
High School Grown Tiffany D Jackson 02/17/2021
High School They Went Left Monica Hesse 02/17/2021
High School Not So Pure and Simple Lamar Giles 02/17/2021
High School Legendborn Tracy Deonn 02/17/2021
High School Don't Ask Me Where I'm From Jennifer De Leon 02/17/2021
High School The Light in Hidden Places Sharon Cameron 02/17/2021
High School The Inheritance Games Jennifer Lynn Barnes 02/17/2021

Showing 1 through 25 of 37 results