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Description: Benetech’s GCA program is the first independent third-party EPUB certification to verify ebook accessibility. By creating content that is born accessible, publishers can meet the needs of all readers. Learn more: https://bornaccessible.benetech.org/

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Category Title Author Date Added Action
Adams Media The Book of Patience Courtney E. Ackerman 09/22/2021
Adams Media Self-Care for Grief Nneka M. Okona 09/22/2021
Adams Media Gut Health Hacks Lindsay Boyers 09/22/2021
Adams Media The Modern Witchcraft Guide to Fairies Skye Alexander 09/22/2021
Aladdin Mystery on the Mayhem Express Franklin W. Dixon 09/22/2021
Aladdin A Capitol Crime Carolyn Keene 09/22/2021
Aladdin The New World Matt Myklusch 09/22/2021
Aladdin Zeb Bolt and the Ember Scroll Abi Elphinstone 09/22/2021
Aladdin The Blurred Blogger Victor Appleton 09/22/2021
Aladdin Susan La Flesche Picotte Diane Bailey 09/22/2021
Aladdin The Fallen Queen Kate O'Hearn 09/22/2021
Aladdin Dennis Brutus Craig Ellenport 09/22/2021
Aladdin The Midnight Market Beth McMullen 09/22/2021
Aladdin The Raven and Other Writings Edgar Allan Poe and Avi 09/22/2021
A List Tamara John Krizanc 09/22/2021
A List When He Was Free and Young and He Used to Wear Silks Austin Clarke 09/22/2021
A List Museum of Bone and Water Nicole Brossard 09/22/2021
A List Columbus and the Fat Lady Matt Cohen 09/22/2021
Ambrosia The Conscious Creative Kelly Small 09/22/2021
Anansi International On Love and Tyranny Dr. Ann Heberlein 09/22/2021
Anansi International How to Be Happy Though Human Kate Camp 09/22/2021
Anansi International This Lovely City Louise Hare 09/22/2021
Anansi International The Book of Fate Parinoush Saniee 09/22/2021
Anansi International Ideas to Postpone the End of the World Ailton Krenak 09/22/2021
Arachnide Editions Mirror Lake Andrée A. Michaud 09/22/2021

Showing 1 through 25 of 641 results