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Category Title Author Date Added Action
Less Is More in Elementary School Renee Rubin and Michelle Abrego and John Sutterby 11/23/2022
A Girl During the War Anita Abriel 11/23/2022
This Is Why They Hate Us Aaron H. Aceves 11/22/2022
Lessons and Legacies of the War On Terror Gershon Shafir and Everard Meade and William J. Aceves 11/22/2022
Ten Years After 9/11 - Rethinking the Jihadist Threat Arabinda Acharya 11/22/2022
Adams Media The Book of Patience Courtney E. Ackerman 09/22/2021
Taylor and Francis A Manual of Cataloguing and Indexing J. Henry Quinn and H.W. Acomb 02/03/2022
Tantra, Magic, and Vernacular Religions in Monsoon Asia Andrea Acri and Paolo E. Rosati 11/22/2022
Decision Making and Problem Solving John Adair 11/23/2022
Develop Your Leadership Skills John Adair 11/22/2022
Artificial Knowing Alison Adam 11/23/2022
W.H. Freeman & Company Calculus Jon Rogawski and Colin Adams and Robert Franzosa 04/23/2021
W.H. Freeman & Company Calculus Jon Rogawski and Colin Adams and Robert Franzosa 04/23/2021
Case Studies in Educational Psychology Frank Adams 11/23/2022
Karl Marx in his Earlier Writings H.P. Adams 11/23/2022
Strategic Intelligence in the Cold War and Beyond Jefferson Adams 11/22/2022
Let’s Communicate Douglas M. Fraleigh and Joseph S. Tuman and Katherine L. Adams 11/22/2022
International Women's Rights Cases Andrew Byrnes and Robyn Emerton and Kirstine Adams and Jane Connors 11/22/2022
Geographies of Girlhood Pamela J. Bettis and Natalie G. Adams 11/22/2022
House of Anansi Press Ridgerunner Gil Adamson 09/22/2021
Regional Cuisines of Medieval Europe Melitta Weiss Adamson 11/22/2022
Bedford/St. Martin's The Hub Peter Adams 04/23/2021
Advances in Autoethnography and Narrative Inquiry Tony E. Adams 11/22/2022
Complex Words in English Valerie Adams 11/22/2022
Popular Culture and Legal Pluralism Wendy A Adams 11/22/2022

Showing 26 through 50 of 6,758 results