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Category Title Author Date Added Action
Globalization and Language Teaching Deborah Cameron and David Block 11/22/2022
Cultural Studies Simon During 11/22/2022
Sound Moves Michael Bull 11/22/2022
Shame in Shakespeare Ewan Fernie 11/22/2022
Democracy, Media and Law in Malaysia and Singapore Andrew T. Kenyon and Tim Marjoribanks and Amanda Whiting 11/22/2022
Fragments of Modernity David Frisby 11/22/2022
The Mysticism of Saint Augustine John Peter Kenney 11/22/2022
Science, Women and Revolution in Russia Koblitz 11/22/2022
The Limits of Russian Democratisation Alexander Domrin 11/22/2022
A Sociological History of the British Sociological Association Jeniffer Platt 11/22/2022
Social Work and Child Abuse Dave Merrick 11/22/2022
Zygmunt Bauman Tony Blackshaw 11/22/2022
Erving Goffman Greg Smith 11/22/2022
Bibliography of Japanese New Religious Movements Peter B Clarke 11/22/2022
Republicanism in Theory and Practice Iseult Honohan and Jeremy Jennings 11/22/2022
Civilizing the Museum Elaine Heumann Gurian 11/22/2022
German Disarmament After World War I Richard J. Shuster 11/22/2022
Geopolitics and the Great Powers in the 21st Century C. Dale Walton 11/22/2022
Critical Representations of Work and Organization in Popular Culture Robert Westwood and Carl Rhodes 11/22/2022
Childcare, Choice and Class Practices Stephen J. Ball and Carol Vincent 11/22/2022
Financial Crises Brenda Spotton Visano 11/22/2022
Routledge Companion to Military Conflict since 1945 John Richard Thackrah 11/22/2022
Translation and Identity Michael Cronin 11/22/2022
French Industrial Relations in the New World Economy Nick Parsons 11/22/2022
Politics of Culture in Iran Nematollah Fazeli 11/22/2022

Showing 6,651 through 6,675 of 6,758 results