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Category Title Author Date Added Action
NGOs and Civil Society in Thailand Theerapat Ungsuchaval 11/22/2022
The North Korean Army Fyodor Tertitskiy 11/22/2022
Sexual Abuse and Education in Japan Robert O'Mochain and Yuki Ueno 11/22/2022
An Introduction to Queer Literary Studies Will Stockton 11/22/2022
Behavioural Public Policy in Australia Sarah Ball 11/22/2022
People of the Iberian Borderlands David Martín Marcos 11/22/2022
The Infinite Infantile and the Psychoanalytic Task Christine Anzieu-Premmereur and Nilde Parada Franch and Mónica Cardenal and Majlis Winberg Salomonsson 11/22/2022
From Trauma to Resiliency Shulamit Natan Ritblatt and Audrey Hokoda 11/22/2022
The Populism Interviews Luca Manucci 11/22/2022
Plasma Gasification and Pyrolysis Milan Hrabovsky and Michal Jeremias and Guido van Oost 11/22/2022
The Handbook of Art Therapy Tessa Dalley and Caroline Case and Dean Reddick 11/22/2022
Religion and Sport in North America Randall Balmer and Jeffrey Scholes 11/22/2022
The Crisis of Multilateral Legal Order Paolo Davide Farah and Lukasz Gruszczynski and Marcin J. Menkes and Veronika Bílková 11/22/2022
Caste Matters in Public Policy N. Jayaram and Sony Pellissery and Rahul Choragudi 11/22/2022
Student Self-Assessment as a Process for Learning Zi Yan 11/22/2022
Modeling and Simulation of Environmental Systems Ramesh Singh and Satya Prakash Maurya and Akhilesh Kumar Yadav 11/22/2022
Collection Thinking Linda M. Morra and Jason Camlot and Martha Langford 11/22/2022
Apocalypse Now Lionel Laborie and Damien Tricoire 11/22/2022
Education, Equality and Human Rights Mike Cole 11/22/2022
Recovery from Strenuous Exercise Steve Bedford 11/22/2022
Making Citizenship Work Rodolfo Rosales 11/22/2022
Children, Young People and Dark Tourism Philip R. Stone and Mary Margaret Kerr and Rebecca H. Price 11/22/2022
A Global History of Ginseng Heasim Sul 11/22/2022
Organic Chemistry Michael B. Smith 11/22/2022
Politics of Education in India Ramdas Rupavath 11/22/2022

Showing 6,726 through 6,750 of 6,758 results