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YA and MG Books by Trans Authors

Description: A selection of young adult and middle grade books by trans and nonbinary authors. #trans #YA #MG #middlegrade #transgender

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Category Title Author Date Added Action
Young Adult Nothing Sung and Nothing Spoken Nita Tyndall 03/13/2023
Young Adult Who I Was with Her Nita Tyndall 03/13/2023
Middle Grade Too Bright to See Kyle Lukoff 03/13/2023
Middle Grade Alice Austen Lived Here Alex Gino 03/13/2023
Young Adult The Sunbearer Trials Aiden Thomas 03/13/2023
Middle Grade Moonflower Kacen Callender 03/13/2023
Young Adult Lark and Kasim Start a Revolution Kacen Callender 03/13/2023
Young Adult Jay's Gay Agenda Jason June 03/13/2023
Young Adult Out of the Blue Jason June 03/13/2023
Middle Grade Different Kinds of Fruit Kyle Lukoff 11/21/2022
Young Adult And they lived.. Steven Salvatore 10/25/2022
Young Adult The Many Half-Lived Lives of Sam Sylvester Maya MacGregor 10/25/2022
Young Adult Lakelore Anna-Marie McLemore 10/25/2022
Young Adult Self-Made Boys: A Great Gatsby Remix Anna-Marie McLemore 10/25/2022
Young Adult I Kissed Shara Wheeler Casey McQuiston 10/04/2022
Middle Grade King And The Dragonflies Kacen Callender 10/03/2022
Young Adult Arden Grey Ray Stoeve 06/27/2022
Young Adult Now a Major Motion Picture Cory McCarthy 03/31/2022
Young Adult The Heartbreak Bakery A. R. Capetta 03/30/2022
Young Adult Sovereign April Daniels 03/28/2022
Young Adult Dreadnought April Daniels 03/28/2022
Middle Grade Hurricane Child Kacen Callender 03/25/2022
Young Adult This Is Kind of an Epic Love Story Kacen Callender 03/25/2022
Middle Grade Obie Is Man Enough Schuyler Bailar 03/25/2022
Young Adult The (Un)Popular Vote Jasper Sanchez 03/25/2022

Showing 1 through 25 of 56 results