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Human-Narrated Audiobooks for Kids

Description: View our curated collection of audiobooks for kids on Bookshare, now with human narration. #childrens #kids #childrensbooks #kidsbooks

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Title Author Date Added Action
Jayben and the Star Glass Thomas Leeds 05/06/2024
The Letter with the Golden Stamp Onjali Q. Raúf 05/06/2024
Goodnight Stories Enid Blyton 05/06/2024
Flora Stormer and the Golden Lotus Isabella Harcourt 05/06/2024
The Tree That Sang To Me Serena Molloy 05/06/2024
Tariq and the Drowning City Sarwat Chadda 05/06/2024
How to Train Your Hogfly Cressida Cowell 05/06/2024
Where Magic Grows Onjali Q. Raúf 05/06/2024

Showing 101 through 108 of 108 results