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Description: View our curated collection of audiobooks for kids on Bookshare, now with human narration. #childrens #kids #childrensbooks #kidsbooks

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Title Author Date Added Action
The Shop of Impossible Ice Creams Shane Hegarty 05/12/2023
The Silver Blade Sally Gardner 04/14/2022
The Sky Over Rebecca Matthew Fox 05/12/2023
The Starman and Me Sharon Cohen 03/30/2022
St Clare's: Claudine at St Clare's & Fifth Formers at St Clare's Enid Blyton 03/30/2022
Stonebird Mike Revell 04/25/2022
Stories for Every Season Enid Blyton 05/26/2022
Stories for Kids Who Dare to be Different Ben Brooks 05/26/2022
Storm Stallion Linda Chapman 05/12/2023
The Story of Greenriver Holly Webb 05/12/2023
Summer The Holiday Fairy Daisy Meadows 03/30/2022
Swimming Against the Storm Jess Butterworth 04/25/2022
The Tail of Emily Windsnap Liz Kessler 04/14/2022
Tariq and the Drowning City Sarwat Chadda 05/06/2024
There May Be a Castle Piers Torday 04/21/2022
This Book Will (Help) Make You Happy Suzy Reading 05/31/2022
Tigger Comes To The Forest & Other Stories A.A. Milne 03/30/2022
Today I'm Strong Nadiya Hussain 04/25/2022
Treasury of Bedtime Stories Enid Blyton 04/21/2022
The Tree That Sang To Me Serena Molloy 05/06/2024
The Unbelievable Biscuit Factory James Harris 04/25/2022
Wandi Favel Parrett 05/25/2022
When I Feel Red Lily Bailey 05/06/2024
When I See Blue Lily Bailey 05/12/2023
When the Mountains Roared Jess Butterworth 04/25/2022

Showing 76 through 100 of 108 results