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Human-Narrated Audiobooks for Teens

Description: View our curated collection of audiobooks for teens and young adult on Bookshare, now with human narration. #teens #youngadult #YA

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Title Author Date Added Action
Tell Me Who I Am Joanna Hodgkin and Alex And Marcus Lewis 05/09/2023
Kids of Appetite David Arnold 03/30/2022
The Black Flamingo Dean Atta 03/30/2022
Only on the Weekends Dean Atta 05/11/2023
Jane Austen's Emma Katy Birchall and Jane Austen 06/06/2022
Jane Austen's Persuasion Narinder Dhami and Jane Austen 06/06/2022
Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice Katherine Woodfine and Jane Austen 06/06/2022
Blade Breaker Victoria Aveyard 05/11/2023
Broken Throne Victoria Aveyard 07/21/2022
War Storm Victoria Aveyard 04/14/2022
Trans Mission Alex Bertie 04/21/2022
The Darkest Part of the Forest Holly Black 05/12/2023
All That's Left in the World Erik J. Brown 05/11/2023
Afterlove Tanya Byrne 03/30/2022
Graceling Kristin Cashore 03/30/2022
Entangled Cat Clarke 03/30/2022
Girlhood Cat Clarke 04/25/2022
The Lost and the Found Cat Clarke 03/30/2022
Torn Cat Clarke 04/25/2022
Midnight Sun Trish Cook 04/25/2022
Clean Juno Dawson 05/23/2022
It's All In Your Head Rae Earl 04/25/2022
Friends Don't Tell Grace Francis and Nadia Mendoza 05/11/2023
Cruel Illusions Margie Fuston 05/11/2023
The Edge of Nowhere Elizabeth George 03/30/2022

Showing 1 through 25 of 69 results