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Sequoyah Book Awards Masterlist 2024

Description: The Sequoyah Book Awards are selected by Oklahoma students annually. Eligibility to vote for the Sequoyah Book Award requires all students to have read or heard at least three books from the current Masterlist. #kids #teens #teachers

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Category Title Author Date Added Action
Children's We Are Wolves Katrina Nannestad 03/08/2023
Children's Trex Christyne Morrell 03/08/2023
Children's Seed Caryl Lewis 03/08/2023
Children's The Ogress and the Orphans Kelly Barnhill 03/08/2023
Children's Not Starring Zadie Louise Joy McCullough 03/08/2023
Children's Lifeling Kirsty Applebaum 03/08/2023
Children's High Score Destiny Howell 03/08/2023
Children's Falling Short Ernesto Cisneros 03/08/2023
Children's A Duet for Home Karina Yan Glaser 03/08/2023
Children's Cookies & Milk Shawn Amos 03/08/2023
Children's Anybody Here Seen Frenchie? Leslie Connor 03/08/2023
Children's/Intermediate The Last Mapmaker Christina Soontornvat 03/08/2023
High School This Golden State Marit Weisenberg 03/08/2023
High School All My Rage Sabaa Tahir 03/08/2023
High School I Must Betray You Ruta Sepetys 03/08/2023
High School Alone Out Here Riley Redgate 03/08/2023
High School A Forgery of Roses Jessica S. Olson 03/08/2023
High School Spearhead (Adapted for Young Adults) Adam Makos 03/08/2023
High School Message Not Found Dante Medema 03/08/2023
High School Mere Mortals Erin Jade Lange 03/08/2023
High School Love Radio Ebony LaDelle 03/08/2023
High School Wrecked Heather Henson 03/08/2023
High School The First Thing About You Chaz Hayden 03/08/2023
High School Jumper Melanie Crowder 03/08/2023
High School Hollow Fires Samira Ahmed 03/08/2023

Showing 1 through 25 of 38 results