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Women's History Month

Description: March is Women's History Month! This collection represents a sampling of stories about or by women who have changed the world we live in through hard work, resilience and strength, advocacy, and being the voice for those that need one.

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Category Title Author Date Added Action
Adult Tomorrow Will Be Different Joe Biden and Sarah McBride 03/20/2024
Adult We Are Not Here to Be Bystanders Linda Sarsour 03/20/2024
Adult Redefining Realness Janet Mock 03/20/2024
Adult The Book of Gutsy Women Chelsea Clinton and Hillary Clinton 03/15/2024
Adult The Sky Is for Everyone Virginia Trimble and David A. Weintraub 03/14/2024
Adult Viral Justice Ruha Benjamin 03/14/2024
Adult Career and Family Claudia Goldin 03/14/2024
Adult Soil Camille T Dungy 03/14/2024
Adult What Kind of Woman Kate Baer 03/14/2024
Adult Revolutionary Women Ann Shen 03/14/2024
Adult She Came to Slay Erica Armstrong Dunbar 03/13/2024
Adult The Six Loren Grush 03/13/2024
Adult The Black Angels Maria Smilios 03/13/2024
Adult Black Women Taught Us Jenn M. Jackson 03/13/2024
Adult Undaunted Brooke Kroeger 03/13/2024
Adult Twice as Hard Jasmine Brown 03/13/2024
Middle Grade Opal Lee Shelia P. Moses and Chelsea Clinton 03/17/2024
Middle Grade Civil Rights Janel Rodriguez 03/17/2024
Middle Grade One Big Open Sky Lesa Cline-Ransome 03/17/2024
Middle Grade The Enigma Girls Candace Fleming 03/17/2024
Middle Grade Troublemakers in Trousers Sarah Albee 03/14/2024
Middle Grade Deb Haaland Alexandra Boiger and Gillian Flint and Laurel Goodluck and Chelsea Clinton 03/14/2024
Middle Grade To Boldly Go Angela Dalton and Lauren Semmer 03/14/2024
Middle Grade Girls Make Movies Mallory O'Meara 03/13/2024
Middle Grade Finding My Dance Ria Thundercloud 03/13/2024

Showing 1 through 25 of 42 results