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Military Leadership: In Pursuit of Excellence

by Robert L. Taylor William E. Rosenbach Eric B. Rosenbach

Taylor (management, U. of Louisville) and W. Rosenbach (leadership studies, Gettysburg College, retired) are both retired Air Force officers, and they have joined with E. Rosenbach (Executive Director, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard U. ) to edit the sixth edition of this collection of essays on military leadership. The content of this new edition has been expanded by 50 percent with the inclusion of new articles, new introductory sections and updated information on such topics as the Iraq War and the military response to recent torture scandals. Designed for both military personnel and students of military policy, this volume also contains comparative studies on leadership from international perspectives. Annotation ©2009 Book News, Inc. , Portland, OR (booknews. com)

Taiwan: Nation-state or Province?

by John Franklin Copper

Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. The history of Chinese-language cinema has three separate threads of development: Cinema of Hong Kong, Cinema of Mainland China and Cinema of Taiwan. Taiwanese cinema grew up outside of the Hong Kong mainstream and the censorship of the People's Republic of China. Taiwanese cinema is deeply rooted in the Taiwan's unique and rapidly changing history. Since its introduction to Taiwan in 1901, cinema has developed in Taiwan through several distinct stages. The first film was introduced into Taiwan by Toyojiro Takamatsu in 1901. From 1900 to 1937, Taiwanese cinema was strongly influenced by the Japanese. This was during the era of Japanese rule, and many conventions in Japanese films were adopted by the Taiwanese filmmakers. For example, the use of a benshi (narrator of silent films), which was a very important component of the film-going experience in Japan, was adopted and renamed benzi by the Taiwanese.

A Kind of Genius

by Sam Roberts

In A Kind of Genius, Sam Roberts offers a window onto Herb Sturz's extraordinary life's work. Sturz began his long career in social entrepreneurship by reforming the bail system and founding the Vera Institute of Justice. He served as New York City's Deputy Mayor for Criminal Justice under Ed Koch and then as Chairman of the City Planning Commision. He moved on to establish affordable inner-city housing and programs for at-risk individuals. But Sturz has, to date, largely eschewed the public's eye. Roberts pays tribute to Sturz's inspirational legacy of accomplishment. His initiatives have consistently provided solutions to our most challenging problems. Here, for the first time, his astonishing story is told in full.

The 10,000 Year Explosion

by Gregory Cochran Henry Harpending

Resistance to malaria. Blue eyes. Lactose tolerance. What do all of these traits have in common? Every one of them has emerged in the last 10,000 years. Scientists have long believed that the "great leap forward" that occurred some 40,000 to 50,000 years ago in Europe marked end of significant biological evolution in humans. In this stunningly original account of our evolutionary history, top scholars Gregory Cochran and Henry Harpending reject this conventional wisdom and reveal that the human species has undergone a storm of genetic change much more recently. Human evolution in fact accelerated after civilization arose, they contend, and these ongoing changes have played a pivotal role in human history. They argue that biology explains the expansion of the Indo-Europeans, the European conquest of the Americas, and European Jews' rise to intellectual prominence. In each of these cases, the key was recent genetic change: adult milk tolerance in the early Indo-Europeans that allowed for a new way of life, increased disease resistance among the Europeans settling America, and new versions of neurological genes among European Jews. Ranging across subjects as diverse as human domestication, Neanderthal hybridization, and IQ tests, Cochran and Harpending's analysis demonstrates convincingly that human genetics have changed and can continue to change much more rapidly than scientists have previously believed. A provocative and fascinating new look at human evolution that turns conventional wisdom on its head, The 10,000 Year Explosion reveals the ongoing interplay between culture and biology in the making of the human race.

Eight O'Clock Ferry to the Windward Side: Seeking Justice in Guantánamo Bay

by Clive Stafford Smith

Every time human rights lawyer Clive Stafford Smith lands in Cuba, he takes the eight o'clock ferry to the windward side; his journey ends at Guantánamo Bay. One of the few people in the world who has ongoing independent access to the prison, Smith reveals the grotesque injustices that are perpetrated there in the name of national security--including the justifications created to legitimate the use of torture and the bureaucratic structures that have been put in place to shield prison authorities from legal accountability. By bearing witness to the stories of the forty prisoners that he represents, Smith asks us to consider what is done to American democracy when the rule of law is jettisoned in the name of combating terrorism.

The Age of Anxiety

by Andrea Tone

America, the author says, has become a nation of pill poppers, and anti-anxiety drugs are a billion dollar business for that reason. Tone (social history of medicine, McGill U. , Canada) draws on a variety of sources, from manufacturers' files and FDA documents, to physicians and patients and more to provide a history of the country's tranquilizer culture and how it evolved. She also addresses the downside of dependence on the chemical approach to dealing with personal anxiety. Annotation ©2012 Book News, Inc. , Portland, OR (booknews. com)

The Leftmost City: Power and Progressive Politics in Santa Cruz

by G. William Domhoff Richard Gendron

Almost all US cities are controlled by real estate and development interests, but Santa Cruz, California, is a deviant case. An unusual coalition of socialist-feminists, environmentalists, social-welfare liberals, and neighborhood activists has stopped every growth project proposed by landowners and developers since 1969, and controlled the city council since 1981. Even after a 1989 earthquake forced the city to rebuild its entire downtown, the progressive elected officials prevailed over developers and landowners. Drawing on hundreds of primary documents, as well as original, previously unpublished interviews,The Leftmost Cityutilizes an extended case study of Santa Cruz to critique three major theories of urban power: Marxism, public-choice theory, and regime theory. Santa Cruz is presented within the context of other progressive attempts to shape city government, and the authors' findings support growth-coalition theory, which stresses the conflict between real estate interests and neighborhoods as the fundamental axis of urban politics. The authors conclude their analysis by applying insights gleaned from Santa Cruz to progressive movements nationwide, offering a template for progressive coalitions to effectively organize to achieve political power.

Is the Holocaust Unique?

by Rosenbaum Alan S

Rosenbaum (philosophy, Cleveland State U. ) presents 17 papers that explore the question of the uniqueness of the Jewish Holocaust in comparison to other examples of genocide or mass death and the implications of different perspectives on whether the Holocaust is unique. New to this third edition are essays addressing common themes in the genocidal ideologies of Hitler, Cambodia's Pol Pot, and the Rwandan Hutu perpetrators of genocide against the Tutsis; Holocaust denial in Iran; and the Holocaust, Rwanda, and the category of genocide. Papers placing the Jewish Holocaust in historical comparison with the experiences of the Roma at the hands of the Nazis, the Atlantic slave trade, the Armenian genocide, Stalinist terror, and Japanese World War II atrocities have been retained, as have discussions on treatments of the question of Holocaust uniqueness among German historians, the politics of genocide scholarship, and legal and moral implications of the question of Holocaust uniqueness. Annotation ©2009 Book News, Inc. , Portland, OR (booknews. com)

The Silence and the Scorpion: The Coup Against Chavez and the Making of Modern Venzuela

by Brian A. Nelson

On April 11, 2002, nearly a million Venezuelans marched on the presidential palace to demand the resignation of President Hugo Chavez. Led by Pedro Carmona and Carlos Ortega, the opposition represented a cross-section of society furious with Chavez's economic policies, specifically his mishandling of the Venezuelan oil industry. But as the day progressed the march turned violent, sparking a military revolt that led to the temporary ousting of Chavez. Over the ensuing, turbulent seventy-two hours, Venezuelans would confront the deep divisions within their society and ultimately decide the best course for their country -and its oil-in the new century. An exemplary piece of narrative journalism,The Silence and the Scorpionprovides rich insight into the complexities of modern Venezuela.

Dangerous Ground

by Scott Ritter

In Dangerous Ground, Scott Ritter, one of the world's leading experts on arms control, tells a bold and revisionist account of the inseparable histories of the post-World War II American presidency and nuclear weapons. Unpacking sixty years of nuclear history, Ritter shows that nuclear weapons have become such a fixture that they define present-day America on economic, military, political, and moral grounds. And despite fears of global nuclear proliferation, the greatest threat to international stability, Ritter argues, is the US's addiction to nuclear weapons. Even in light of Barack Obama's historic speech in April 2009-which called for the eventual abolition of nuclear weapons- America continues to guard a significant and dangerous nuclear stockpile. The notion that we are more secure with nuclear weapons is deeply entrenched in the American psyche-and virulently protected by forces in the US establishment. As long as this paradigm persists, Ritter suggests, there will be no fundamental US policy change, and as such, no change in global nuclear proliferation.

Ten Years Thinner

by Christine Lydon

This is a revolutionary weight-loss programme that will dramatically improve your physique in just six weeks. Ten Years Thinner explains how to turn the clock back and transform bodies into looking as fabulous as they did ten years ago. Based on sound science, TenYears Thinner explains how the experts have had it wrong for decades. Through a combination of cutting edge research and anthropological data, Dr Christine Lydon proves that the reason why dieters find it tough to keep the weight off is because many of the fads focus on food depravation, neglecting the pivotal role exercise plays in maintaining a healthy figure and ignoring the lessons we should have learned from millions of years of human evolution. Dr Lydon has discovered that the best way to burn body fat is not through eliminating food groups and long, miserable sessions on the treadmill after all, instead, for quick results that last, it is best to burn calories with brief bouts of high intensity activity and to work with your metabolism rather than against it. This is different from other diet books because rather than attempting to defy natural laws, this book harnesses them. Its not a fad or a quick-fix, but a sustainable, friendly lifestyle plan.

The New Glucose Revolution Shopper's Guide to GI Values 2009

by Brand-Miller

Whether you're grocery shopping, planning dinner, eating out, or meeting with your nutritionist or dietitian, the fourth annual edition of theShopper's Guide to GI Values 2009-previous editions of which have sold more than 140,000 copies-is a must for everyone seeking healthier eating habits. Newly revised and updated, the convenient, at-a-glance tables make this the one necessary guide for people following the glycemic index (GI) for health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, or PCOS; to lose weight; or to improve their overall well-being and fitness. Shopper's Guideis the only annually updated book of GI values, featuring more than 1,200 foods and their GI values and comprehensive nutritional data for calories, fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, fiber, and sodium.

Medical Anthropology in Ecological Perspective

by Mcelroy

McElroy and Townsend (both of the State U. of New York at Buffalo) present the fifth edition of their text introducing the field of medical anthropology. Their aim is to bring together the varied strands of medical anthropology--ethnographic studies of illness beliefs, curing rituals, and herbal medicines; study of the role of disease and climate as factors in human evolution; work on cross-cultural communication in public health; and study of human relationships to their environments in contemporary settings and in the past--using an ecological model and the concept of medical ecology. They present chapters on the ecology of health and disease; interdisciplinary research in health problems; genes, culture, and adaptation; changing patterns of disease and health; the ecology and economics of nutrition; culture, ecology, and reproduction; stress, illness, and healing; health resources in changing cultures; costs and benefits of development; and medical anthropology practices in the 21st century. Interspersed throughout are 16 "profiles" (five new to this edition): case studies that illustrate points made in the rest of the text through examples of current research in medical anthropology, with examples including demographic analysis of census data in post-Soviet Siberian villages, focus group research with inner-city teens in urban Connecticut, and a team project designed to reduce the rates of cholera in rural Ecuador. Annotation ©2009 Book News, Inc. , Portland, OR (booknews. com)

The Real Book of Real Estate: Real Experts. Real Stories. Real Life

by Robert T. Kiyosaki

The Real Book of Real Estate is the one book, the Bible, of real estate advice and techniques every investor needs to navigate through the ups, the downs, and the in-betweens of the real estate market and come out on top. The only thing better than one real estate expert helping you invest and win is twenty real estate experts with that same mission. For the first time ever, Robert Kiyosaki, bestselling author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, has assembled in one big book a star studded cast of real estate wizards and trusted advisors with one purpose in mind: to share their knowledge to help you win in real estate. This is the ultimate real estate desk reference you'll come back to again and again. Whether you're a seasoned investor or buying your first property, you will enhance your knowledge and grow your wisdom through this book. The book shows you how to value a property, handle leases, manage tenant relationships, get financing, even establish your own team of advisors, and so much more. You'll hear from the insiders and learn from their wins and their losses. It's decades' worth of experience and knowledge you just can't get anywhere else.

Fiscal Management of Scaled-Up Aid

by Sanjeev Gupta Gerd Schwartz Shamsuddin Tareq Richard Allen Isabell Adenauer Kevin Fletcher Duncan Last

The international community has committed to scaling up aid and improving aid delivery to low-income countries to help them meet the Millennium Development Goals. Other "emerging" donors, public and private, are increasing their assistance, and debt-relief initiatives are creating space for new borrowing. Remittances to low-income countries have been on a precipitous rise, and many countries are benefiting from high commodity prices. Fiscal Management of Scaled-Up Aid explores approaches to the sound fiscal management that will be required to ensure effective and sustainable use of these flows. With a medium-term perspective and efficient use of resources in mind, this paper addresses questions that shape fiscal policy response to scaled-up aid. Drawing on IMF Fiscal Affairs Department technical assistance to member countries, it outlines factors that should be taken into account in preparing an action plan for public financial management reform and proposes specific measures that will assist countries in strengthening fiscal institutions

Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is

by Natalie Pace

Put Your Money Where Your Heart Isoffers a sensible, easy-to-follow yet powerful set of investing strategies for the would-be investor--from the complete novice to those with experience. Natalie Pace urges the reader to begin with an area of investing that they care about or know about, learning how to get rich by putting their money where their passions lie. Her method is based on a three-part investment recipe and a six-step "Buy My Own Island Plan," all presented in an informative and engaging style. In 2000, Natalie was a single mother about to lose her home because she couldn't afford to pay her property taxes. She never dreamed during those desperate hours that in two short years she would begin adding a splash of green to Wall Street, transforming lives on Main Street, and making outstanding returns for the men and women who were smart enough to put her theories into practice. Natalie maneuvered her way out of poverty and up above the ranks of Harvard-educated MBAs to become the #1 ranked stock picker on Wall Street. She shows us, through anecdotes and carefully outlined investing strategies, that making the transformation to a life of financial freedom and happiness is easier than one might think. Put Your Money Where Your Heart Isisn't just another personal finance book. Natalie's personal story as well as her credibility and expertise in the area of wealth building will inspire and delight readers, revealing her secrets to lifetime success and prosperity.

Microsoft® Visual Basic® 2010 Developer's Handbook

by Klaus Löffelmann Sarika Calla Purohit

Your expert guide to building modern applications with Visual Basic 2010 Take control of Visual Basic 2010--for everything from basic Windows® and web development to advanced multithreaded applications. Written by Visual Basic experts, this handbook provides an in-depth reference on language concepts and features, as well as scenario-based guidance for putting Visual Basic to work. It's ideal whether you're creating new applications with Visual Basic 2010 or upgrading projects built with an earlier version of the language. Discover how to: Use Visual Basic 2010 for Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation projects Build robust code using object-oriented programming techniques, such as classes and types Work with events and delegates--and add your own events to custom classes Program arrays, collections, and other data structures in the Microsoft .NET Framework Solve problems quickly and easily using My namespace in Visual Basic Dive into Microsoft LINQ, including LINQ to XML and LINQ to Entities Tackle threading, multitasking, and multiprocessor development and debugging

Coding Faster: Getting More Productive with Microsoft® Visual Studio®

by Sara Ford Zain Naboulsi

Expert advice to help you work smarter and increase your productivity with Visual Studio. Take a detailed look into Visual Studio--and learn practical techniques to help you work more efficiently. This fully revised and expanded version of Visual Studio Tips: 251 Ways to Improve Your Productivity includes a comprehensive collection of tips and shortcuts for working with the code editor, visual designers, searches, debugger, and other features in Visual Studio 2005, 2008, and 2010. You'll gain valuable insights for using this IDE--no matter what your experience level. Discover how to: Change development settings and keyboard mappings to optimize your efficiency Save time initiating a new project by creating custom templates Uncover secrets for working with the toolbox, commands, and window layouts Work with files in more practical ways, such as using the File Tab Channel Use the Editor more effectively with tips on selecting and manipulating code Apply techniques to help reduce the time you spend debugging code Create Visual Studio extensions to increase your development productivity

San Francisco Stories: Great Writers on the City

by John Miller

It falls down. It burns up. It goes Beatnik in the fifties and crazy in the sixties. It stays elegant throughout. Every city has its stories, but San Francisco seems to have more than most. From Jack Kerouac on working on the railroad to Anne Lamott on getting kicked out of the cafe scene, and from Jack London on the 1906 earthquake to Tom Wolfe on the acid tests of the 1960s,San Francisco Stories collects the most outstanding writings about the city from some of the most distinguished authors of the last 150 years.

Ten Steps to Advancing College Reading Skills (5th edition)

by John Langan

The purpose of Ten Steps to Advancing College Reading Skills, Fifth Edition, is to develop effective reading and clear thinking.

Lord, Have Mercy: Praying for Justice with Conviction and Humility

by Claire E. Wolfteich

"Once in a while, I find a book about prayer that does something fresh. Claire E. Wolfteich provokes us to rethink the very nature of prayer and how it reshapes us as she discusses six examples of modern Christians confronting the complexities of social engagement and how to make responsible choices in favor of justice and human reconciliation. " --Philip Sheldrake, professor, department of theology and religion, University of Durham; author, Spaces for the Sacred. "Wolfteich provides carefully researched case studies from suburban Miami to the turmoil of apartheid South Africa, analyzing the relation of prayer to various human purposes. She guides the reader through the ambiguities of each case, giving no easy answers, teaching by asking questions. But on another, more personal level, the book is an ongoing conversation with the author. Her voice comes through again and again--quiet, intelligent, unpretentious--exposing her own vulnerabilities. We have here a book that is both instructive and moving--a rare thing." --Peter L. Berger, director, Institute on Culture, Religion, and World Affairs, Boston University. "For Wolfteich, Christian spirituality is 'prayerful engagement--humble, not presumptuous; prophetic, not passive; yet always contemplative in the best sense.' This is the best guide I know for helping Christians understand how prayer, in its many forms, is indispensable to social action." --Kathleen A. Cahalan, associate professor, practical theology, Saint John's University School of Theology and Seminary.

Sexy in 6

by Tracey Mallett

Don't have hours to hit the gym? You can get a bikini body in just six weeks. . . in your spare time! From Tracey Mallett, BabyCenter. com's prenatal expert and Hot Moms Club fitness authority, Sexy in 6 offers a fun, motivating method of super-fast workouts and a diet plan with nutrition-packed recipes, easy to squeeze into a busy day. Split into 6-minute intervals, the plan uses a unique blend of Pilates, yoga, cardio, and strength training for head-to-toe toning-even exercises to make sex better. Countless women have used Tracey's plan to drop up to 25 pounds and sculpt their problem zones. Sexy in 6 helps readers find the time, lose the weight, and regain confidence-in a program that's simple and maintainable for life.

Paths of Life: Six Case Histories

by Alice Miller

"Her writing is lovely, and speaks to the nature of the human soul. "--Newsday From the world-famous Swiss psychologist whose book The Drama of the Gifted Child has become a classic, here are seven "life stories" exploring the countless ways in which our families and our childhood experiences form us and turn us into the people we are today. How do early experiences of love or suffering affect our adult relationships? What effect is child abuse likely to have on the victim's later life? How does hatred evolve and take root? How do people develop into cult leaders or political tyrants? Through the seven hypothetical scenarios and two essays that make up Paths of Life, Miller examines these questions and many others. Her narratives demonstrate that with knowledge and understanding of our past we have the power to change our future, freeing ourselves from the curse of repeating our parents' mistakes. In this, her eighth book, Alice Miller has given us yet another wise and profound study of the inestimable importance of childhood. "Alice Miller wrote the book on narcissistic parents and the havoc they wreak on children. Twenty years later, she's still on the case with a new book and even more radical ideas. "--Mirabella

The Way of Herodotus: Travels with the Man Who Invented History

by Justin Marozzi

During the classical age of Greece, Herodotus wrote the first history text. But what he created was much more than this. Informed by his own travels, his historical work digresses more than it chronicles, with tales of the lands and peoples he visited. As Michael Ondaatje once famously suggested, "What you find in him are the cul-de-sacs within the sweep of history. " In The Way of Herodotus, intrepid travel historian Justin Marozzi retraces the footsteps of Herodotus through the Mediterranean and Middle East, examining his 2,500-year-old observations about the cultures and places he visited, and finding echoes of his legacy reverberating to this day. It is a lively yet thought-provoking excursion into the world of Herodotus, with the man who invented history ever present, guiding the narrative with his discursive spirit.

You Can Draw in 30 Days

by Mark Kistler

Learn to draw in 30 days with public television's favorite drawing teacher. Drawing is an acquired skill, not a talent--anyonecan learn to draw! All you need is a pencil, a piece of paper, and the willingness to tap into your hidden artistic abilities. You Can Draw in 30 Dayswill teach you the rest. With Emmy award-winning, longtime PBS host Mark Kistler as your guide, you'll learn the secrets of sophisticated three-dimensional renderings, and have fun along the way. Inside you'll find: Quick and easy step-by-step instructions for drawing everything from simple spheres to apples, trees, buildings, and the human hand and face More than 500 line drawings, illustrating each step Time-tested tips, techniques, and tutorials for drawing in 3-D The 9 Fundamental Laws of Drawing to create the illusion of depth in any drawing 75 student examples to help gauge your own progress In just 20 minutes a day for a month, you can learn to draw anything, whether from the world around you or from your own imagination. It's time to embark on your creative journey. Pick up your pencil and begin today!

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