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Growing Healthy Vegetable Crops

by Brian Caldwell

Part of the NOFA Guides. Includes information on:-Basic concepts of pest control (host susceptibility, soil health, genetic resistance, ecosystem factors)-Practical approaches (crop cultural practices, rescue treatments, special section on mammals and birds, food safety)-Farm design for pest reduction (diversity, crop rotation)-Unorthodox approaches (farmers out of the box)-Identifying pests-Crop-by-crop pests and practices

Immunization Safety Review: Thimerosal-containing Vaccines And Neurodevelopmental Disorders

by Institute of Medicien

Information on Thimerosal-containing Vaccines And Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Hydrologic Hazards Science at the U.S. Geological Survey

by Committee on U.S. Geological Survey Water Resources Research

A report on the Hydrologic Hazards Science at the U.S. Geological Survey

The Human Exploration of Space

by Committee on Human Exploration

Information on the Human Exploration of Space

Compost, Vermicompost, and Compost Tea

by Grace Gershuny

Part of the NOFA guides. Information on composting techniques, including:-Principles and biology of composting-Temperature, aeration and moisture control-Composting methods-Materials (additives and inoculants, biodynamic preparations)-About costs (site preparation, equipment, labor and time)-What do you do with it?-Compost tea and other brewed microbial cultures-Compost and the lawWith extended appendices including a recipe calculator, potting mix recipes, and a sample compost production budget sheet.

Health and the Environment in the Southeastern United States

by Roundtable on Environmental Health Sciences Research Medicine

A report on Health and the Environment in the Southeastern United States

Sex and the River Styx

by Edward Hoagland

Called the best essayist of his time by luminaries like Philip Roth, John Updike and Edward Abbey, Edward Hoagland brings readers his ultimate collection. In Sex and the River Styx, the author's sharp eye and intense curiosity shine through in essays that span his childhood exploring the woods in his rural Connecticut, his days as a circus worker, and his travels the world over in his later years. Here, we meet Hoagland at his best: traveling to Kampala to meet a family he'd been helping support only to find a divide far greater than he could have ever imagined; reflecting on aging, love, and sex in a deeply personal, often surprising way; and bringing us the wonder of wild places, alongside the disparity of losing them, and always with a twist that brings the genre of nature writing to vastly new heights. His keen dissection of social realities and the human spirit will both startle and lure readers as they meet African matriarchs, Tibetan yak herders, circus aerialists, and the strippers who entertained college boys in 1950s Boston. Says Howard Frank Mosher in his foreword, the self-described rhapsodist, "could fairly be considered our last, great transcendentalist. "

The Color of Atmosphere

by Maggie Kozel

Kozel, a graduate of Georgetown University School of Medicine in 1980, spent the first 10 years of her medical career as a physician in the US military, with its universal, single-payer health coverage offering every family the same access to the latest health care. In this memoir for general readers, she recounts with warmth and humor her journey from idealistic young pediatrician to the culture shock of private practice outside the military. Her personal story is told in the context of the changing healthcare system, focusing on how the current method of paying for health care has changed the way doctors practice, not for the better. Kozel, now a high school teacher, argues that the profession is currently shaped by health insurance reimbursements and pharmaceutical marketing rather than by science. The book will be of interest to those working in the medical profession, those considering it, and general readers. Annotation ©2011 Book News, Inc. , Portland, OR (booknews. com)


by Simon Fairlie

Fairlie, editor of Land Magazine and former livestock manager of a community farm in the UK offers a collection of essays on the environmental ethics of eating meat. He considers whether raising animals for meat is sustainable and along the way debunks many of the environmental arguments and statistics used to promote veganism and vegetarianism. Essays are grouped into the categories of land requirements for livestock, food security, energy and carbon, and land use change, and while UK centric, will be of interest to anyone concerned with making sustainable food choices. Fairlie does not address the morality of eating meat, nor does he discuss nutrition, but nevertheless provides a compelling argument for small-scale livestock farming as an environmentally sound practice. Several of the essays were published previously in Land Magazine and have been revised for this collection. Annotation ©2011 Book News, Inc. , Portland, OR (booknews. com)

When Disaster Strikes

by Matt Stein

This well written guide provides instruction on making sure your needs are met for food, water, first aid and self-defense in any crisis. Specific instructions for handling seven types of disasters, from fire and earthquakes to electromagnetic pulses and solar storms are provided. Useful figures appear throughout, and the book closes with recommended reading and resources. Stein is an avid outdoorsman and green builder. Annotation ©2012 Book News, Inc. , Portland, OR (booknews. com)

Guidance for the National Healthcare Disparities Report

by Committee on Guidance for Designing A National Healthcare Disparities Report

A report on the Guidance for the National Healthcare Disparities Report

Growing Up Global: The Changing Transitions to Adulthood in Developing Countries

by National Research Council

Information on the Changing Transition to Adulthood in Developing Countries

Graduate Education in the Chemical Sciences -- Issues for the 21st Century: REPORT OF A WORKSHOP

by Chemical Sciences Roundtable

Information on Graduate Education in the Chemical Sciences -- Issues for the 21st Century

The Mystery of Metamorphosis

by Frank Ryan

Metamorphosis has intrigued human observers for thousands of years. While everyone knows this trick of nature transforms caterpillars into butterflies, fewer are aware that this process of transformation also occurs in many other insect species, as well as in amphibians and-in its greatest diversity-in marine creatures. Still, despite its widespread occurrence, metamorphosis has largely remained a mystery-not just to the people who watch gorgeous orange Monarchs emerge from green caterpillars once ensconced in cocoons, but also to the scientists who have tried to unravel just how the transformation works. InMetamorphosis, Frank Ryan delves into the mystery headfirst, showcasing surprising new ideas that are shaking established science. Ryan recounts how the intricate physiology of metamorphosis has slowly revealed its secrets. He brings the work of pioneering scientists-such as Jean-Henri Fabre, Vincent Wigglesworth, and Carroll Williams-to life as they explore the inner workings of the insect world. We also meet contemporary scientist Don Williamson, whose work on sea urchins and other ocean-going animals led him to a theory of larval development that challenge some of the longest-held beliefs in evolution-including those that date back to Darwin's time. Williamson, whose revelations have launched huge debates in science, has risked being labeled an iconoclast for encouraging people to think differently about how species evolve-a process, he says, that is not as linear as we've believed, and that involves not just mutation but also hybridizaton. A character as enchanting as metamorphosis itself, Williams exemplifies the importance of questioning time-honored beliefs. Through his work and those of the other monumental scientists in this book, we come closer to understanding the ancient and miraculous transformation of juvenile life forms into beautiful and complex adult insects and animals.

Killing the Cranes

by Edward Girardet

Edward Girardet has been a foreign correspondent covering Afghanistan since the late 1970s when the Soviets launched their abortive campaign into the region. He has worked with such news organizations as the Christian Science Monitor and US News and World Report. In this book, he describes his experience of Afghanistan ranging from walking with powerful personalities, such as Osama bin Laden and Amed Shah Massoud, to following Afghan guerillas in the mountains. He also describes how corruption among wealthy Afghan leaders has worsened under Western occupations which have shown little sense of how to empower the people. Written for a general audience, Girardet's journalistic narrative is frank though eloquent. His epilogue synthesizes his experiences and offers considerations for moving forward in the region. A comprehensive index, glossary of terms and names, and a time-line make it useful for historical research. Annotation ©2011 Book News, Inc. , Portland, OR (booknews. com)

Andy Warhol and the Can That Sold the World

by Gary Indiana

In the summer of 1962, Andy Warhol unveiled 32 Soup Cans in his first solo exhibition at the Ferus Gallery in Los Angeles-and sent the art world reeling. The responses ran from incredulity to outrage; the poet Taylor Mead described the exhibition as "a brilliant slap in the face to America. " The exhibition put Warhol on the map-and transformed American culture forever. Almost single-handedly, Warhol collapsed the centuries-old distinction between "high" and "low" culture, and created a new and radically modern aesthetic. InAndy Warhol and the Can that Sold the World, the dazzlingly versatile critic Gary Indiana tells the story of the genesis and impact of this iconic work of art. With energy, wit, and tremendous perspicacity, Indiana recovers the exhilaration and controversy of the Pop Art Revolution and the brilliant, tormented, and profoundly narcissistic figure at its vanguard.

Colloquium On Neuroimaging Of Human Brain Function

The National Academies Press (NAP)--publisher for the National Academies--publishes more than 200 books a year offering the most authoritative views, definitive information, and groundbreaking recommendations on a wide range of topics in science, engineering, and health. Our books are unique in that they are authored by the nation's leading experts in every scientific field.

Talking to Terrorists

by Mark Perry

It has long been an article of faith that the United States does not "talk to terrorists"-that to engage in dialogue with groups such as Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Muslim Brotherhood would be tacitly to acknowledge their status as legitimate political actors. Not so, argues Middle East expert Mark Perry. In the absence of dialogue, we have lumped these groups together with Al Qaeda as part of a monolithic enemy defined by a visceral hatred of American values. In reality, while they hold deep grievances about specific USpolicies, they are ultimately far more defined by their opposition to the deliberately anti-political Salafist ideology of Al Qaeda. Drawing on extensive interviews with Washington insiders, Perry describes fruitful covert meetings between members of the US armed forces and leaders of the Iraqi insurgency to demonstrate that talking to terrorists may be best way to end terrorism-controversial wisdom we ignore at our peril.

The Trauma Myth

by Susan A. Clancy

Few would argue that the experience of sexual abuse is deeply traumatic for a child. But in this explosive new book, psychologist Susan Clancy reports on years of research and contends that it is not the abuse itself that causes trauma-but rather the narrative that is later imposed on the abuse experience. Clancy demonstrates that the most common feeling victims report is not fear or panic, but confusion. Because children don't understand sexual encounters in the same ways that adults do, they normally accommodate their perpetrators- something they feel intensely ashamed about as adults. The professional assumptions about the nature of childhood trauma can harm victims by reinforcing these feelings. Survivors are thus victimized not only by their abusers but also by the industry dedicated to helping them. Path-breaking and controversial, The Trauma Myth empowers survivors to tell their own stories, and radically reshapes our understanding of abuse and its aftermath.

Dark Days, Bright Nights

by Peniel E. Joseph

The Civil Rights Movement is now remembered as a long-lost era, which came to an end along with the idealism of the 1960s. In Dark Days, Bright Nights, acclaimed scholar Peniel E. Joseph puts this pat assessment to the test, showing the 60s-particularly the tumultuous period after the passage of the 1965 Voting Rights Act-to be the catalyst of a movement that culminated in the inauguration of Barack Obama. Joseph argues that the 1965 Voting Rights Act burst a dam holding back radical democratic impulses. This political explosion initially took the form of the Black Power Movement, conventionally adjudged a failure. Joseph resurrects the movement to elucidate its unfairly forgotten achievements. Told through the lives of activists, intellectuals, and artists, including Malcolm X, Huey P. Newton, Amiri Baraka, Tupac Shakur, and Barack Obama, Dark Days, Bright Nights will make coherent a fraught half-century of struggle, reassessing its impact on American democracy and the larger world.

Showing 41,226 through 41,250 of 73,034 results


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