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The Law of Armed Conflict: International Humanitarian Law in War

by Gary D. Solis

The Law of Armed Conflict: International Humanitarian Law in War introduces law students and undergraduates to the law of war in an age of terrorism. What law of armed conflict/international humanitarian law applies to particular armed conflicts? Does that law apply to terrorists as well? What is the status of participants in an armed conflict? What constitutes a war crime? What is a lawful target and how are targeting decisions made? What are rules of engagement? What weapons are lawful and unlawful, and why? This text takes the reader through these essential questions of the law of armed conflict and international humanitarian law to an awareness of finer points of battlefield law. The U. S. -weighted text incorporates lessons from many nations and includes hundreds of cases from jurisdictions worldwide.

George Eliot's Intellectual Life

by Avrom Fleishman

It is well known that George Eliot's intelligence and her wide knowledge of literature, history, philosophy and religion shaped her fiction, but until now no study has followed the development of her thinking through her whole career. This intellectual biography traces the course of that development from her initial Christian culture, through her loss of faith and working out of a humanistic and cautiously progressive world view, to the thought-provoking achievements of her novels. It focuses on her responses to her reading in her essays, reviews and letters as well as in the historical pictures of Romola, the political implications of Felix Holt, the comprehensive view of English society in Middlemarch, and the visionary account of personal inspiration in Daniel Deronda. This portrait of a major Victorian intellectual is an important addition to our understanding of Eliot's mind and works, as well as of her place in nineteenth-century British culture.

Biodiversity in Environmental Assessment

by Roel Slootweg Asha Rajvanshi Vinod B. Mathur Arend Kolhoff

Human induced development activities are introduced with insufficient attention to their consequences for our living environment, even in cases where environmental assessments have been carried out. This apparent lack of attention to biodiversity in environmental assessment is rooted in the difficulties we have in adequately addressing biodiversity within the scope, time frame and budget allocated for assessments. This book provides a conceptual background and practical approaches to overcome these difficulties. It integrates the objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity, its ecosystem approach, and the conceptual framework of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment into a comprehensive approach to biodiversity in environmental assessment. It highlights the need to consider the value of biodiversity based on its use by each stakeholder, addresses the importance of both social and economic development to reach the Millennium Development Goals, and provides insights into ways to balance present and future needs.

Patti's New Look (Sleepover Friends #4)

by Susan Saunders

Patti's always been quiet and shy. But then one night the Sleepover Friends take a personality quiz ... and it says Patti's too boring. The girls tell her it's only a dumb test. But Patti believes it, and she decides it's time for a new Patti. First she goes out and buys some crazy clothes. Then she becomes friends with Karen, who's completely boy-crazy. And suddenly everything is "awesome" and "intense"! If Patti keeps changing, she may start thinking that sleepovers are for babies. Have the girls lost their sleepover friend forever?

Lauren in the Middle (Sleepover Friends #20)

by Susan Saunders

What if your old friends don't like your new friend? Lauren thinks the new girl in town, Ginger Kinkaid, is really neat--from her moviestar-sounding name to her sophisticated southern drawl. And she and Ginger have so much in common! They both love the color blue, prefer math to history, and think TV star Kevin DeSpain is the cutest man alive. But Kate and Stephanie aren't impressed with Ginger. In fact, they think she's a total fake, who'll say or do anything to win a friend. Are Lauren's Sleepover Friends being unfair? Or is Ginger trying a bit too hard to become Lauren's best--and only--friend?

Kate's Camp-out (Sleepover Friends #6)

by Susan Saunders

Ghost Busters! When Kate's family invites the Sleepover Friends to camp-out on Spirit Lake, nothing goes the way Kate expects it to. There are mice in the cabin, spooky stories about the lake, and two dumb boys who love playing practical jokes--on girls! Kate's sure this will be their worst sleepover ever, but Patti, Lauren, and Stephanie are determined to make the best of it. After all, who wants to sit around roasting marshmallows when there are ghosts to be found?

Cher's Furiously Fit Workout (Clueless Series)

by Randi Reisfeld Amy Heckerling

Here's an all-new novel based on the new ABC-TV prime-time series, and written by Randi Reisfeld, creator of the hit movie Clueless starring Alicia Silverstone.

Arthur's Valentine

by Marc Brown

Who is Arthur's secret admirer? It is a real mystery. It might be Fern. It could be Buster playing a joke. Or maybe even Francine. She is always teasing Arthur. Arthur hopes it is the new girl, Sue Ellen. Whoever it is makes Arthur's life miserable ... until Arthur neatly turns the tables, proving that he knows how to take a joke and play one as well. Marc Brown has created an irresistible sequel to the ever popular Arthur's Eyes and Arthur's Nose.

Center Stage (Girl Talk #28)

by L. E. Blair

Sometimes great ideas get a little out of control! When Sabrina decides to start a seventh-grade drama club at Bradley Junior High, everyone thinks it's a great idea--even the principal, Mr. Hansen. But when Sabrina tries to be the producer, director, writer, and star, everyone thinks it's a disaster--even Sabrina!

Veronica Knows Best

by Nancy K. Robinson

Veronica has advice for everyone, but she doesn't have all the answers. She doesn't know how to keep her real friends and make new ones. She doesn't know how to get attention from her divorced parents, her mother who is busy staying young and her father who lives far away in California and doesn't answer her letters. She doesn't get jokes and doesn't tell the truth half of the time. She doesn't know how to make her daydreams come true, like spending Christmas with the father she barely remembers and teaching a popular girl in school, who sounds like a broken police car siren, how to sing well enough to star as Maria in the school play, "The Sound of Music." Some kids actually run away when they see Veronica coming and some are nice to her because they feel sorry that she gets into so much trouble. Her biggest project backfires and Veronica's lonely life gets even lonelier. There's one thing about Veronica that makes all the difference. She doesn't give up. You'll laugh and cringe as Veronica's sorry messes become the beginning of much happier days to come.

Surprise Partners

by Gina Wilkins

COURTSHIP OF CONVENIENCE. They were neighbors. Friends. Acquaintances, actually. And about all shy, intense Lydia McKinley and smooth, ambitious Scott Pearson had in common was zero tolerance for romance--and two matchmaking sisters bombarding them with blind dates. Still, why not join forces to outmaneuver their siblings? The strategy? Don protective camouflage. Pose as sweethearts at social occasions. A hug here, a kiss there, and they'd barricade themselves against a barrage of misguided matchmaking. But who knew their casual contact would trigger such explosive embraces? That their convenient courtship would plunge them headlong into a minefield of most inconvenient desire?

Everything But the Horse

by Holly Hobbie

WHEN SHE WAS A YOUNG GIRL, Holly Hobbie and her family moved to the country. Their old farmstead seemed to have everything: Wild cats Ducks and geese Buster, the dog A pig named Clark A cow called Tinkerbell A coop full of chickens-- Plus a rooster! AND A pasture A barn Hay Bridles and harnesses. . . EVERYTHING BUT THE HORSE! And a horse was what Holly wanted most of all. Would that one wish ever come true? This irresistible story from the artist's rural childhood is brought poignantly to life in Holly Hobbie's masterful and loving watercolor paintings.

The Mother of the Gods, Athens, and the Tyranny of Asia: A Study of Sovereignty in Ancient Religion

by Mark Henderson Munn

This is a provocative, daring, and ambitious comparison of Greek and Asiatic ideologies from the time of Midas to the Persian empire. Using the Lydian goddess of sovereignty as a touchstone, Munn demonstrates that divinities were not static types, but were expressions of cultural systems, responding to historical change.

Introduction to Pandemic Influenza

by Jonathan Van-Tam Chloe Sellwood

This book covers influenza epidemiology, vaccinology, virology and immunology, pharmaceutical and public health countermeasures, policy issues, biomathematical modeling, ethics and communication between health professionals and the public, promoting the better understanding of influenza that will be needed to battle future pandemics.

Tourism and Generation Y

by Pierre Benckendorff Gianna Moscardo Donna Pendergast

This book looks at Generation Y in a tourism context; in broad conceptual terms such as trends and behavior, and in applied terms, for example looking at particular types of travel that Generation Y takes part in, and tourism marketing aimed specifically at them. This volume aims to define and examine the current and future generation of tourism workers and consumers, and will be an essential read for researchers and students in tourism studies and related industries.

The Sex Diet

by Rhonda Nelson

Dietitian Samantha McCafferty has come up with a miraculous discovery -- a diet that inspires lust! Still, as a professional, she really needs to try it herself, and her upcoming trip back home is the perfect time. The diet works -- once on the plan, Sam is fighting guys off with a stick! She even has sexy Hank Masterson, her lifelong crush, right where she wants him -- in her bed. But for how long? Hank can't believe the change in his childhood friend Samantha. Suddenly she's hot, really hot! And if she's looking for a good time, he's more than willing to give it to her -- again and again. The more he has her, the more he craves her. It's a hunger that can't be satisfied .... Only, Sam isn't fooling herself into believing in "happily-ever-after." It's just the diet. And everyone knows neither crushes nor diets are meant to last ....

Quality Assurance and Certification in Ecotourism

by Rosemary Black Alice Crabtree

This book explores solutions to the problems of inconsistency and even exploitation of the term ecotourism through examples, case studies and a discussion of quality control and certification.

The Public, the Media and Agricultural Biotechnology

by Dominique Brossard James Shanahan T. Clint Nesbitt

This book reviews the literature on communication about biotechnology. However this book with the use of case studies looks at public opinion data, communication theory, and international examples; to provide a complementary overview of how the public sees this controversial topic.

Seed Dispersal: Theory and Its Application in a Changing World

by Andrew J. Dennis Eugene W. Schupp Ronda J. Green David A. Westcott

Fresh concepts in the study of seed dispersal are spurring a host of exciting new answers, answers to old questions, new methods and approaches, and a reinvigoration of the field. Seed Dispersal: Theory and its Application in a Changing World present both recent advances and reviews of current knowledge, demonstrating the vigour and vibrancy of the field.

Communist Neo-Traditionalism: Work and Authority in Chinese Industry

by Andrew G. Walder

Andrew Walder's neo-traditional image of communist society in China will be of interest not only to those concerned with China and other communist countries, but also to students of industrial relations and comparative social science.

Magic Casement (A Man of His Word, Part 1)

by Dave Duncan

Princess Inos lived an idyllic life in her fathers' sleepy, backwater kingdom, and she was best friends with her childhood companion, the stableboy, Rap. But when a prophecy seemed to say Inos should be married, she was exiled to the Impire to learn to be a lady. She was far away when Rap's magical talents began to emerge, and it was he who told her of the fate awaiting them both. . . .

Management of Fungal Plant Pathogens

by Arun Arya Analía Edith Perelló

Management of Fungal Plant Pathogens presents a review of research into pathogenic fungi in a diverse selection of economically important crops, including fruits and cereals. The establishment and management of fungal plant disease using conventional and ecofriendly methods is discussed with an emphasis on the use of microorganisms and biotechnology.

The Poethical Wager

by Joan Retallack

In these inventive essays, Joan Retallack conveys her unique post-utopian vision as she explores the relationship between art and life in today's chaotic world. In the tradition of the essay as complex humanist exploration, she engages ideas from across history: Aristotle's definition of happiness, Epicurus's swerve into unpredictable possibility, Montaigne's essays as an instrument of self-invention, John Cage's redefinition of Silence.

Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes of California (Revised Edition)

by Samuel M. Mcginnis

This book is a field guide to all of California's 130 freshwater fish species, both native and introduced. Revised and updated throughout, the guide features the complete collection of color illustrations of California freshwater fishes available anywhere. These color illustrations, coupled with a set of highly detailed black-and-white drawings, provide a quick and easy method for identifying fish in the field.

Courting Conflict: The Israeli Military Court System in the West Bank and Gaza

by Lisa Hajjar

This book provides a rare look at an institution that lies both figuratively and literally at the center of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Lisa Hajjar has conducted in-depth interviews with dozens of Israelis and Palestinians--including judges, prosecutors, defense lawyers, defendants, and translators--about their experiences and practices to explain how this system functions, and how its functioning has affected the conflict.

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