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Showing 55,326 through 55,350 of 70,819 results Presents Second Chances: Inspiring Stories of Dog Adoption

by Joan Banks Betsy Saul

# Every day, finds thousands of loving families for homeless dogs. Second Chances tells the story of these placements and the courage--both human and canine--behind them. These fifty tail-wagging tales include: The Puppy Mill Dog, in which two women rescue an abused Shih tzu from a life of neglect in an overcrowded "puppy mill." # Just What the Doctor Ordered, a tale of an older dog doomed to spend the rest of her life in a shelter until she was adopted by a woman who needed Sandy as much as Sandy needed her. # Mister Lucky, a touching story of a terrier who was found in the rubble of Hurricane Katrina's aftermath--and returned to his family, thanks to devoted rescue workers and Dog lovers everywhere love this amazing collection of heartwarming adoption stories will show you why.

The Provenance Press™ Guide To The Wiccan Year

by Judy Ann Nock

In The Provenance Press Guide to the Wiccan Year, High Priestess Judy Ann Nock offers a definitive guide to the Wheel of the Year. Capturing the essence of both the major and lesser holidays, this complete and practical reference offers something for everyone, from history and recipes, to crafts and rituals, spells and meditations, regardless of your level of practice. There are many ways to acknowledge the passage of time, whether the observance is simple or elaborate. In these pages, there are several appropriate cyclic activities to honor the changing of the seasons. Written to inspire and expand your practice as you move through the eight Sabbats, Nock provides you with: * The astrological and astronomical influences that govern the seasons * Meditations that reflect timely themes * Rituals and crafts to enhance your spiritual expression Beginning with Samhain, the witch's New Year, and ending with the harvest of Mabon, The Provenance Press Guide to the Wiccan Year enables you to deepen your spiritual path, regardless of the time of year.

Pregnancy Sucks: What to Do When Your Miracle Makes You Miserable

by Joanne Kimes Sanford A. Tisherman

Discusses the physical, emotional, and social challenges that can occur during pregnancy, from dealing with morning sickness and weight gain to feuding with one's family over the baby's name to suspecting that one's husband is having an affair

The Forest People

by Colin M. Turnbull

Book describes the author's experiences while living with the BaMbuti Pygmies, not as a clinical observer, but as their friend, learning their customs and sharing their daily life. Turnbull conveys the lives and feelings of the BaMbuti whose existence centers on their intense love for their forest world, which, in return for their affection and trust, provides their every need.

Dialogue WRITE Great FICTION

by Gloria Kempton

How do some writers craft conversation so authentic, it feels like they've been eavesdropping? What's the secret behind getting characters to talk to each other? How can writers make their dialogue sing? Answers to all of these questions and more can be found in Gloria Kempton's in-depth look at this crucial component of fiction. Readers will learn how to create dialogue that sizzles, with tips on: * Creating dialogue for specific genres * Bringing characters to life with revealing dialogue * Identifying and fixing common dialogue problems Each chapter features numerous examples of successful dialogue drawn from bestselling novels, and chapter-ending exercises help readers apply the lessons learned. This is one book that will get readers talking!

Dating the Divorced Man: Sort Through the Baggage to Decide If He's Right for You

by Christie Hartman

At some point in your life, it's likely that you will date a separated or divorced man. With today's divorce rate, it is almost impossible not to. However, these men are not like the typical single bachelors you're used to dating. These men come with numerous unexpected challenges, such as children, difficult ex-wives, substantial financial obligations, and unresolved grief, guilt, or anger. Dating the Divorced Man will prepare you so you can: * Detect problems early on--and tackle them together * Identify problems that "come with the territory" vs. those that are dealbreakers * Evaluate whether marriage is ultimately the right choice for you Filled with real-life insight and advice, Dating the Divorced Man offers the tools you need to decide if you can deal with the issues and find long-term happiness--or if it's time to say goodbye.

A Cup of Comfort Classic Edition: Timeless Stories That Warm Your Heart, Lift Your Spirit, and Enrich Your Life

by Colleen Sell

Whether you are a new Cup of Comfort reader or an avid follower of the series, you will truly enjoy this updated version of the book that started it all. A Cup of Comfort Classic Edition revisits the stories that have warmed millions of hearts. Graced with several new moving stories, this book can inspire you as it has these and many more readers:

The Torching

by Marcy Heidish

With this spellbinding tale of mysticism, horror, and history, a gifted, award-winning writer breaks new ground. Marcy Heidish gives us a novel to rival the works of Anne Rice, Alfred Hitchcock, or Edgar Allan Poe-- a disturbing story about the interplay of present and past, lightness and dark, grace and evil. This is a tale of an eighteenth- century midwife, apothecary, and accused priestess of the occult, Evangeline Smith, who has been sentenced to burn as a witch in the tiny town of Maidstone, Maryland. Writing her story is Alice Grey, a contemporary novelist and owner of a rare book store in Washington, D.C. As Alice investigates Evangeline's life and records the extraordinary events that brought her to her fiery death two centuries before, the destinies of the two women begin to intertwine. Inexplicable things begin to happen. Objects move of their own volition, spontaneous fires pose ominous perils, people are murdered. By the time Alice uncovers the terrifying truth of what really happened in Maidstone, events have spun out of control. Skillfully interweaving the immediate with the historical, the spiritual with the commonplace, Heidish moves us suddenly and swiftly beyond the realm of rationality toward a breathtaking climax.

Double Play

by Joanne Rock

Play-it-safe book reviewer Amber Nichols is so ready to let loose. Her wild one-night-stand target? Hottie baseball player Heath Donovan. Problem? He's not exactly who she thinks he is! Team coach Heath takes one look at Amber...and wants to make her melt under his touch. Groupies aren't usually his style...but this sexily distracting woman is different. She should be...because she's not exactly a groupie! It's a hot, fast fling with incredible sex! Only it's soon coming to an end. Because temporary sex, even the earth-shaking variety, never leads to a home run. Unless these two players can let down their guards in time to let them both win this game...

Buzz Boy and Fly Guy

by Tedd Arnold

The excitement is jam packed in Fly Guy's newest episode, which features a comic book within the story. Buzz and Fly Guy are superheroes. The dynamic duo must battle a fiery dragon and a band of pirates.

How Weird Is It? A Freaky Book All About Strangeness

by Ben Hillman

In the fourth book in this remarkable series, Ben Hillman shows young readers just how weird something is. By examining objects such as neutron stars, lightning, frogs, and liquid nitrogen,wildly different objects are taken out of normal context and placed next to one another to allow for new and exciting perspectives. So just how weird is a frog? Well, there's a frog from Surinam that gives birth through its back. Now, that's weird!

Crocodile Safari

by Jim Arnosky

Join renowned wildlife artist and naturalist Jim Arnosky on a breathtaking safari through crocodile country, deep in the Florida Everglades. Can you spot the crocodiles camouflaged in the murky swamps? What do they look like? How do they hunt? What is their habitat? As you paddle along through the mangrove creeks you will also find many other wild creatures--from deadly diamondback rattlesnakes by toxic poisonwood trees, to beautiful roseate spoonbills, to slow-climbing tree crabs. Jim Arnosky's majestic paintings will give readers a you-are-there experience with the American crocodile, one of nature's most brilliant survivors, which has inhabited the earth since the days of the dinosaurs!

Fluffy Meets the Groundhog (Fluffy the Classroom Guinea Pig #13)

by Kate Mcmullan

Groundhog Day inspires the class to celebrate Groundpig Day with their guinea pig Fluffy, and Fluffy gets to help an unhappy groundhog.

The Sheriff and the Baby (The O'Malley Men #2)

by C. C. Coburn

When Sheriff Matt O'Malley rescues a pregnant woman after a car accident and helps deliver her baby, he quickly begins to feel protective of her--of both of them. Matt is increasingly drawn to Beth Ford and her daughter, Sarah although he's noticed that Beth isn't your average new mom. For one thing, she's obviously hiding something. Like her real name... Beth's falling for Matt, too, and she loves the large, boisterous O'Malley clan. She can't let herself trust him, though. The last time she trusted a cop she almost ended up dead and now she's on the run. But Spruce Lake, Colorado, is starting to feel like home to Beth and the O'Malleys are definitely starting to feel like family.

Rosetta's Daring Day (Disney Fairies)

by Lisa Papademetriou

Rosetta and Fawn are complete opposites. Rosetta loves dressing up in pretty clothes. Fawn would rather play a dusty game of acorn ball. The two friends can never agree on what's fun. Then Queen Clarion hosts a fancy dinner, and Fawn doesn't want to go. So Rosetta makes a deal with her. If Fawn dresses up for the dinner and minds her manners, Rosetta will spend a day doing whatever Fawn wants. Rosetta thinks it's the perfect plan. But she never imagines what Fawn has in mind! Can their friendship survive a day of frogs, mud, and . . . worms?

This Shining Land

by Rosalind Laker

Nordic beauty Johanna Ryen is scarcely more than a girl when the Germans invade her home city of Oslo. In one terrifying night, her gentle life is shattered and her innocence ends. Then she meets Steffen Larsen who ignites in her feelings as fierce as the war raging around them. Risking everything, Johanna joins Steffen in Norway's Resistance and enters a dangerous double life. . .


by Lori Borrill

Bad-girl socialite Rachel Winston finds herself shipped off to the ever-so-posh Clearwater Springs Resort for thirty days of community service as a maid! But her clean new start is already taking her in a bad direction thanks to her yummy new boss, Marc Strauss, who isn't keen on catering to pampered princesses. Marc had only meant to gain some much needed publicity, but the minute he sees the stunning socialite, he knows he'll have a hard time keeping his hands off her. But a hot fling could easily turn into a major mess for both of them. Then again, what's a little "mess" every now and then.

The Foundations of Psychoanalysis: A Philosophical Critique

by Adolf Grunbaum

The book, a philosophical critique of the foundations of Sigmund Freud's psychoanalysis, offers a systematic analysis of Freud's theories, examines the effectiveness of the retrospective clinical methods used in psychoanalysis, and discusses free association, dreams, and personality.

Douglas Hyde: A Maker of Modern Ireland

by Janet Egleson Dunleavy Gareth W. Dunleavy

Douglas Hyde (1860-1949) was elected first president of modern Ireland in 1938. A Maker of Modern Ireland dispels the myths and misinformation that have obscured the private life of this extraordinary scholar and statesman.

Aringnar Anna

by N. Chokkan

A biography of C.N. Annadurai, popularly called "Aringnar Anna" (means scholar elder brother in Tamil). An orator and an acclaimed writer in the Tamil language, he founded Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) to become the first non-congress Chief Minister of the South Indian State of Tamilnadu in 1967.

Aazhndhu Yosikalama?

by Ezhil Krishnan

The book guides teens and students with practical and interesting anecdotes on critical thinking, right and wrong that will ultimately lead them towards a path of success.

Aadikaleen Bharat Ki Vyakhya

by Romila Thapar

The book is a compilation of the lectures given by Romila Thapar. The book contains viewpoints of the writers like Durkhim and Weber and has elements taken from mythology as well. There is a growing interest in the philosophy of history and it informs about the idea of interpreting the role of historical consciousness.

Tarkala Kashmiri Chirukathaigal

by V. Krishnamoorthy Neeraja Mattoo Hriday Kaul Bharati

Tarkala Kashmiri Chirukathaigal (Contemporary Kashmiri Short Stories) is a Tamil translation of Neeraja Mattoo’s English version of ‘Kasher Humasar Afsana’ compiled by Hriday Kaul Bharati. This collection of seventeen short stories most of which are philosophical in content, displays the evolution of Kashmiri literature and development of Kashmiri short stories.


by Mugil

A biography of Akbar the Great, the third Mughal Emperor who reigned his Mughal empire between 1542 A.D. – 1605 A.D., covering most of the northern and central India.


by Vasudev

A biography of Adhisankarar, a Hindu Saint, who hailed from Kalady of Kerala, a south Indian State. He was an Indian philosopher who introduced the doctrine of Advaita Vedanta, a sub-school of Vedanta and his teachings were based on the unity of the Soul and Brahman in which Brahman is viewed as without attributes.

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