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Sheila Rae, the Brave

by Kevin Henkes

Sheila Rae wasn't afraid of anything. She wasn't afraid of thunder and lightning.

Tell Me a Story, Mama

by Angela Johnson

An easy to read story book for children.

Apples of Your Eye

by Allan Fowler

Describes all of the wonderful food you can make from the different varieties of apples.

Bringing Down the Moon

by Jonathan Emmett

Mole is so taken with the beauty of the moon that he tries to get it from the sky. But eventually he learns to appreciate the moon where it is.

Great Black Heroes: Five Bold Freedom Fighters

by Wade Hudson

This book describes the early lives of Richard, one of the founders of the Free African Society; Harriet, a major conductor of the Underground Railroad; Mary, a founding member of the NAACP; Medgar, the first field secretary for the NAACP; and Fannie, a leading civil rights activist who gained national attention.

Look! Snow!

by Kathryn O. Galbraith

The first snow of the season brings great enjoyment to the town's human and animal inhabitants.

Lost Star: The Story of Amelia Earhart

by Patricia Lauber

A fascinating look at the life of a remarkable woman and the unsolved mystery surrounding her disappearance during her attempt to fly around the world in 1937.

Mr. George Baker

by Amy Hest

With subtlety and tenderness, Amy Hest tells the tale of an elderly man and a young boy linked by the common pursuit of learning to read. George can't read. A hundred years old, and he never learned how. "That must be corrected," says George. George Baker and Harry don't seem the likeliest of friends. But sitting side by side on George's porch in the morning, waiting for the school bus to come, the two have plenty in common -- this hundred-year-old musician with the crookedy fingers going tappidy on his knees and the young schoolboy whose shoelaces always need tying. They're both learning to read, and it's hard. What's easy is the warm friendship they share. In an inspired pairing, a best-selling author and illustrator pay quiet tribute to the power of language and intergenerational bonds.

The World Menders

by Lloyd Biggle Jr.

On the world Branoff IV, in the lovely land of Scorv if, live the rascz, an industrious, artistic, superbly civilized race. Few of them are aware that their prosperous civilization is totally dependent upon the olz, a race of slaves owned by their god-emperor. The old till the fields and work the forests and mines, and their reward is starvation and the vicious, caustic stroke of the zrilm whip.

Mr. Reez's Sneezes

by Curtis Parkinson

When Curtis Parkinson was growing up, his father had the loudest sneeze in town. Since then, Curtis, with his cat Topper as lookout, has sailed to many countries in search of big sneezers. But he never found anyone who could sneeze like his father--until he happened on Mr. Reez one day. 32 pages.

Vansh Se Rajya Tak

by Romila Thapar

The book contains lectures of Heras Memorial lecture series on state and dynasties in ancient india. The lectures were given by Romila Thapar in February 1980 at St Xaviers college. In these lectures the nature of Indian society in the first millenium BC has been highlighted.

Sliding Into Home

by Kendra Wilkinson Jon Warech

The breakout star of the E hit shows The Girls Next Door and Kendra. Playboy cover model Kendra Wilkinson opens up about life, love, and living with Hugh Hefner in this entertaining and candid new memoir.

Reclaiming the Imagination: The Exodus as Paradigmatic Narrative for Preaching

by David Fleer Dave Bland

Reclaiming the Imagination: The Exodus as Paradigmatic Narrative for Preaching, focuses on the paradigm of the exodus as developed in scripture. This book proposes that we allow the world imagined in the exodus narrative to form, inform, and transform the lives of preachers and congregations. The Exodus motif engages biblical scholars, theologians, and homileticians from evangelical and post liberal backgrounds with different perspectives as they listen and understand how the Exodus paradigm has shaped and continues to shape our identities.

Your Calling as a Deacon

by Gary Straub James Trader II

This resource for individual and group study explores what it means to be a deacon in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Addressing both the leadership and spiritual requirements of the position, Your Calling as a Deacon offers new and seasoned deacons the direction, understanding, and encouragement to serve God and church.

Welcoming Children: A Practical Theology of Childhood

by Joyce Ann Mercer

This book develops a theology of childhood both from a theoretical basis in biblical theology (especially the gospel of Mark) and practical experience in children and youth ministry. Mercer builds on classical theologians such as Augustine, Calvin, Barth, and Rahner as well as modern feminist theologians such as Brock and Russell. She gains insights from pastoral theologians such as Capps and Couture and from contemporary cultural criticism. Mercer challenges approaches to educational and liturgical practices with children in congregations that segregate children from the rest of the church and its key practices of service, mission, worship, care, and learning. She reframes ministries with children as processes through which the church as a 'community of practice' forms children into an alternative identity that resists surrounding consumerist culture and walks in the ways of Jesus. This book offers strategies for educational practices with children in congregations as it seeks to address the question, "What might educational practices that welcome children and contribute to their flourishing look like in the context of a faith community where children's learning happens in collaboration with experienced practitioners of faith?" Outlining a feminist practical theology of childhood, it explores five basic theological claims: (1) children as gifts and parenting as a religious practice of stewardship; (2) welcoming those who welcome and care for children; (3) children as already fully human; (4) children as part of the purposes of God; and (5) acknowledging and transforming the sufferings of children.

Your Journey to a Prayerful Life

by Barbara Schutt

Your Journey to a Prayerful Life is a study designed with the everyday Christian in mind that will encourage the reader to grow in intimacy with God by exploring what the Bible teaches about prayer. Each lesson includes some specific ways to pray, and a suggested action accompanies each assignment. The goal of this book is that the reader will come to love Christ more than ever before.

Pursuing the Full Kingdom Potential of Your Congregation

by George W. Bullard Jr.

Full Kingdom potential, says George Bullard, is a journey, not a destination. To reach your full Kingdom potential, its pursuit must be your enduring passion and desire. Drawing on his more than four decades of experience in congregational leadership, Bullard offers not just another process for congregational redevelopment. He learns from the past to take congregations on a spiritual journey that is open-ended, custom-made, and locally owned. His focus is on capacity building in each congregation, calling for a narrative approach to futuring in the life of congregations that responds to new things God is seeking to do in and through members of the congregation.

Your Calling as an Elder

by Gary Straub

New elders and veteran leaders alike will find wisdom, biblical guidance, and useful suggestions in Gary Straub's examination of the crucial role of elders in Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) congregations. This simple and easy to read overview of Disciples eldership examines the nature of the office and describes its responsibilities and challenges. It emphasizes the importance of spirituality in the lives of elders. Straub beckons elders to embark on their leadership adventure together, fortifying their leadership through prayer, learning, discussion, mutual accountability, and other paths to spiritual growth and encouragement. Their faithful eldership is a beacon for faithful congregations as elders' prayers become spiritual channels through which graces unfold in congregational life. That exciting prospect lies at the heart of eldership and of Straub's inspiring insights.

The Wolf Shall Dwell with the Lamb: A Spirituality for Leadership in a Multicultural Community

by Eric H. F. Law

This groundbreaking work explores how certain cultures consciously and unconsciously dominate in multicultural situations and what can be done about it.

Recreating The Church: Leadership for the Postmodern Age

by Richard L. Hamm

Mainline denominations in the United States are in crisis. These institutions-created in and for modernity-are now facing a changed, postmodern culture. Hamm faces the crisis, examining its origins, and offers sound advice on how to lead to church to make the adaptive changes needed to thrive in postmodern times.

Teaching the Bible in the Church

by Karen B. Tye John M. Bracke

This interdisciplinary conversation combines educational theory with Bible scholarship to help teachers of the Bible move beyond conveying information to revealing the transformative power of the scripture.

The Seminary Student Writes

by Deborah Core

Deborah Core offers practical guidance for beginning seminary students who feel overwhelmed and under-prepared to write the number and quality of papers their courses require. The book begins with reflections on writing as a sacred action, then addresses such practical matters as choosing and researching a topic; outlining, drafting, and polishing a paper; and using the proper format for footnotes and bibliography. Also included are sample papers in MLA and Chicago styles and an overview of grammar and usage.

Patterns of Preaching: A Sermon Sampler

by Ronald J. Allen

This collection of sermons by noted homileticians illustrates thirty-four distinct styles of contemporary and traditional preaching.

Overhearing the Gospel

by Fred B. Craddock

When originally published in 1978, Overhearing the Gospel introduced "narrative preaching" and forever changed the shape of contemporary preaching. Now a new generation of preachers can learn from the master himself in this revised and expanded edition of Craddock's groundbreaking method.

Operation Inasmuch: Mobilizing Believers beyond the Walls of the Church

by David W. Crocker

Operation Inasmuch is a proven way to mobilize believers in hands-on local church missions through one-day ministries that have significant impact both on the community and the church. It creatively combines how-to with stories and testimonies that will inspire and energize local congregations. Engaged in local mission projects, participants gain spiritual renewal and continued commitment to respond to the needs of others in the community. Operation Inasmuch is Christians doing the work of the church instead of church work. They go beyond the walls of church buildings to apply God's love to human hurts and hopes wherever they are found.

Showing 57,026 through 57,050 of 72,281 results


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