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Consumer Politics in Postwar Japan: The Institutional Boundaries of Citizen Activism

by Maclachlan Patricia L.

This book examines Japan's postwar consumer protection movement, which, organized largely by housewives, led to the passage of basic consumer protection legislation in 1968. Macmillan points to the importance of activity at the local level, the role of minority parties, the limited utility of the courts, and the place of lawyers and academics in providing access to power.

Wintry Night

by John Balcom Li Qiao. Taotao Liu

An epic spanning more than half a century of Taiwan's history, this breathtaking historical novel traces the fortunes of the Pengs, a family of Hakka Chinese settlers, across three generations from the 1890s, just before Taiwan was ceded to Japan as a result of the Sino-Japanese war, through World War II. Li Qiao brilliantly re-creates the dramatic world of these pioneers--and the colonization of Taiwan itself--exploring their relationships with the aboriginal peoples of Taiwan and their struggle to establish their own ethnic and political identities. This edition is an abridgement for English-speaking readers and marks the work's first appearance in the English-speaking world. An introduction explaining the cultural and historical background of the novel is included to help orient the reader to this amazingly rich cultural context.

Beyond the Ivory Tower: International Relations Theory and the Issue of Policy Relevance

by Lepgold Joseph Miroslav Nincic

The gap between academics and practitioners in international relations has widened in recent years, according to the authors of this book. Globalization, ethnic conflict, and ecological threats have created a new set of issues that challenge policymakers, and cutting-edge scholarship can contribute a great deal to the diagnosis and handling of potentially explosive situations.

Imperfect Balance: Landscape Transformations in the Pre-Columbian Americas

by David L. Lentz

We often envision the New World before the arrival of the Europeans as a land of pristine natural beauty and undisturbed environments. However, David Lentz offers an alternative view by detailing the impact of native cultures on these ecosystems prior to their contact with Europeans. Drawing on a wide range of experts from the fields of paleoclimatology, historical ecology, paleontology, botany, geology, conservation science, and resource management, this book unlocks the secret of how the Western Hemisphere's indigenous inhabitants influenced and transformed their natural environment. A rare combination of collaborators uncovers the changes that took place in North America, Mexico, Central America, the Andes, and Amazonia. Each section of the book has been comprehensively arranged so that a botanical description of the natural vegetation of the region is coupled with a set of case studies outlining local human influences. From modifications of vegetation, to changes in soil, wildlife, microclimate, hydrology, and the land surface itself, this collection addresses one of the great issues of our time: the human modification of the earth.

Sound Technology and the American Cinema: Perception, Representation, Modernity

by James Lastra

Reaching back into the late eighteenth century, to natural philosophy, stenography, automata, and human physiology, Lastra follows the shifting relationships between our senses, technology, and representation.

Mambo Montage: The Latinization of New York City

by Arlene Dávila Agustín Laó-Montes

A report on the state of Latino politics and culture in New York--the most populous and diverse Latino city in the United States.

Secret Reports on Nazi Germany

by Raymond Geuss Herbert Marcuse Franz Neumann Otto Kirchheimer Raffaele Laudani

During the Second World War, three prominent members of the Frankfurt School--Franz Neumann, Herbert Marcuse, and Otto Kirchheimer--worked as intelligence analysts for the Office of Strategic Services, the wartime forerunner of the CIA. This book brings together their most important intelligence reports on Nazi Germany, most of them published here for the first time.These reports provide a fresh perspective on Hitler's regime and the Second World War, and a fascinating window on Frankfurt School critical theory. They develop a detailed analysis of Nazism as a social and economic system and the role of anti-Semitism in Nazism, as well as a coherent plan for the reconstruction of postwar Germany as a democratic political system with a socialist economy. These reports played a significant role in the development of postwar Allied policy, including denazification and the preparation of the Nuremberg Trials. They also reveal how wartime intelligence analysis shaped the intellectual agendas of these three important German-Jewish scholars who fled Nazi persecution prior to the war.Secret Reports on Nazi Germany features a foreword by Raymond Geuss as well as a comprehensive general introduction by Raffaele Laudani that puts these writings in historical and intellectual context.

Problematic Sovereignty: Contested Rules and Political Possibilities

by Stephen D. Krasner

Some of the most pressing issues in the contemporary international order revolve around a frequently invoked but highly contested concept: sovereignty. To what extent does the concept of sovereignty-as it plays out in institutional arrangements, rules, and principles-inhibit the solution of these issues? Can the rules of sovereignty be bent? Can they be ignored? Do they represent an insurmountable barrier to stable solutions or can alternative arrangements be created? Problematic Sovereignty attempts to answer these and other fundamental questions by taking account of the multiple, sometimes contradictory, components of the concept of sovereignty in cases ranging from the struggle for sovereignty between China and Taiwan to the compromised sovereignty of Bosnia under the Dayton Accord. Countering the common view of sovereignty that treats it as one coherent set of principles, the chapters of Problematic Sovereignty illustrate cases where the disaggregation of sovereignty has enabled political actors to create entities that are semiautonomous, semi-independent, and/or semilegal in order to solve specific problems stemming from competing claims to authority.

Civil and Uncivil Violence in Lebanon: A History of the Internationalization of Communal Conflict

by Samir Khalaf

Khalaf analyzes the history of civil strife and political violence in his native Lebanon and reveals what he views as the inherent contradictions that have plagued that country, particularly its vulnerability to inter-Arab and superpower rivalries. He asks: How can a fairly peaceful and resourceful society, with an impressive history of viable pluralism, coexistence, and republicanism, become the site of so much barbarism and incivility?

Nuclear North Korea: A Debate on Engagement Strategies

by David C. Kang Victor D. Cha

Coming to the issues from different perspectives, the authors together have written an essential work of clear-eyed reflection and authoritative analysis. They refute a number of misconceptions and challenge faulty thinking that surrounds the discussion of North Korea, most important, the idea that North Korea is an irrational nation. Cha and Kang contend that however provocative, even deplorable, the North's behavior may at times be, it is not incomprehensible or incoherent.

Omega-6/3 Fatty Acids

by Ronald Ross Watson Sherma Zibadi Fabien De Meester

Over the last several years developing human research suggests that a component of omega-3 fatty acids, long chain ones, contribute particularly to health benefits. Omega-6/3 Fatty Acids: Functions, Sustainability Strategies and Perspectives focuses on developing information on this newly recognized key component. This volume uniquely, and for the first time, focuses on sustainability of natural sources of omega-3 fatty acids variants including long chain ones, and on ways to increase their use and availability to reduce major diseases. The authors review cardiovascular disease, neurological changes and mental health and other diseases like diabetes where long chain omega-3 fatty acids play protective roles from recent human trials. Each chapter evaluates developing information on the possible mechanistic role of long chain omega-3 fatty acids. After showing their requirement and involvement in health promotion there are reviews of various sources and ways to protect and promote them. Authors provide support for the benefits and sources of long chain omega-3 fatty acids and their increased dietary intake that reduce various physical and mental illnesses. Omega-6/3 Fatty Acids: Functions, Sustainability and Perspectives is a unique and important new volume that provides the latest data and reviews to physicians who need to assess serum omega-6/3 and fatty acids to help diagnose risks and change diets and to inform industry and the scientific community with reviews of research for actions including new studies and therapies.

The Specter of Democracy: What Marx and Marxists Haven't Understood and Why

by Dick Howard

In this engaging and persuasive book, Dick Howard takes a critically innovative look at Marxism and its blind spots and rethinks the nature of democracy. He explores the attraction Marxism holds for intellectuals, examines two hundred years of democratic political life-focusing on the American and French Revolutions and the truly "revolutionary" aspects of those events-and rethinks Marx's contribution to democratic politics. Howard concludes that Marx was attempting a "philosophy by other means", and that, paradoxically, because he was such an astute philosopher Marx was unable to see the radical political implications of his own analyses. Howard offers a new way of thinking about democratic policy as a political ideal, positing that Marx could have seen this radical third way but did not.

Practicing Religion in the Age of the Media: Explorations in Media, Religion, and Culture

by Stewart M. Hoover Lynn Schofield Clark

Focusing on this intersection of the sacred and the secular, this volume gathers together the work of media experts, religious historians, sociologists of religion, and authorities on American studies and art history. Topics range from Islam on the Internet to the quasi-religious practices of Elvis fans, from the uses of popular culture by the Salvation Army in its early years to the uses of interactive media technologies at the Simon Wiesenthal Center's Beit Hashoah Museum of Tolerance.

Manly States: Masculinities, International Relations, and Gender Politics

by Charlotte Hooper

Much has been written on how masculinity shapes international relations, but little feminist scholarship has focused on how international relations shape masculinity. Charlotte Hooper draws from feminist theory to provide an account of the relationship between masculinity and power. She explores how the theory and practice of international relations produces and sustains masculine identities and masculine rivalries. This volume asserts that international politics shapes multiple masculinities rather than one static masculinity, positing an interplay between a "hegemonic masculinity" (associated with elite, western male power) and other subordinated, feminized masculinities (typically associated with poor men, nonwestern men, men of color, and/or gay men). Employing feminist analyses to confront gender-biased stereotyping in various fields of international political theory-including academic scholarship, journals, and popular literature like The Economist-Hooper reconstructs the nexus of international relations and gender politics during this age of globalization.

Sex, Marriage, and Family in World Religions

by John Witte Jr. M. Christian Green Don S. Browning

Spanning thousands of years, this collection brings together writings and teachings about sex, marriage, and family from the Jewish, Christian, Islamic, Hindu, Confucian, and Buddhist traditions. It reveals the similarities and differences among the teachings of each tradition and the development of their ideas and practices over time. Selections address a range of subjects, including sexuality and sexual pleasure, the meaning and purpose of marriage, the role of betrothal, the status of women, the place of romance, divorce, celibacy, and sexual deviance. Drawn from a variety of genres, including ritual, legal, theological, poetic, and mythological texts, the chapters present and analyze a diverse range of sources, such as the Zohar on conjugal manners, a contemporary Episcopalian liturgy for same-sex unions, Qur'anic passages on the equality of the sexes, the Ka-masu-tra on husbands, wives, and lovers, Buddhist writings on celibacy, and Confucian teachings on filial piety.

The Mobility of Workers Under Advanced Capitalism: Dominican Migration to the United States

by Ramona Hernandez

Using Dominicans in New York City as a case study, Ramona Hernández challenges the old belief that workers necessarily migrate from one region to another because of supply and demand or because of a de facto government policy to make people leave or stay. As a result, she shows that the traditional correlation between migration and economic progress does not always hold true.

African American Legislators in the American States

by Haynie Kerry L.

Analyzing the behavior of African American state legislators in multiple legislative sessions across five states, Haynie has compiled a wealth of valuable data that reveals the dynamics and effectiveness of black participation in the legislative process.

What It Means to Be Daddy: Fatherhood for Black Men Living Away from Their Children

by Jennifer Hamer

Absent fathers and households headed by single mothers are frequently blamed for the poor quality of life of African-American children. This book challenges these assumptions, arguing that they are largely an unfair reflection of non-working class white American values. Hamer places the behaviors of black non-custodial fathers in their social, political, and economic contexts and describes these fatherless families from the perspectives of the families themselves.

History at the Limit of World-History

by Ranajit Guha

The past is not just, as has been famously said, another country with foreign customs: it is a contested and colonized terrain. Indigenous histories have been expropriated, eclipsed, sometimes even wholly eradicated, in the service of imperialist aims buttressed by a distinctly Western philosophy of history. Guha offers a critique of such historiography by taking issue with the Hegelian concept of World-history.

Indians, Markets, and Rainforests: Theoretical, Comparative, and Quantitative Explorations in the Neotropics

by Ricardo Godoy

Godoy investigates five lowland Amerindian societies of tropical Latin America--all of which are experiencing deep changes as they modernize--to discover the results of a market economy on both indigenous peoples and the conservation of tropical rainforest flora and fauna.

Handbook of Social Work Practice with Vulnerable and Resilient Populations (2nd Edition)

by Alex Gitterman

The second edition of this how-to-guide has been updated to reflect the field's growing understanding of resiliency and protective factors and their importance in forming balanced assessments and interventions. Individual chapters explore methods of coping with such problems as physical illness, homelessness, divorce and abuse. This edition also includes new chapters on crime victims, the death of a parent, gays and lesbians, single parenthood, and women of color.

Chikamatsu: Five Late Plays

by Gerstle C. Andrew

Chikamatsu Monzaemon (1653-1725), often referred to as "Japan's Shakespeare" and a "god of writers," was arguably the most famous playwright in Japanese history and wrote more than 100 plays for the kabuki and bunraku theaters. Today, the plays of this major literary figure are performed on kabuki and bunraku stages and in the modern theater, and forty-nine films of his plays have been made, thirty-one of them from the silent era. In this volume, Gerstle translates five plays never before available in English that complement other collections of Chikamatsu's work.

Plants Invade the Land: Evolutionary and Environmental Perspectives

by Dianne Edwards Patricia G. Gensel

What do we now know about the origins of plants on land, from an evolutionary and an environmental perspective? The essays in this collection present a synthesis of our present state of knowledge, integrating current information in paleobotany with physical, chemical, and geological data.

The Columbia Companion to the Twentieth-Century American Short Story, vol. 1 and 2

by Blanche H. Gelfant

Esteemed critic Blanche Gelfant's brilliant companion gathers together lucid essays on major writers and themes by some of the best literary critics in the United States. Part 1 is comprised of articles on stories that share a particular theme, such as "Working Class Stories" or "Gay and Lesbian Stories," and part 2 contains more than one hundred essays on the lives and work of individual writers, including engaging pieces on promising new writers.

Psychological Perspectives on Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Experiences, second edition

by Douglas Kimmel Linda Garnets

This volume is a valuable compendium of the best thinking on psychological issues affecting lesbians, gays, and bisexuals. The second edition includes new articles addressing such timely topics as choice of sexual orientation; racism in the lesbian, gay, and bisexual communities; legal recognition of same-gender relationships and children of lesbian and gay parents; the impact of AIDS on adolescents and older people; and healthcare barriers confronted by lesbians, gays, and bisexuals.

Showing 69,526 through 69,550 of 117,764 results


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