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Introducing English Linguistics

by Charles F. Meyer

Are you looking for a genuine introduction to the linguistics of English that provides a broad overview of the subject that sustains students' interest and avoids excessive detail? Introducing English Linguistics accomplishes this goal in two ways. First, it takes a top-down approach to language, beginning with the largest unit of linguistic structure, the text, and working its way down through successively smaller structures (sentences, words, and finally speech sounds). The advantage of presenting language this way is that students are first given the larger picture - they study language in context - and then see how the smaller pieces of language are a consequence of the larger goals of linguistic communication. Second, the book does not contain invented examples, as is the case with most comparable texts, but instead takes its sample materials from the major computerised databases of spoken and written English, giving students a more realistic view of language.

Introducing Erlang

by Simon St. Laurent

If you're new to Erlang, its functional style can seem difficult, but with help from this hands-on introduction, you'll scale the learning curve and discover how enjoyable, powerful, and fun this language can be. Author Simon St. Laurent shows you how to write simple Erlang programs by teaching you one basic skill at a time. You'll learn about pattern matching, recursion, message passing, process-oriented programming, and establishing pathways for data rather than telling it where to go. By the end of your journey, you'll understand why Erlang is ideal for concurrency and resilience. Get cozy with Erlang's shell, its command line interface Become familiar with Erlang's basic structures by working with numbers Discover atoms, pattern matching, and guards: the foundations of your program structure Delve into the heart of Erlang processing with recursion, strings, lists, and higher-order functions Create processes, send messages among them, and apply pattern matching to incoming messages Store and manipulate structured data with Erlang Term Storage and the Mnesia database Learn about Open Telecom Platform, Erlang's open source libraries and tools

Introducing Feminist Ecclesiology

by Natalie Watson

Introducing Feminist Ecclesiology explores women's experiences of being church and reclaiming the church in order to rebuild it as a meaningful, open sacramental space where everybody's presence is celebrated. Natalie Watson proposes a creative and constructive dialog with existing theological approaches to the church, from different Christian traditions as well as more recent feminist theologians, and suggests the development of criteria that hear women's experiences of being church and reclaiming church into speech. The church is the embodied reality of all women children and men whose stories tell the story of the Triune God.

Introducing Financial Management Information Systems in Developing Countries

by Jack Diamond Pokar Khemani

A report from the International Monetary Fund.

Introducing Forensic and Criminal Investigation

by Dr Adam Hart Jane Monckton-Smith Tony Adams Julia Webb

This book is a lucid and practical guide to understanding the core skills and issues involved in the criminal investigation process. Drawing on multiple disciplines and perspectives, the book promotes a critical awareness and practical comprehension of the intersections between criminology, criminal investigation and forensic science, and uses active learning strategies to help students build their knowledge. The book is organised around the three key strategic phases in a criminal investigation: - Instigation and Initial Response - The Investigation - Case Management Each strategic phase of the investigative process is carefully explained and examined. Alongside this practical approach, theoretical perspectives and academic research are laid bare for students. Introducing Forensic and Criminal Investigation is essential reading for students in criminology, criminal justice, policing, forensic psychology and related courses.

Introducing GitHub

by Peter Bell Brent Beer

If you're new to GitHub, this concise book shows you just what you need to get started and no more. It's perfect for project and product managers, stakeholders, and other team members who want to collaborate on a development project--whether it's to review and comment on work in progress or to contribute specific changes. It's also great for developers just learning GitHub.GitHub has rapidly become the default platform for software development, but it's also ideal for other text-based documents, from contracts to screenplays. This hands-on book shows you how to use GitHub's web interface to view projects and collaborate effectively with your team.Learn how and why people use GitHub to collaborateView the status of a project--recent changes, outstanding work, and historic changesCreate and edit files through GitHub without learning GitSuggest changes to projects you don't have permission to edit directlyUse tools like issues, pull requests, and branches to specify and collaborate on changesCreate a new GitHub repository to control who has access to your project

Introducing Global Health: Practice, Policy, and Solutions

by Peter Muennig Celina Su

Introducing Global Health: Practice, Policy, and Solutions is a contemporary overview of the major issues in global public health. The book explores how population health might be maximized with the right blend of health system, education, antipoverty, infectious disease, urban development, governance, and incentive-based policies. It covers topics critical for understanding the state of the world today, including wars for natural resources, the missing women phenomenon, and whether global aid really works. The book's case studies focus on developing economies, mixed economies, and new emerging superpowers. Thematic chapters are interwoven with running motifs, such as the health risks and benefits associated with different totalitarian, capitalist, and market socialist economies. Moving beyond statistics, the book represents a major innovation in the teaching of global health by presenting technical concepts including the incidence and prevalence of disease within the context of more accessible topics such as global poverty. This helps students contextualize otherwise challenging but critical concepts, such as the burden of infectious disease. By encouraging reflection, focusing on what works, and using activities and exercises, Introducing Global Health both teaches fundamentals of global public health and cultivates a policy perspective that is appealing and compelling for today's students.

Introducing Global Issues (5th Edition)

by Michael T. Snarr D. Neil Snarr

The conflict in Libya, concerns over Iran's nuclear program, the global recession, debates about climate change, the importance of human security, the growing impact of technology ... all are reflected in this new, fully revised and updated edition of Introducing Global Issues. The authors cover the full range of global issues, from conflict and security, to the economy and economic development, to the environment. The material has been successfully designed for readers with little or no prior knowledge of the topics covered. Each chapter provides an analytical overview of the issues addressed, identifies the central actors and perspectives, and outlines past progress and future prospects. Discussion questions are posed to enhance students¿ appreciation of the complexities involved, and suggestions for further reading additionally enrich the text.

Introducing Globalization

by Matthew Sparke

Designed specifically for introductory globalization courses, Introducing Globalization helps students to develop informed opinions about globalization, inviting them to become participants rather than just passive learners.Identifies and explores the major economic, political and social ties that comprise contemporary global interdependencyExamines a broad sweep of topics, from the rise of transnational corporations and global commodity chains, to global health challenges and policies, to issues of worker solidarity and global labor markets, through to emerging forms of global mobility by both business elites and their criticsWritten by an award-winning teacher, and enhanced throughout by numerous empirical examples, maps, tables, an extended bibliography, glossary of key terms, and suggestions for further reading and student researchSupported by additional web resources - available upon publication at - including hot links to news reports, examples of globalization and other illustrative sites, and archived examples of student projectsEngage with fellow readers of Introducing Globalization on the book's Facebook page at, or learn more about this topic by enrolling in the free Coursera course Globalization and You at

Introducing Glory to God

by Mary Louise Bringle

A hymnal is a vital resource to a church. It teaches every congregant about the faith and what your church believes. This collection offers a useful guide to the new Glory to God hymnal. For those who have already adopted Glory to God, this book will inform congregants all about their new resource. For those still deciding, it provides the information needed to make that determination. Ten essays explore why a new hymnal was produced; the challenges of creating a new hymnal; the theology, liturgy, language, and musical genres in Glory to God; and ideas for introducing Glory to God to your church. Two appendices offer fifteen essential facts about Glory to God and suggestions for what to do with old hymnals replaced by Glory to God.

Introducing HTML5 Game Development

by Jesse Freeman

<p>Making video games is hard work that requires technical skills, a lot of planning, and&#8212;most critically&#8212;a commitment to completing the project. With this hands-on guide, you&#8217;ll learn step-by-step how to create a real 2D game from start to finish. In the process, you&#8217;ll use Impact, the JavaScript game framework that works with HTML5&#8217;s Canvas element.</p>

Introducing Intercultural Communication

by Shuang Liu

Books on intercultural communication are rarely written with an intercultural readership in mind. In contrast, this multinational team of authors has put together an introduction to communicating across cultures that uses examples and case studies from around the world. The book further covers essential new topics, including international conflict, social networking, migration, and the effects technology and mass media play in the globalization of communication. Written to be accessible for international students too, this text situates communication theory in a truly global perspective. Each chapter brings to life the links between theory and practice and between the global and the local, introducing key theories and their practical applications. Along the way, you will be supported with first-rate learning resources, including: * theory corners with concise, boxed-out digests of key theoretical concepts * case illustrations putting the main points of each chapter into context * learning objectives, discussion questions, key terms and further reading framing each chapter and stimulating further discussion * a companion website containing resources for instructors, including multiple choice questions, presentation slides, exercises and activities, and teaching notes. This book will not merely guide you to success in your studies, but will teach you to become a more critical consumer of information and understand the influence of your own culture on how you view yourself and others.

Introducing International Social Work

by Sue Lawrence Karen Lyons Graeme Simpson Nathalie Huegler

This book guides the reader through the international development of social work and discusses how aspects of globalisation are making it an increasingly international activity and profession. Individual chapters locate the UK population historically and currently as a multicultural community and explore the international issues that social workers in the UK confront in their daily practice with children and families, people with mental health issues and older people. This text helps students meet the academic benchmarks and National Occupational Standards that require them to locate social work practice in a European and international context.

Introducing iOS 8

by Steve Derico

Learn to make iOS apps even if you have absolutely no programming experience. This hands-on book takes you from idea to App Store, using real-world examples--such as driving a car or eating at a restaurant--to teach programming and app development. You'll learn concepts through clear, concise, jargon-free language.This book focuses on Apple's new programming language, Swift. Each lesson is divided into two parts: the lecture portion explains the terms and concepts through examples, and the exercise portion helps you apply these concepts while building real-world apps, like a tip calculator. Learn how to think differently--and see the world from a whole new perspective.Learn the basic building blocks of programmingDive into the Swift programming languageMake apps for iPhone and iPadUse GPS in your app to find a user's locationTake or select photos with your appIntegrate your app with Facebook and TwitterSubmit your app to the App StoreManage and market your app on the App Store

Introducing Islamic Banks into Conventional Banking Systems

by Juan Solé

A report from the International Monetary Fund.

Introducing Language Typology

by Edith A. Moravcsik

Language typology identifies similarities and differences among languages of the world. This textbook provides an introduction to the subject which assumes minimal prior knowledge of linguistics. It offers the broadest coverage of any introductory book, including sections on historical change, language acquisition, and language processing. Students will become familiar with the subject by working through numerous examples of crosslinguistic generalizations and diversity in syntax, morphology, and phonology, as well as vocabulary, writing systems, and signed languages. Chapter outlines and summaries, key words, a glossary, and copious literature references help the reader understand and internalize what they have read, while activities at the end of each chapter reinforce key points.

Introducing LISREL

by Judy A Siguaw Adamantios Diamantopoulos

`If you encounter a research student for whom the very word LISREL induces feelings of fear, quietly recommend that they read this book. They will thank you for it. With increasingly user-friendly versions of LISREL being released and guide books such as this published, LISREL really should be accessible to all' - European Journal of Marketing Emphasizing substantive issues rather than intricate statistical details, this book provides a comprehensive introduction to LISREL for structural equation modeling (SEM) using a non-technical, user-oriented approach that. The emphasis is on: - exposing the reader to the major steps associated with the formulation and testing of a model under the LISREL framework - describing the key decisions associated with each step - highlighting potential problems and limitations associated with LISREL modeling - assisting the interpretation of LISREL input and output files. The overall aim is to provide a critical understanding of what is really involved in LISREL modeling and sensitize the reader against `mechanically' fitting or modifying models. The entire range of decisions associated with the practical application of the LISREL program is covered in a user-friendly fashion. Concrete examples are used throughout to illustrate issues relating to model conceptualization, specification, identification, estimation, evaluation, modification, and cross-validation and illustrated with actual program output. The program is made much more accessible by adopting the more user-friendly SIMPLIS command language for preparing input files. Although primarily aimed at beginning users, readers are directed to further reading together with a comprehensive bibliography for the more advanced user.

Introducing Literature

by Macmillan

A book that collates poems, songs, plays, stories among other literary works in the aim of introducing literature in an exciting and interesting way to the students.

Introducing Maya

by Dariush Derakhshani

A practical, step-by-step guide to Maya 2011 Four previous editions can't be wrong: this book is the perfect introduction to 3D and Maya. Learn to build and animate your own digital models and scenes with step-by-step instruction and fun and practical examples, while you draw inspiration from the striking examples included from talented Maya users. You'll create a simple animation of the planets in the solar system, learn to model a human hand and a decorative box--among other projects--and master all essential tools. Provides a thorough, step-by-step introduction to Maya 2011 Explains the core concepts of CG and working in 3D Covers modeling, rigging, HDRI lighting, mental ray rendering, and more Provides project files on CD and walks you through the creation of several projects; the CD also includes images, movies, and scene files Includes a color insert with pages of striking examples from talented Maya beginners Build your Maya and animation skills from the ground up with this practical, thorough guide. Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file. For Instructors: Teaching supplements are available for this title.

Introducing Microsoft® Silverlight™ 2, Second Edition

by Laurence Moroney

Get a head start with Silverlight 2--the cross-platform, cross-browser plug-in for rich interactive applications and the next-generation user experience. Featuring advance insights from inside the Microsoft Silverlight team, this book delivers the practical, approachable guidance and code to inspire your next solutions, and offers pointers to C# and XAML code samples on the Web. Discover how to: Create your first simple sites and browser-hosted applications Use XAML to render, scale, and animate graphics on-screen Exploit Microsoft .NET runtime and Visual Studio language support Explore the full suite of controls--build and extend your own Experiment with media, ink, and Deep Zoom capabilities Create connected applications Put dynamic languages such as Ruby and Python to work Deliver skinned media content Manage Silverlight applications from ASP.NET-based servers

Introducing Microsoft® Silverlight™ 3

by Laurence Moroney

Get a running start with Silverlight 3--the cross-platform, cross-browser plug-in for rich interactive applications and cutting-edge media experiences. Featuring advance insights from inside the Microsoft Silverlight team--this book provides practical, grounded advice, rich examples, and ready code to help inspire your next solutions. Discover how to: Create your first simple sites Build applications that run out of the browser Use XAML to render, scale, and animate graphics on-screen Work with Silverlight Tools for Visual Studio Explore core and advanced controls--and build your own Exploit new graphics support--3-D effects, H.264 video, GPU acceleration Experiment with media, ink, DeepZoom, and Photosynth * Access data services to build connected applications Dynamically add content using Ruby and Python Manage Silverlight applications from ASP.NET-based servers Learn how to deliver DRM-protected video content

Introducing Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012

by Stacia Misner Ross Mistry

Introducing Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 explores the exciting enhancements and new capabilities engineered into SQL Server, ranging from improvements in operation to those in reporting and management. This book is for anyone who has an interest in SQL Server 2012 and wants to understand its capabilities, including database administrators, application developers, and technical decision makers.

Introducing Microsoft System Center 2012 R2

by Mitch Tulloch Symon Perriman The System Center Team

NOTE: This title is also available as a free eBook. It is offered for sale in print format as a convenience. Get a head start evaluating System Center 2012 R2 - with technical insights from a Microsoft MVP and members of the System Center product team. This guide introduces new features and capabilities, with scenario-based advice on how the platform can meet the needs of your business. Get the high-level overview you need to begin preparing your deployment now. Preview new features and enhancements, including: Virtual Machine Manager App Controller Configuration Manager Data Protection Manager Operations Manager Advisor Service Manager Orchestrator

Introducing Microsoft® WebMatrix™

by Laurence Moroney

Your first look at the easy-to-use tools for building your own data-driven website Get a running start with Microsoft WebMatrix--the free, downloadable web development solution featuring all the tools you need for server-side programming. This practical book introduces the templates, helper libraries, and other tools in WebMatrix for building and customizing a data-driven site--including techniques for adding video, email, web forms, and other features. Learn how easy it can be to create a dynamic web presence for your small business or organization with WebMatrix. Get early, expert insights to help you: Write server-side code with either Microsoft ASP.NET or PHP Build a database application that lets you create, retrieve, update, and delete records Deliver video on your site with Microsoft Silverlight® or HTML5 Add simple email functions--or build your own email application Accept payments on your site with PayPal Capture user input by building web forms and controls Set up an application to promote your site through social networking Create a site with WordPress, and discover how to use other PHP-based web applications Get code samples on the web. For system requirements, see the Introduction.

Introducing Morphology

by Rochelle Lieber

Morphology is the study of how words are put together. A lively introduction to the subject, this textbook is intended for undergraduates with relatively little background in linguistics. Providing data from a wide variety of languages, it includes hands-on activities such as 'challenge boxes', designed to encourage students to gather their own data and analyse it, work with data on websites, perform simple experiments, and discuss topics with each other. There is also an extensive introduction to the terms and concepts necessary for analysing words. Topics such as the mental lexicon, derivation, compounding, inflection, morphological typology, productivity, and the interface of morphology with syntax and phonology expose students to the whole scope of the field. Unlike other textbooks it anticipates the question 'Is it a real word?' and tackles it head on by looking at the distinction between dictionaries and the mental lexicon.

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