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Ikkala Mozhiyiyal

by Muthusanmugan

This book is a complete reference text on present day Linguistics. It talks about Tamizh language and it’s linguistics in detail that makes it very useful for students.

Ikkala Tamizh Ilakkanam

by Porko

This book is a comprehensive text on present day Tamil grammar and also has a separate reference section that makes it very helpful for research and to kindle innovative thought process.

Ilakkiyamum Thiranaivum

by K. Kailasapathy

The veteran author makes a detailed study of Tamil Literature and Criticism and also emphasizes criticism’s importance in Literature.

Ilakkiyath Thiranaiviyal- Principles of Literary Criticism

by T. A. Gnanamoorthy

The book talks in detail about Literary Criticism, its principles, structure and it’s approach towards drama, poetry, epics, short stories, essays etc, which makes it a complete reference text for students interested in the field.

Mozhi Varalaru

by Mu. Varadarajan

This book by Veteran author, elaborates the very rich heritage and literature of the ancient language of Tamizh, with sections on the Tamizh people, customs, beliefs and culture of the ancient Tamizhs.

Nattupura Iyal

by S. Shanmugasundaram

This book talks in detail about 'Folklore' as a subject. It is about the people living in rural areas, their different customs, songs, dances ,beliefs ,life style etc. The content makes it very useful as a reference text .

Oppilakiya Nokkil Sangakalam

by Kathir. Mahadevan

This book is a reference text for Comparative Literature and viewing Sangam Literature through it's eyes.It also covers various topics like Comparative Study in stylistics, Heroic Age, Poetry on Love, Elegy, odes etc.

Oppilakkiya Arimugam

by Thamizhannal

The book talks about the history of Comparative Literature, it’s uses, significance, related research etc and emphasizes that literature is one, as art and humanity are .

Panjali Sabadham

by Se. Ulaganathan Bharathiyar

‘Panjali Sabadham’ the veteran poet retells the epic with his unique touch making Panjali the main protagonist and thereby emphasizing the importance of women.

Puthiya Nokkil Tamizh Ilakkiya Varalaru

by Thamizhannal

This book talks about the origin, growth and History of Thamizh Literature with a newer perspective.It elaborates Tamizh Literature various important eras as well.

Tamizh Naval Ilakkiyam

by K. Kailasapathi

This book talks about the history and growth of Tamizh novels and it’s importance as a genre in Tamizh Literature

Tamizhaga Varalaru: Makkalum Panpatum

by K. K. Pillai

This book talks in detail about the history of Tamil Nadu and it’s people and culture from ancient times to the 20th century covering Sangam period, the era of Chozhas, Pallavas, Pandyas, Nayakkars and the arrival of Europeans and the 20th century.

Thirukuttrala kuravanji

by Puliyur Kesigan

This kuravanji is in praise of Lord Shiva in the form of Thirukutrala Nadhar ,Vasanthavalli's admiration for Him and Vasanthavalli’s interaction with a tribal woman.

Tholkappiyam: Sollathikaram Senavarayam

by Tholkappiyar M. Sanmugam Pillai Senavarayar

Tholkappiyam is the oldest Tamil Grammar work we have now, written by Tholkappiyar. It has 1602 versus divided into three broad divisions – Ezhuthathikaram, Solathikaram, Porulathikaram. Of these, Sollathikaram has 9 Iyals, that elaborates about Syntax of Tamizh language.

Tiranayvuk Kalai: Kolkaikalum Anukumuraikalum

by T. S. Natarajan

The book talks about Criticism as a subject, it’s growth, approaches, philosophies and various types of criticism in detail.

Yesu Kaviyam

by Kannadasan

The veteran poet in this book talks about the history of Jesus Christ in the form of poetry.

A Certain Justice (Abe Glitsky #1)

by John Lescroart

A legal thriller

Can You Guess? (Animal Sounds)

by Eric Carle

The Very Hungry Caterpillar invites and challenges you to guess what sounds animals make on a farm. Come and play!

Soul on Ice

by Eldridge Cleaver

The now-classic memoir that shocked, outraged, and ultimately changed the way America looked at the civil rights movement and the black experience. By turns shocking and lyrical, unblinking and raw, the searingly honest memoirs of Eldridge Cleaver are a testament to his unique place in American history. Cleaver writes in Soul on Ice, "I'm perfectly aware that I'm in prison, that I'm a Negro, that I've been a rapist, and that I have a Higher Uneducation." What Cleaver shows us, on the pages of this now classic autobiography, is how much he was a man.

The Great Dane Thor

by Walter Farley

Lars didn't like or trust the his father's Great Dane, Thor. Gradually, after Lars' father had given Lars the job of training the dog, he'd began to understand Thor. Then one day Lars discovers poachers hunting a doe and her two fawns. Can Thor and Lars capture the two poachers before they kill again?

Revolt in 2100

by Robert A. Heinlein

Set in Robert A. Heinlein's Future History universe, REVOLT IN 2100 includes two novellas, "If This Goes On--" and "Coventry," the story "Misfit," Heinlein's "Future History Letter Essay" and the "Concerning Stories Never Written" Postscript. "IF THIS GOES ON--" The Second American Revolution unfolds in the course of this novel where John Lyle, West Point graduate and now a guard at the Prophet's stronghold, comes to realize that "secrecy is the keystone of all tyranny. Not force, but secrecy... censorship." After he joins an underground movement to overthrow the U.S. government, John learns much along the way about courage, subversion -- (a fellow conspirator tells him, "There is magic in words, black magic--if you know how to invoke it") - and sacrifice. "Coventry" takes place years after America's Second Revolution and posits a benevolent but strongly monitored new society, with its own rules and surveillance arm. "Misfit" concerns a young genius who averts disaster in a mission to bring a small asteroid closer to Earth. The author's essay about Future History stories he won't write provides an entertaining look at Heinlein's richly imagined world.

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