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Meet My Folks!

by Ted Hughes

Other folk's folks get so well known, And nobody knows about my own. Meet a host of strange and wonderful characters as Ted Hughes introduces us to his family.

Meet Oprah Winfrey

by Audreen Buffalo

Here is the inspiring story of today's best-loved TV talk show host--from her troubled childhood to her early days in television to her current status as one of America's most famous women.

Meet Super Sid, Crime-Fighting Kid (Maximum Boy #7)

by Dan Greenburg

Move over Maximum Boy, there's a new superhero in town. And not only is he handsome, loyal, and brave, but his voice has changed! Super Sid is fifteen years old, complete with muscles and athletic ability.

Meet the Austins (Austin Family #1)

by Madeleine L'Engle

The moment Maggy Hamilton steps into the happy lives of the Austin family, she disrupts their harmonious world, bringing with her all the sullenness and insolence of her own misery.

Meet the Beatles

by Steven D. Stark

The Beatles have profoundly touched the lives of millions. But have you ever wondered why? Why did they become the most powerful artists in history and one of the twentieth century's major symbols of cultural transformation? Meet the Beatles answers those questions and more as it examines the ways the lives of John, Paul, George, and Ringo were inextricably tied to the cultural revolutions their music helped inspire. From their long hair and interest in India to their drug use and admiration for strong women, the Beatles changed the way we look, the way we feel, and even the way we think. This is the book for those who have always been infatuated with the Beatles, as well as those who want to learn for the first time what it all really meant.

Meet the Lincoln Lions Band

by Patricia Reilly Giff

Pa-dum. Pa-dum. Pa-dum. There's going to be a marching band at the Lincoln School! uniforms...parades! Chrissie Tripp is going to sign right up. She just knows she'll make a great band kid. She's so sure, she tells her new friend, Michelle, she's already in the band. But then, gonzo! The president of the school, who just happens to be Chrissie's big-mouth sister, Theresa, makes a horrible announcement about the Lincoln Lions Band. If Chrissie doesn't do something fast, she's going to look like a liar--a big liar. Chrissie's new school year is off to a bad start. She cuts through the neighbor's yard, she sneaks in to school when she's not allowed, the teacher makes her sit in the trouble-maker's seat, she draws an ugly picture of her teacher, makes up nasty names for the new kids, lies about being in the band, breaks her sister's birthday present, gets in a big fight, and does more things she shouldn't. What she really wants is to be in the band, to do something important and to make friends and be happy in school. You'll love reading about this girl who is like lots of kids you know.

Meet the New Dawn (Savage Destiny, #6)

by Rosanne Bittner

As railroads changed the face of the virgin frontier, the relentless tide of progress was threatening to destroy everything the lovers had fought so hard to build. With the Plains Indians forced to battle for their freedom and their very lives, Abigail and Lone Eagle would have to part once again.

Meet Thomas Jefferson

by Marvin Barrett

An easy-to-read biography of the third president with emphasis on the creation of the Declaration of Independence.

Meet Walt Disney - An eStory

by Charles Margerison

Millions of people all over the world have enjoyed countless Disney films and visited Disneyland or Disneyworld. However few know the amazing story of Walt Disney, who had the vision and masterminded the creation Mickey Mouse and the host of characters beloved all over the world. In this unique audio story from The Amazing People Club, meet Walt Disney and better understand the man and his life. Gain an insight into his career and development of his company, which has an estimated worth of over $35 billion today. His work has touched people all around this world and his story is a great example of what determination and dreaming can achieve. Walt Disney's story comes to life through BioViews®. These are short biographical narratives, similar to interviews. They provide an easy way of learning about amazing people who made major contributions and changed our world.

Meet You in Hell

by Les Standiford

The author of Last Train to Paradise tells the riveting story of Andrew Carnegie, Henry Clay Frick, and the bloody steelworkers' strike that transformed their fabled partnership into a furious rivalry. Set against the backdrop of the Gilded Age, Meet You in Hell captures the majesty and danger of steel manufacturing, the rough-and-tumble of the business world, and the fraught relationship between "the world's richest man" and the ruthless coke magnate to whom he entrusted his companies. The result is an extraordinary work of popular history.

Meeting Children's Psychosocial Needs Across the Healthcare Continuum

by Judy Rollins Rosemary Bolig Carmel Mahan

Meeting Children's Psychosocial Needs Across the Health-Care Continuum integrates current research and theory within the framework of the new and transitioning health-care environment. Despite the changes we experience now and in the future, children in health-care settings--in the home, child care center, school, community agency, ambulatory setting, or hospital--continue to need what they have always needed: the basics, such as nurturing, predictability, adequate stimulation, interaction, a sense of control, and mastery of their environments.

Meeting God at a Dead End

by Ron Mehl

Pastor gives God's hope for dead-end situations.

Meeting Her Match (Mule Hollow Matchmakers Book #5)

by Debra Clopton

There's No Escape From the Mule Hollow Matchmakers. . . and this time, their next "victim" was Sheri Marsh. Sheri had long endured the town biddies' attempts at matchmaking, even though she had no intention of ever settling down. As the pool of single women dwindled, their efforts doubled, and Sheri needed a plan that would get the meddling mavens off her back for good. . . . Unless You Get Hitched!Enter taciturn cowboy Pace Gentry. Playing her beau wasn't what this new Christian had expected. But the always aggravating, yet utterly adorable Sheri proved one thing to him-the Lord sure did work in mysterious ways!

Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time: The Historical Jesus and the Heart of Contemporary Faith

by Marcus J. Borg

A leading biblical scholar's examination shows how today's historical Jesus research, far from being destructive, can lead to an intelligent and sustaining faith.

Meeting Jesus Christ

by J. Brian Bransfield Cardinal Francis George OMI

In this spiritual companion, readers are invited to personally encounter Jesus Christ. Highlighting the new in the familiar, twenty-one Scriptural meditations on different Gospel accounts unlock unique perspectives on the mysteries of Jesus's life.

Meeting Jesus in the Sacraments

by Michael Amodei

"Meeting Jesus in the Sacraments" roots the sacraments as the definitive way Jesus remains present to the Church and the world today. It expresses concrete ways for understanding the sacraments, participating in their rites, and benefiting from their graces. The text is organized around the traditional definition of sacrament from the "Catechism of the Catholic Church". This definition is clarified by arranging the chapters around four dimensions of the sacrament: memorial, celebration, communion, and transformation. Through regular placement of "For Reflection" panels and assignments that focus on deeper research, developing a personal and communal prayer life, and active transformation of self and society, this text allows students to come to know Jesus through participation in the sacraments and the grace of their effects. Selections from Catholic blogs and profiles of saints offer a practical application of the sacrament to teenagers. (C. 2010) This text has been found in conformity with the "Catechism of the Catholic Church".

The Meeting of Religions and the Trinity

by Gavin D'Costa

One of the most discussed topics of our time is Christianity's relation to other religions. In this important new book, one of Britain's leading contemporary theologians develops a sharp and penetrating critique of the pluralist position. In the tradition of Alasdair MacIntyre and John Milbank, D'Costa shows that too often it masks a secularizing agenda, traceable to the worst apects of Enlightenment modernity. Even by its own criteria, pluralism does not succeed. D'Costa demonstrates this by exploring the 'meeting of the religions' in its leading exponents from Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism. He discovers the influence of Western modernist thought or else a veiled exclusivism not only in Hick, Knitter, Cohn-Sherbok and Panikkar, but even in Radhakrishnan and the Dalai Lama. He then goes on to establish an alternative Trinitarian approach to interreligious prayer and tolerance, drawing on recent discussions of other religions as 'vehicles of salvation'. The final section of the book represents the first major systematic theological study of interfaith prayer.

Meeting Rozzy Halfway

by Caroline Leavitt

This is the story of Bess and Rozzy, two sisters as different as opposite sides of a coin, yet each incomplete without the other. It is a beautiful and sensitive story of sibling rivalry and sisterly love, of family relationships and how they work. Rozzy. Darkly beautiful, singularly original-aloof, powerful, and fragile-she is the sun around which her entire family revolves. She is the light of her father's life and the object of her younger sister's adoration. But as Rozzy grows, cracks begin to appear: strangely vivid fantasies, moments of terrifying disorientation, voices. Something is profoundly wrong with Rozzy. And as she becomes increasingly disturbed, the family begins to unravel. Ostensibly, this is Bess's chronicling of Rozzy's life as she drifts in and out of madness. But it is also about her struggle to sort out the forces that shaped this miracle gone wrong and to understand how inextricably her own life has been intertwined with Rozzy's. Bess narrates the tale of the delights and traumas, the jealousies and bonds of their childhood in suburban Boston; of Rozzy's first descent, during the crises of adolescence, into madness; of the adventures of their young adulthood, struggling for independence, experimenting with sex and drugs in Boston during the 1960s. Throughout, Bess is at Rozzy's side, fiercely loyal yet profoundly ambivalent. She is Rozzy's other half: light where Rozzy is dark; quietly creative where Rozzy is wildly original; strong where Rozzy is delicate. When Rozzy falls passionately and obsessively in love, Bess is there too, a necessary partner. It would seem, when Rozzy and the adoring, generous Stewey decide to marry, that Bess would be granted her independence. But as this beautiful and tragic tale of Rozzy's struggle for love and stability unfolds, the strange power she has over those she touches only becomes deeper, more complete, more inevitable.

Meeting the Family: One Man's Journey Through His Human Ancestry

by Donovan Webster

Donovan Webster brings his vivid journalistic gifts to a new subject, tracing our deep genealogy using cutting-edge DNA research to map our eons-old journey from prehistoric Africa into the modern world. With the same genetic haplotype as many white American males, Webster makes an ideal subject-he is a genuine Everyman. While his voice and spirit are unique to him, in exploring his own ancestry, he shows us our own. Drawing on National Geographic's Genographic Project, the largest anthropologic DNA study of its kind, Webster traces centuries of migrations, everywhere finding members of his now far-flung genetic family. In Tanzania's Rift Valley, he hunts with Julius, whose tribe speaks a click language, and wanders the ruins of ancient Mesopotamia with Mohamed and Khalid, now Jordanian citizens. In Samarkand, Uzbekistan, eastern frontier of his ancestral roaming, a circus ringmaster becomes both friend and link to his primal bloodline. Webster's genographic quest leads him to contemplate what traits he shares with those he meets, and considers what they and their ways of life reveal about the deep history of our species. A lifetime of journalistic travels among a wide range of cultures furnish Webster with a wealth of colorful threads to weave into a story as particularly personal as it is universally human.

Meeting the Universe Halfway: Quantum Physics and the Entanglement of Matter and Meaning

by Karen Barad

Meeting the Universe Halfway is an ambitious book with far-reaching implications for numerous fields in the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. In this volume, Karen Barad, theoretical physicist and feminist theorist, elaborates her theory of agential realism. Offering an account of the world as a whole rather than as composed of separate natural and social realms, agential realism is at once a new epistemology, ontology, and ethics. The starting point for Barad's analysis is the philosophical framework of quantum physicist Niels Bohr. Barad extends and partially revises Bohr's philosophical views in light of current scholarship in physics, science studies, and the philosophy of science as well as feminist, poststructuralist, and other critical social theories. In the process, she significantly reworks understandings of space, time, matter, causality, agency, subjectivity, and objectivity. In an agential realist account, the world is made of entanglements of "social" and "natural" agencies, where the distinction between the two emerges out of specific intra-actions. Intra-activity is an inexhaustible dynamism that configures and reconfigures relations of space-time-matter. In explaining intra-activity, Barad reveals questions about how nature and culture interact and change over time to be fundamentally misguided. And she reframes understanding of the nature of scientific and political practices and their "interrelationship. " Thus she pays particular attention to the responsible practice of science, and she emphasizes changes in the understanding of political practices, critically reworking Judith Butler's influential theory of performativity. Finally, Barad uses agential realism to produce a new interpretation of quantum physics, demonstrating that agential realism is more than a means of reflecting on science; it can be used to actually do science.

Meetings at the Edge: Dialogues with the Grieving and the Dying, the Healing and the Healed

by Stephen Levine

Based on his extensive counseling work with the terminally ill, Levine's book integrates death into the context of life with compassion, skill, and hope. Capturing the range of emotions and challenges that accompany the dying process, he offers unique support to readers dealing with this difficult experience.

Meets the Eye (Body of Evidence #4)

by Christopher Golden

"There's no such thing as zombies. Of course I know that. But I also know what I saw with my own eyes, and until I find out the truth of it, that's going to haunt me." Freshman year is supposed to be filled with new experiences, but Jenna Blake's not sure she's ready for all of the changes her life has gone through recently. She lost one close friend to a tragic crime, and two others are now becoming romantically involved. Jenna is further unsettled when a baffling new case presents itself at the medical examiner's office, where she works as an assistant. The Boston area is experiencing a crime wave that includes both major theft and murder. The problem is, each of the criminals is someone that Somerset Medical Center has declared legally dead -- and who has been buried. Jenna has to piece together an explanation for these "zombie crimes." She knows that there's more going on than meets the eye. The dead can't really rise from their graves -- or can they? One things for sure... she doesn't want to find out the hard way!

Meg: Hell's Aquarium

by Steve Alten

The 4th book of Alten's well-received Meg series centers around Angel, the recaptured 76-foot, 100,000-pound Megaldon. She has birthed a litter of pups, five females, who are too numerous and too aggressive to keep in one pen. The action begins when a prince wants to build the largest aquarium in the world and purchase two of the pups. In typical Alten fashion, thrills and chills follow in Hell's Aquarium, sure to be an instant classic for Meg fans.

Meg Makes a Friend (Portraits of Little Women)

by Susan Beth Pfeffer

Romantic Meg March is thrilled when she's asked to sing at Lily Prescott's wedding. She practices with extra care because she loves the bride and wants the celebration to be beautiful. But as soon as Meg meets the groom's much younger sister, Julia Thorpe, the two girls clash. Meg can't believe that Julia dislikes Lily and is angry when Julia changes the wedding song seconds before the ceremony. What's worse, when the wedding couple takes off on their honeymoon, Julia comes to stay at the Marches! Meg watches as Julia charms all of her sisters -- as she seems to take Meg's place in their hearts. It's time for a showdown that will make Meg and Julia enemies for life, or turn enemies into special friends.

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