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Merovingian Mortuary Archaeology and the Making of the Early Middle Ages

by Bonnie Effros

This book makes a major contribution to the study of death and burial in late antique and early medieval society with its long overdue systematic discussion of this mortuary evidence.

Merrill Chemistry

by Jack Price Robert C. Smoot Richard G. Smith Tom Russo

Each chapter of Merrill CHEMISTRY is organized to keep you centered on the topic at hand. The next few pages describe the many features of this book that will help you understand the exciting world of chemistry.

Merrill Physical Science

by Marilyn Thompson Richard G. Smith Charles W. Mclaughlin

Merrill Physical Science will help you understand science principles and recognize their applications to everyday life.

Merry and Bright

by Jill Shalvis

Finding Mr. RightBrilliant chemist Maggie Bell has a knack for choosing Mr. Wrong, and with yet another lonely Christmas looming, she decides it's time to alter the equation--and seek out someone who seems totally wrong for her. Eureka The heart is a genius. . . Bah Handsome Behind on her bills, B&B owner Hope receives an unlikely guest--stranded solicitor Danny, who's been threatening to put her out of business. Funny how the holidays can bring people together no matter how much they resist. . . Ms. HumbugBorn rebel or overgrown man child, Matt is the kind of man no woman can tame--until an unexpected encounter with his nemesis, Cami, at the office holiday party proves there's an exception to every rule. . . "Count on Jill Shalvis for a witty, steamy, unput-downable love story. " --Robyn Carr"Shalvis makes me laugh, makes me cry, makes me sigh with pure pleasure. " --Susan Andersen

Merry Christmas

by Emma Darcy

A daughter she doesn't know and the lover who doesn't know her!As a pregnant teenager, Meredith Palmer had been devastated to discover from Nick Hamilton's sister that he'd had an accident and had no memory of their golden summer romance. Bereft, Meredith had brokenly accepted Denise's offer to adopt Kimberly. But now, twelve years later, Denise is dead&#151 and Nick has become the girl's guardian.Kimberly's eagerness to meet her real mother has brought Nick to Meredith's doorstep this Christmas. He can't remember having seen this intensely alluring woman before, but there is something about her... some tantalizing glimmer of a dream, a memory... that he must pursue.

Merry Christmas, Baby

by Vicki Lewis Thompson Jennifer Labrecque Rhonda Nelson

Who will you find under your Christmas tree? A cowboy? Ranch hand Tucker Rankin isn't crazy about the holidays...until a wintry night before Christmas, when Lacey Evans shows him how much fun it is to be nestled all snug in her bed.... A wealthy New Yorker? Stockbroker Jared Martin needs to get away, and Alaska's the perfect place to unwind. Especially once actress Theodora "Teddy" Monroe gets him to loosen his tie-and take it all off! Or maybe even a man in uniform? Soldier Silas Davenport is on Christmas leave. But when he arrives at his parents' home, no one is there...except for the irresistible Delphie Moreau. And she's one gift he won't be exchanging!

Merry Christmas, Daddy

by Susan Meier

Fabulous FathersBABY?!When wealthy confirmed bachelor Gabriel Cayne asked Kassandra O'Hara to be his "fiancée" for a family celebration, he didn't know she was a single mother! Now his folks thought he was the father-and were pushing him to marry the "poor dear" by Christmas Day!Suddenly Kassandra was hugged by "in-laws" for blessing them with a grandbaby, choosing china for a wedding that wasn't to be...and listening to tall, strong Gabriel sing lullabies to her daughter when he thought no one was around. Maybe a Christmas wedding wasn't too much to hope for....He's a FABULOUS FATHER. Just in time for the holidays!

Merry Christmas, Miss McConnell!

by Colleen O'Shaughnessy Mckenna

Fifth-grader Meg Stafford is having a rough time getting through this Christmas season. Her father is ill and her mother is working two jobs, and her favorite teacher is on maternity leave.

Merry Christmas Mom and Dad

by Mercer Mayer

Little Critter has big plans for Christmas. He will put up the tree, wrap baby's present, buy Mom and Dad a present and lots more. What will Little Critter do?

Merry Christmas, Old Armadillo

by Larry Dane Brimner

Thinking his friends have forgotten him at Christmas, Old Armadillo goes to sleep, but he awakens to find that his friends have decorated his house and a tree for the holiday.

Merry Christmas, What's Your Name

by Grace Maccarone Bernice Chardiet

[from the back cover] "Brenda doesn't like her name. She's going to change it... to Barbie! In this book, there's a big mix-up when everyone wants a new name! With humor and warmth, the stories in the SCHOOL FRIENDS series touch on the true-to-life experiences of childhood.

Merry Go Round in Oz

by Eloise Jarvis Mcgraw Lauren Mcgraw Wagner

Description by Reilly and Lee Publishing: When Robin Brown of Cherryburg, Oregon, climbed on a scarlet merry-go-round horse at a carnival, he never dreamed he and his horse would go cantering right off to Oz. Nor could Fess, the pageboy, foresee, when he awoke that morning in the little Munchkin kingdom of Halidom, that before night he would discover a National Disaster and set off on a perilous Quest with Prince Gules, to save the kingdom. As for Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion, how could they guess that their simple trip to order Easter eggs would turn into a search for magic treasure? Yet all these things happened, and all these astonished travelers-plus a Steed, a Flitter- mouse, and a Unicorn-eventually wound up as companions, in the most exciting and curious adventures of their lives. A thrilling new story of wit and courage, danger and fun, lovable and fearsome characters in the wonderful Land of Oz.

A Merry Little Murder (A Lindy Haggerty Mystery #5)

by Shelley Freydont

[From the Back Cover:] "This Christmas, former dancer Lindy Haggerty leaves her toe shoes behind to hit the glitzy International Ballroom Competition in Atlantic City, where it takes two to tango--but only one to kill... Lindy and company barely have time to unpack before the backbiting begins. Dawn Gilpatrick, owner of a famous dance studio, clues Lindy in to the politics and gossip behind the scenes. Seems a rival studio owned by her ex-husband/dance partner is trying to steal one of Dawn's top teachers, resulting in a lawsuit for breach of contract by Dawn. If that's not enough, her top couple--Shane Corbett and Katya Andrejewsky--are about to break up, courtesy of Shane, and unbeknownst to Katya. Lindy's head is spinning more than the dancers are. Scandals and catfights are threatening to upstage the competition. Shane and Katya's sudden disappearance is the last straw for Dawn--professionally and financially. And just when things couldn't possibly get any worse, a body is discovered, washed up under the boardwalk. Now, it's up to Lindy to take the lead in solving a Christmas mystery...before anyone else dances with death."

The Merry Matchmakers

by Helen R. Myers

Santa's Little Helpers...Read Archer's children were determined to have a new mommy. And their dad's reluctance to marry again spurred young Molly and Ricky to action. Armed with a video camera, they found Read's perfect woman-Marina Davidov. Trouble was, she happened to be the same woman who had already loved-and left-him.Were Causing Big Mischief!Years ago, it was Marina's overprotective father who had cut short their once-in-a-lifetime romance. Now it was Read's bitter memories that kept them apart. But with two clever little elves on the job, was a Christmas wedding too much to hope for?

Merry Meet, (Circle of Three Book 2)

by Isobel Bird

Joined together hand in hand our circle gathers round, to work our magic, weave the web, and dance on sacred ground. By the goddess we are called, witch to witch and friend to friend, to merry meet, and merry part, and merry meet again. A book of spells brought Kate, Cooper, and Annie together. The three are compelled to learn more, and the door is opened with the stirring ritual of the Vernal Equinox.

Merry, Merry Ghost

by Carolyn Hart

Being dead can't put a damper on spirited, holiday-loving Bailey Ruth Raeburn. Christmas is a time for family and giving, and a wealthy woman in Adelaide, Oklahoma, is about to embrace both. Discovering that she has a young grandson, the dowager decides to change her will to leave the bulk of her fortune to the young boy--an alteration that stuns the rest of her family. But a scrooge of a determined heir makes sure she never signs the new document. When she is found dead, it's up to that irrepressible spirit Bailey Ruth, on assignment from Wiggins and Heaven's Department of Good Intentions, to protect a little boy, foil a murderer, and save Christmas. There's only one teeny hitch: how can Bailey Ruth figure out which family member was desperate enough to kill when everyone has a motive?

The Merry Mischief of Gopal Bhand

by Devika Rangachari

A story about Gopal, son of a barber from a small village who went on to become the jester in King Krishna Chandra's kingdom.

The Merry Monarch's Wife

by Jean Plaidy

Charles II is restored to the English throne, and his court is lively and even scandalous. The country is eager for succession to be clear and certain: The next king will be the son of Charles II and his queen, Catherine of Braganza. Yet Catherine, daughter of the king of Portugal and a Catholic, has never been popular with the English people. She is also having great difficulty conceiving an heir, even as many of Charles's well-known mistresses are bearing his children with ease. Catherine is aware that courtiers close to Charles are asking him to divorce her and take another wife--yet she is determined to hold her title in the face of all odds. The ninth novel in the beloved Queens of England series,The Merry Monarch's Wifebrings Catherine of Braganza to life and plunges readers into the tumultuous world of Restoration England. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Merry Sexy Christmas

by Maureen Smith Kayla Perrin Beverly Jenkins

Have yourself a sexy little holiday...Overtime Love by Beverly Jenkins Drew Davis's goal is to buy the semipro football team where he is general manager. But the owner's grandaughter, Tasha Bloom, unexpectedly inherits it first. Still, Drew's not brokenhearted, since their mutual passion for football runs second only to their attraction to each other. But can the team and their budding romance make it to the New Year's Day championship?Ex-mas Reunion by Kayla Perrin Kendra Harris and Damien Monroe had a summer fling years ago. Now fate has left them stranded together at the airport during a winter snowstorm. Sharing a rental car makes sense if they want to get home for Christmas. And so does sharing a hotel room...and a bed. Because sometimes the one that got away is the only one you ever wanted....A Holiday Affair by Maureen Smith Over the holidays, Atlanta attorney Ava Cameron is dumped, depressed...and primed for a one-night stand with sexy stranger Colby Austin. How is she to know he will end up being opposing counsel on a major case-and the best mistake she has ever made?

The Merry Widows--Catherine

by Theresa Michaels

Widow Catherine Rose Hill had vowed she would never again answer to a man. But when a stuffy hardheaded banker with sexy eyes challenged her hard-won independence with soul-binding kisses, she wondered if her freedom was worth the price....Gregory Michael Mayfield III's obsession with making a name for himself had cost him his health and his happiness. And his forced exile at Catherine's country farmhouse was supposed to bring him peace and privacy-not passion in the arms of the fiesty widow....

The Merry Widows--Mary

by Theresa Michaels

The survivor of a bitter marriage, widow Marry Inlow stepped gently through life, quietly burying her dreams of true love and children along the way. Until a fierce stranger holding a bloodied child appeared on her doorstep, demanding entry into her world-and into her heart.Rafe McCade would have sold his soul to the devil to save his little girl's life, but he bartered it instead to a soft-spoken angel with the power to heal his daughter's wounded body, and the tenderness to rescue him from the torments of his own bitter past.

The Merry Widows--Sarah

by Theresa Michaels

Hunted...Haunted...A Man In Torment,Rio Santee had sought shelter with widow Sarah Westfall. But he could only repay her kindness with turmoil, for danger stalked him and those he loved. And from the first night he'd held her, she'd made his Apache blood pound in an ancient, primal rhythm...!Alone...Stalwart...A Woman Of Secrets,Sarah Westfall had dared to trust her home to a stranger on the run. But in the dark of night, when all secrets lay bare, her soul cried out to his in a song of recognition...and love!

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