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The Devil's Larder

by Jim Crace

Short stories sharing the theme of food

The Devil's Light

by Richard North Patterson

THE DEVIL'S LIGHT tells the story of an AL Qaeda operative named Amer Al Zaroor, who, on orders from Osama Bin Laden, directs the theft of a nuclear weapon from the Pakistani military, and then transports it toward its intended target, Israel. Meanwhile Bin Laden announces to the world that he will make a major terrorist strike on 9/11/10, the tenth anniversary of 9/11. Deep inside Washington, Brooke Chandler, a CIA operative whose cover was blown by an incompetent colleague in Lebanon, thinks he knows how the bomb is being moved toward its target and how to find it. First he must overcome the skepticism of the CIA and the White House, and then he must find the bomb and disable or detonate it before it causes the Middle East to go up in flames.

The Devil's Looking Glass (Swords of Albion #3)

by Mark Chadbourn

James Bond adventure in the court of Queen Elizabeth!1593: The dreaded alchemist, magician, and spy Dr. John Dee is missing. . . . Terror sweeps through the court of Queen Elizabeth, for in Dee's possession is an obsidian mirror, an object of great power which, legend says, could set the world afire. And so the call goes out to celebrated swordsman, adventurer and rake Will Swyfte-find Dee and his looking glass and return them to London before disaster strikes. But when Will discovers the mirror might solve the mystery that has haunted him for years-the fate of his lost love, Jenny-the stakes become acutely personal. With London under siege by supernatural powers, time is running out. Will is left with no choice but to pursue the alchemist to the devil-haunted lands of the New World-in the very shadow of the terrifying fortress home of the Unseelie Court. Surrounded by an army of unearthly fiends, with only his sword and a few brave friends at his back, the realm's greatest spy must be prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice-or see all he loves destroyed.

The Devil's Love

by Julia London

A woman's desire...With dreams of a great romantic love, Abigail Carrington sails to England to marry the man she has loved since childhood, Michael Ingram, Marquis of Darfield. She believes her betrothed is a generous and noble man who has been longing for her. But the handsome man waiting for her at the altar is a dark, brooding stranger who rushes her into marriage, then abandons her at his country estate. Only the passion of Michael's kiss gives her hope that theirs can be more than a marriage of convenience.A man's need... With scandal shadowing his past, Michael, the Devil of Darfield, had no need for a wife. Remembering only the little hellion who made life miserable for him aboard her father's ship, he resents the agreement he made to marry her so he could save his ancestral home. Though determined to ignore her, he cannot stop thinking about his lovely violet-eyed bride. Her beauty tempts him. Her charm bedevils him. He tries to drive her away until he almost loses her. Then he vows to regain her love--before it is too late....From the Paperback edition.

The Devil's Love

by Julia London

A woman's desire...With dreams of a great romantic love, Abigail Carrington sails to England to marry the man she has loved since childhood, Michael Ingram, Marquis of Darfield. She believes her betrothed is a generous and noble man who has been longing for her. But the handsome man waiting for her at the altar is a dark, brooding stranger who rushes her into marriage, then abandons her at his country estate. Only the passion of Michael's kiss gives her hope that theirs can be more than a marriage of convenience.A man's need... With scandal shadowing his past, Michael, the Devil of Darfield, had no need for a wife. Remembering only the little hellion who made life miserable for him aboard her father's ship, he resents the agreement he made to marry her so he could save his ancestral home. Though determined to ignore her, he cannot stop thinking about his lovely violet-eyed bride. Her beauty tempts him. Her charm bedevils him. He tries to drive her away until he almost loses her. Then he vows to regain her love--before it is too late....From the Paperback edition.

Devil's Manhunt

by L. Ron Hubbard

Saddle up with this riveting tale. Young Tim Beckdolt had been working Desperation Peak in Arizona for eight long, treacherous months before striking a rich seam of gold. Now, after three months of hard, grueling labor, he's stockpiled more than $175,000 of gold ore, and his dreams of wealth are about to be realized . . . that is until the loutish Swedish giant Sven and the foppish Virginian killer Bonnet, arrive to jump his claim. Forced by gunpoint to mine the remainder of the gold for this villainous pair, Tim manages to escape into the surrounding wilderness, only to be hunted like an animal through vicious terrain with no weapons to defend himself or food to sustain him. ALSO INCLUDES THE WESTERN STORIES "JOHNNY, THE TOWN TAMER" AND "STRANGER IN TOWN" "With the flair of a Louis L'Amour or Zane Grey." --True West*An International Book Awards Winner

Devil's Mistress

by Heather Graham

HE IS A MAN POSSESSED--BY A WOMAN WHOSE BEAUTY DRIVES MEN TO MADNESS. If there was ever a devil who could lure and seduce the innocent, Lord Sloan Treveryan is that man. Captain of the Sea Hawk and bound to the king's business, Treveryan may be a lord but he is no gentleman. Yet even he cannot ignore a lady in distress--or the temptation she provides. Bewitched by Brianna MacCardle's beauty, Scottish inquisitors have called her the devil's own. Though Treveryan saves her from the witch-hunter's clutches, how can she be grateful? He has carried Brianna off to America, claimed her, and taken her innocence. She vows that he will never capture her heart. But against her will she begins to fall in love--while swearing to reap revenge against the arrogant lord who has made her the devil's mistress.From the Paperback edition.

Devil's Mountain

by Bernadette Walsh

Copyright 2012, Bernadette WalshAll rights reserved - Lyrical Pres, Inc. I pulled the long red cape close to me. Its ancient wool protected me from the strong damp wind that whipped along the fields. In the distance I could hear the mournful lowing of Seamus's brown heifers. A black rook flew before me, beckoning me along the lonesome lane. I turned right into the copse of trees and followed the narrow path. The thicket blocked all but a trickle of light. The dark woods that had frightened me as a young girl enveloped me, embraced me now in its cold arms. In the clearing before the foot of His cave was a fire and beside it, a carved table. On the table was a roast pig and two goblets filled with an amber liquid. Behind me a rush of wind lifted my cloak. "My love. "I turned around. Slanaitheoir took my hand in His strong one. The blood roared in my ears. This apparition, Slanaitheoir's most beautiful, most cruel. He stood over six feet, His broad shoulders draped in a golden silk tunic. His bright green eyes danced with desire and malice. Despite myself, my cheeks burned. I lowered my eyes, suddenly shy, unable to face Him. "My lord. ""Come, my love. See what I have prepared for you. "He led me to the fire and removed the cloak from my shoulders. I covered my chest, aware that my thin silk sheath offered little protection from His probing gaze. He laughed. "You hide yourself from me? My sweet child. Please, sit down. Eat. I know you haven't feasted in many days. "How? How did He know my every move? With my stomach in knots since I'd left for New York, I hadn't eaten more than tea and toast for days. Suddenly ravenous, I devoured the meal before me. The meat, succulent, almost called to me. Its sweet juices ran down my chin, and I, like an animal, tore the pig's flesh. His lordship joined me as we cleared the table of meat and mead. When we were sated, He led me to the fire. We sat on the finest furs. "My love, I've missed you. Tell me, tell me about your trip. " His eyes, soft now and tender, glowed in the firelight. His fingers burned my skin as He stroked my hand. And I told Him. Everything. How Nellie called me a witch, how my sweet Paul held me in his arms and cried. The beautiful creature before me entranced me, bewitched me, and I burned with love for Him. With desire. "My love, why do you leave, when you know the world will only cause you pain? I am all you need. "The buzzing in my ears grew louder, and all I could think about was His strong arms. His musky scent--old, as old as the earth. Why do I leave Him? Why do I fight Him? I fell into His eyes and could see our past, the past of all the Devlin women. My skin was on fire and I didn't stop Him when he ripped the thin sheath from me, scattering the pearl buttons on the ground. He parted my lips and I yielded. I closed my eyes. I loved Him. Oh, God forgive me, how I loved Him. He pulled my hair and His lips left mine. I heard before I felt the tear of my cheek's tender flesh. I opened my eyes and could see His hand was now a claw. Warm blood fell onto my breast. He dragged me to the entrance of the cave. He smiled. "It is time, my love. "

The Devil's Music

by Pearl R. Meaker

When an acclaimed scholar and musician is found murdered on the Twombly College campus where her husband teaches chemistry and forensics, Emory Crawford emerges as the most inquisitive, persistent and clever amateur detective since Miss Marple.

The Devil's Necklace (Necklace Series #2)

by Kat Martin

To British privateer Ethan Sharpe, Grace Chastain was nothing but a pawn for vengeance against Harmon Jeffries, the traitor responsible for his brutal years in prison. Believing Grace to be Jeffries' mistress, he plans to humiliate his enemy by seducing her. Grace fears her priceless heirloom necklace has begun to live up to its curse when Captain Sharpe makes her his prisoner aboard his schooner. Defiantly she resists his coarse advances, but suspects there is more to this complex sea captain than his brooding anger and silent accusations. And Ethan quickly realizes that she is not the wicked woman he imagined her to be. Grace is as headstrong as she is lovely, and the battle of wills that ensues weakens his resolve. But can Ethan settle the demons of his pastandfollow the destiny his heart commands?

The Devil's Necktie

by John Lansing

A sizzling thriller for fans of James Patterson and Patricia Cornwell--an exciting tour into the real-life world of cops, crime, drugs, and murder. Retired inspector Jack Bertolino had strict rules when dealing with confidential informants. But Mia had the kind of beauty that could make a grown man contemplate leaving his wife, his job, and his kids. After a passionate night together, Mia is found murdered--and Jack is the lead suspect. Facing threats from the LAPD, the 18th Street Angels, and a Colombian drug cartel, Jack delves deeper into the seedy world of drug dealers and murderers and discovers that the top players knew Mia personally. And now Jack is torn between fearing for his life and seeking revenge for his slain lover....either way, the body count will rise.

The Devil's Notebook

by Anton Szandor Lavey

Wisdom, humor, and dark observations by the founder of the Church of Satan. LaVey ponders such topics as nonconformity, occult faddism, erotic politics, the "Goodguy badge," demoralization and the construction of artificial human companions.

The Devil's Novice

by Ellis Peters

When a troubled novice is blamed for the disappearance of a priest, Brother Cadfael seeks to save his soul--and his lifeOutside the pale of the Abbey of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, in September of 1140, a priestly emissary for King Stephen has been reported missing. But inside the pale, what troubles Brother Cadfael is a proud, secretive nineteen-year-old novice. Brother Cadfael has never seen two men more estranged than the Lord of Aspley and Meriet, the son he coldly delivers to the abbey to begin a religious vocation. Meriet, meek by day, is so racked by dreams at night that his howls earn him the nickname "the Devil's Novice." Shunned and feared, Meriet is soon linked to the missing priestly emissary's dreadful fate. Only Brother Cadfael believes in Meriet's innocence, and only the good sleuth can uncover the truth before a boy's pure passion, not evil intent, leads a novice to the noose.

The Devils of Cardona

by Matthew Carr

In this gripping historical thriller set in sixteenth-century Spain, a Catholic priest is murdered by a mysterious Muslim avenger as the Inquisition continues to force Moriscos to live and worship as Christians. In March 1584, the priest of Belamar de la Sierra, a small town in Aragon near the French border, is murdered in his own church. Most of the town's inhabitants are Moriscos, former Muslims who converted to Catholicism. Anxious to avert a violent backlash on the eve of a royal visit, an adviser to King Philip II appoints local magistrate Bernardo de Mendoza to investigate. A soldier and humanist, Mendoza doesn't always live up to the moral standards expected of court officials, but he has a reputation for incorruptibility. From the beginning, Mendoza finds almost universal hatred for the priest. And it isn't long before he's drawn into a complex and dangerous world in which greed, fanaticism, and state policy overlap. And as the killings continue, Mendoza's investigation is overshadowed by the real prospect of an ethnic and religious civil war. By turns an involving historical thriller and a novel with parallels to our own time, The Devils of Cardona is an unexpected and compelling read.From the Hardcover edition.

The Devils of D-Day

by Graham Masterton

Is the rusting old tank only a relic of the war-torn past--or is it the residence of a satanic demon about to inflict its horror on an unsuspecting world? Thirty-five years have passed since the Allied invasion of Normandy on D-Day turned the tide of World War II against Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Reich, and it's been more than three decades since the residents of the tiny French village of Le Vey witnessed the horrific slaughter of hundreds of German soldiers by thirteen black tanks. One of the tanks remains on the outskirts of town--its hatch mysteriously sealed, trapping its controller inside--only to be discovered by American surveyor and cartographer Dan McCook. Driven by curiosity and an inexplicable compulsion, McCook is about to do the unthinkable and release what lives within the tank upon an unsuspecting world. And once the monstrous occupant reunites with others of its demonic kind, a new world war will begin, one that threatens to wash the earth in blood and drag every man, woman, and child through the fiery gates of hell. A chilling and ingeniously original tale of demonic possession and apocalyptic possibilities, The Devils of D-Day is classic horror at its best, from the award-winning author of The Manitou.

The Devils of Loudun

by Aldous Huxley

In this classic nonfiction work by the legendary Aldous Huxley, a remarkable true story of religious and sexual obsession, considered a compelling historical event, is clarified and brought to vivid life.

Devil's Own

by Veronica Wolff

Read Veronica Wolff's blogs and other content on the Penguin Community After surviving slavery, Aiden MacAlpin has nothing but thoughts of vengeance. When his tutor Elspeth learns a secret to his past, it thrusts them both into a game of passion and deception that neither may survive.

The Devil's Own Rag Doll

by Mitchell Bartoy

Novel of race relations in Detroit in the early 1940s.

Devil's Pass

by Sigmund Brouwer

Seventeen-year-old Webb's abusive stepfather has made it impossible for him to live at home, so Webb survives on the streets of Toronto by busking with his guitar and working as a dishwasher. When Webb's grandfather dies, his will stipulates that his grandsons fulfill specific requests. Webb's task takes him to the Canol Trail in Canada's Far North, where he finds out that there are much scarier things than the cold and the occasional grizzly bear. With a Native guide, two German tourists and his guitar for company, Webb is forced to confront terrible events in his grandfather's past and somehow deal with the pain and confusion of his own life.

The Devil's Paw

by E. Phillips Oppenheim

Excerpt: . . . Thats the way these fellows who dont know any better chuck their money about," he added, swinging around in his chair towards her. "The clothes I have on cost me exactly four pounds fifteen cash, and I guarantee his were no better. " Catherine frowned impatiently. "We did not come here, did we, Mr. Fenn, to discuss Mr. Ordens tailors bill? I can see no object at all in going through his correspondence in this way. What you have to search for is a packet wrapped up in thin yellow oilskin, with Number 17 on the outside in black ink. " "Oh, he might have slipped it in anywhere," Fenn pointed out. "Besides, theres always a chance that one of his letters may give us a clue as to where he has hidden the document. Come and sit down by the side of me, wont you, Miss Abbeway? Do " "I would rather stand, thank you," she replied. "You seem to find your present occupation to your taste. I should loathe it " "Never think of my own feelings," Fenn said briskly, "when theres a job to be done. I wish youd be a bit more friendly, though, Miss Abbeway. Let me pull that chair up by the side of mine. I like to have you near. You know, Ive been a bachelor for a good many years," he went on impressively, "but a little homey place like this always makes me think of things. Ive nothing against marriage if only a man can be lucky enough to get the right sort of girl, and although advanced thinkers like you and me and some of the others are looking at things differently, nowadays, I wouldnt mind much which way it was," he confided, dropping his voice a little and laying his hand upon her arm, "if you could make up your mind

The Devil's Pawn

by Elizabeth Finn

A common enemy. A secret untold. One dark and handsome man determined to despise. One inexperienced, innocent, shy woman swept into a life she cannot control. Both pawns in a torturous game that will bind them together or tear them apart . . . forever.When Ashton is left orphaned after her parents are murdered, her life becomes a hell she could never have imagined. Left to fend for herself, and responsible for a debt she doesn't owe, she is swept into a life as a gentleman's escort at a private men's gaming hall. Her new manager makes it abundantly clear he doesn't appreciate her inexperience, innocence, and shyness. On the contrary, he despises everything about her.Derek can be "difficult," she's been told. And however dark and handsome he may be, he terrifies her in a way that chills her to the bone, but leaves her begging to understand him. As they are pulled along together, more secrets and threats than either one could ever conceive are revealed, and a common enemy emerges. This enemy will stop at nothing to bring Derek to his knees while using Ashton as the greatest pawn in his torturous game.Will Derek be able to let down his shield of cold, harsh emotion before it's too late? Will he be able to sacrifice himself to save Ashton, or will they both be destroyed by the secrets of their pasts?

The Devil's Pearl

by Jennifer Haymore

If anyone were to guess that sweet, shy Lady Esme had been secretly penning scandalous stories, she would never be able to show her face in London again! Fortunately, her good friend, bestselling author Jennifer Haymore, can reveal her passionate tale of obsession and seduction . . . THE DEVIL'S PEARLSir Devlin Vaughn will never forget the sweet, sensual pleasures of his beloved "Jewel." Charmingly naive in the ways of love, she had blossomed under his guidance to become the most skilled lover a man could ever desire. And desire her he did-especially after she disappeared, leaving him alone and longing for her touch. Now, Devlin will do anything to get her back. Even kidnap her . . . Julia Beaumont will never forget the man who unlocked her deepest desires and made her crave things no decent woman should. Fearing she would never be more than his mistress, she left, vowing never to see him again-until one reckless night, when a stranger in black appears from the shadows and sweeps her away to his bedroom chamber. Now, she will be his courtesan, his captive, his slave. Can she free herself from Devlin's thrall, or will their passion be her ultimate undoing?

Devil's Playground

by Don Pendleton

Warrior StateWhen Emilio Brujillo, governor of Mexico's Guerro state, finds himself under siege by the Juarez cartel, he turns to the U. S. for help against one of the most brutal narcotraficante organizations. Working undercover to stem the escalating violence, Mack Bolan is surrounded by corrupt military officials, Russian organized crime and a renegade cult that engages in ritual sacrifice. But the deadliest threat that Bolan faces is the seductive governor's wife, who is also the secret leader of a Santeria cult. Anibella Brujillo is leaking information on Bolan's activities to the enemy while playing her husband, her government and its people with skill and cunning. Mack Bolan is willing to swallow the lady's bait, see where it leads. . . especially if its straight to the darkest hellholes of human depravity.

The Devil's Playground: A Century of Pleasure and Profit in Times Square

by James Traub

As Times Square turns 100, New York Times Magazine contributing writer James Traub tells the story of how this mercurial district became one of the most famous and exciting places in the world. The Devil's Playground is classic and colorful American history, from the first years of the twentieth century through the Runyonesque heyday of nightclubs and theaters in the 1920s and '30s, to the district's decline in the 1960s and its glittering corporate revival in the 1990s. First, Traub gives us the great impresarios, wits, tunesmiths, newspaper columnists, and nocturnal creatures who shaped Times Square over the century since the place first got its name: Oscar Hammerstein, Florenz Ziegfeld, George S. Kaufman, Damon Runyon, Walter Winchell, and "the Queen of the Nightclubs," Texas Guinan; bards like A. J. Liebling, Joe Mitchell, and the Beats, who celebrated the drug dealers and pimps of 42nd Street. He describes Times Square's notorious collapse into pathology and the fierce debates over how best to restore it to life. Traub then goes on to scrutinize today's Times Square as no author has yet done. He writes about the new 42nd Street, the giant Toys "R" Us store with its flashing Ferris wheel, the new world of corporate theater, and the sex shops trying to leave their history behind. More than sixty years ago, Liebling called Times Square "the heart of the world"--not just the center of the world, though this crossroads in Midtown Manhattan was indeed that, but its heart. From the dawn of the twentieth century through the 1950s, Times Square was the whirling dynamo of American popular culture and, increasingly, an urban sanctuary for the eccentric and the untamed. The name itself became emblematic of the tremendous life force of cities everywhere. Today, Times Square is once again an awe-inspiring place, but the dark and strange corners have been filled with blazing light. The most famous street character on Broadway, "the Naked Cowboy," has his own website, and Toys "R" Us calls its flagship store in Times Square "the toy center of the universe." For the giant entertainment corporations that have moved to this safe, clean, and self-consciously gaudy spot, Times Square is still very much the center of the world. But is it still the heart?

Devil's Plaything

by Matt Richtel

We all keep secrets, but what if someone wasn't just stealing our secrets but changing them . . . and our brains? Journalist Nat Idle is nearly gunned down in Golden Gate Park. He quickly learns it was no random attack. Suddenly, in pursuit of the truth, he's running for his life through the shadows of Silicon Valley, a human lab animal caught in a deadly maze of neurotechnology and institutional paranoia. And his survival rests entirely in the hands of his eighty-five-year-old grandmother, Lane, who's suffering from dementia and can't remember the secret at the heart of the world-changing conspiracy. Author, technology reporter, Pulitzer Prize winner, Matt Richtel has dreamed up an exquisite nightmare firmly grounded in true science. The future is now, the possibilities endless . . . and positively terrifying.

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