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Mystic Dreamers (Book 1)

by Rosanne Bittner

Mystic Dreamers, book 1 of the 3-part series, begins an intriguing historically accurate tale that describes how dreams and visions remain significant to Native Americans as part of the mystic circle of birth, life, death, and rebirth. Readers will understand why even today many Native Americans still turn to important prayer rituals, including physical sacrifices to find guidance in their lives.

Mystic Empire (Bronze Canticles #3)

by Tracy Hickman Laura Hickman

Eighty Years have passed since the Mystics founded Calsandria, and now their nation is mired in politics and bloodlines. A woman with no magic, Theona Conlan leads the desperate search for the missing Prince of House Arvad. In the faery realm, Dwynwyn learns that slave creatures are mastering a magic that threatens the fragile peace between the faeries and their enemies. And while the goblin Lunid builds a device to reach across worlds, her masters plot to use it for their own dark ends. But unknown to them all, the gates between realities are about to burst open and plunge humans, faeries, and goblins into a war that can be won only with an undiscovered magic... One that will unite--or destroy--three worlds.

Mystic Lighthouse Mysteries: The Mystery of Dead Man's Curve

by Laura E. Williams

Dead Man's Curve has caused many terrible accidents on the road to the old lighthouse--but this time, it was not an accident.

Mystic Lighthouse Mysteries: The Mystery of the Dark Lighthouse

by Laura E. Williams

Twins Jen and Zeke have always known the old lighthouse is haunted. Now they have proof. Something very strange is going on at the Mystic Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast.

Mystic Lighthouse Mysteries: The Mystery of the Missing Tiger

by Laura E. Williams

The Circus has come to Mystic, Maine! But on the day of the famous Siberian tiger's first big performance, it mysteriously disappears! After other things start to go terribly wrong at the circus, it's clear that someone is behind it all!

Mystic Lighthouse Mysteries: The Mystery of the Phantom Ship

by Laura E. Williams

One night when Zeke is practicing with his sailing team, he spots a huge ship right in the middle of the Poseidon's Triangle. He blinks, and it is gone.

The Mystic Masseur

by V. S. Naipaul

The Mystic Masseur, V. S. Naipaul's first published novel, is the story of the rise and rise of Ganesh, from failed primary school teacher and struggling masseur to author, revered mystic and MBE - a journey equally memorable for its hilarity as its bewildering success. An unforgettable cast of characters witness this meteoric ascent: Ganesh's father-in-law, Ramlogan, whose shop gave the impression that 'every morning someone went over everything in it - scales, Ramlogan, and all - with a greased rag'; his aunt, the Great Belcher, with her troubling wind; his wife Leela, and her fondness for putting a punctuation mark after every word. Soon, Ganesh's small hut is filled with books (1,500, as his wife will attest), and his trousers and shirt disappear to be replaced by more suitable attire for a proper mystic. As 'The Woman Who Couldn't Eat' and 'Lover Boy', the man who fell in love with his bicycle, line up to be cured, it looks like the mystic masseur is surely destined for greatness. In one of the author's finest comic creations we see the immense sensitivity, humour and endlessly inventive imagination that have become the hallmarks of V. S. Naipaul's genius.

Mystic Quest (Bronze Canticles #2)

by Tracy Hickman Laura Hickman

Twenty-three years have passed since Galen Arvad first exposed the deep magic--a power that spans three separate worlds. Now, that magic brings tragedy and darkness to the lives of all who wield it. Galen and his clans suffer an endless war in the realm of the dragonkings; a gruesome kingdom of the undead rises in the faery domain, and in the realm of the reanimated rusting titans, a tyrant goblin's lust for conquest goes unchecked. A new generation of heroes sets out on separate, life-changing journeys, and each will find their redemption may be beyond the power of magic.

The Mystic Rose

by Stephen R. Lawhead

Stephen R. Lawhead's Celtic Crusades saga has won widespread critical acclaim and a legion of loyal readers. Now, he returns with the final volume in this magnificent series -- a tale rich in history and imagination, filled with danger, betrayal, courage, and faith, as the third generation of a Scottish noble family continues its eternal quest to secure the divine on earth, and preserve humankind's last true hope for salvation.While undergoing the initiation into the highest order of a secret religious society, Scottish lawyer Gordon Murray discovers the greatest revelation of all ...A thousand years after its disappearance, the Mystic Rose, which is the fabled Grail -- the Chalice of the Last Supper -- has been found, and the Knights Templar will stop at nothing to possess it. Led by the ruthless and corrupt Renaud de Bracineaux, the warrior monks embark on a dangerous and deceitful quest to find the Holy Cup.Only one person stands in their way: Cait, a young woman from the windswept hills of northern Scotland. Raised on the Crusader tales of her grandfather, Murdo, and her father, Duncan, the redoubtable Cait has determined to claim the prize for her own.The trail is long, and it is treacherous. Guided only by a handful of coded clues gleaned from a stolen letter, Cait and her small band of knights will make their way from the shadowed halls of Saint Sophia to the marble palaces of Aragon, from Constantinople to Santiago de Compostela and beyond, deep into the heart of Moorish Spain and a world unseen by Christian eyes for over four hundred years.Thus begins a race which quickly escalates into a battle of wits, will, and might between two implacable, cunning, and resourceful foes for the possession of the most valuable object in all Christendom: the Mystic Rose.Magnificent and breathtaking in scope, The Celtic Crusades traces the epic tale of one family fighting for its faith during one of the bloodiest epochs in history, and with The Mystic Rose delivers a powerful and moving climax to this unique and compelling historical adventure. Vividly interweaving the history of our own tumultuous time with events from long ago, and brilliantly blending sheer, visceral storytelling excitement with a powerful sweeping vision of human destiny, Stephen R. Lawhead concludes his thrilling trilogy of a Scottish noble family during the age of the Crusades and the secret society whose hidden ceremonies have shaped our world.

Mystic Warrior (Bronze Canticles #1)

by Tracy Hickman Laura Hickman

Book One of the Bronze Canticles. New York Times best-selling master of fantasy Tracy Hickman and his wife, author Laura Hickman, offer the first book in a major, new, dragon-laden epic fantasy. The Bronze Canticles is an expansive new saga chronicling the world-altering changes that take place as three connected universes--the Human world, the Goblin world, and the Faery world--are slowly drawn together.

The Mystic Warriors of the Plains: The Culture, Arts, Crafts and Religion of the Plains Indians

by Thomas E. Mails

The mystic warriors of the plains is an indepth look at the history, customs, religeon, art work and dress of the American plains Indians. A look at the tribes that developed a civilization that rivals any of the ancient civilizations of the world.

The Mystical Beast

by Alison Farthing

Sara and Henry are carried to the Other Side where it is never nice and ordinary and tidy, but it has spells and one happening after another.

Mystical City of God: A Popular Abridgement of the Divine History and Life of the Virgin Mother of God

by Mary Of Agreda Fiscar Marison George J. Blatter

History of the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary, as revealed by Our Lady to this 17th-century Spanish nun. Venerable Mary of Agreda saw in ecstasy all the events recorded here. Later, Our Lady told her to write them down in a book. More than just the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary, this book also contains information about the creation of the world, the meaning of the Apocalypse, Lucifer's rebellion, the location of Hell, the hidden life of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, intimate details about Our Lord's life, and many other enthralling topics.

Mystical Dimensions of Islam

by Annemarie Schimmel

Thus, to set out and delineate some main features of Sufism, both historically and phenomenologically, will yield no result that satisfies everybody.

The Mystical Life of Jesus: An Uncommon Perspective on the Life of Christ

by Sylvia Browne

[Well-known psychic] Sylvia Browne addresses all of the major controversies surrounding Jesus such as: Was their a virgin birth? What did Jesus do during the first thirty years of his life? and Is there a Jesus lineage? Using her unique relationship with her spirit guide and her years of studying the Gnostic texts, she confidently answers these mysteries. Her book raises questions about the traditional Christian faith and gives insights into some of the contemporary, religious theology.

Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church

by Vladimir Lossky James Clarke

Through a combination of careful scholarship and the warmth of the deep personal devotion of the author, this book provides the authoritative English study of Eastern orthodox theology. Lossky's account makes clear the profound theological differences between East and West, as well as offering an important contribution to ecumenism and to the life of Christian devotion. The tradition of the Eastern Church is presented as a mystical theology with doctrine and experience mutually supporting each other. The Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church was first published in Paris in 1944 as Essai sur la Theologie Mystique de l'Eglise d'Orient. It has been translated by a small group of members of the Fellowship of St Alban and St Sergius, which exists to promote understanding between Eastern and Western Christians.

Mystical Union

by John Crowder

With clear revelatory truths on the New Creation and the scandalous joys of the cross, Mystical Union promises to be one of John Crowder's most revolutionary, lifechanging works.

Mystic's Run: The Angelini #3

by Jory Strong

Book 3 in The Angelini series. Mystic Renaldi might have been born to guard the border between the human and supernatural worlds, but in her mind she will never measure up to the other Renaldi Angelini. She can dance, mix drinks, play hostess, manage the music and even sing along with a band, all the things necessary for a good party--but not what's required of a hunter. When she slips away from the Howl for an adventure in Las Vegas, little does she know she's stepping into her Angelini destiny. Her first hunt awaits, along with three alpha males who are ready to convince her she's equal of any Renaldi female. For Roman, Mystic is the mate who'll appease the gryphon he was before becoming vampire. For Hawk, she's the mate who'll gain him a pack of his own. For Christian, a lone wolf, she's the mate he never dreamed possible. But once she's theirs, she becomes so much more than they imagined. Nothing's left tot chance when an Angelini takes a mate. And everything is claimed-body, heart and soul.

Mystify the Magician (Everworld #11)

by K. A. Applegate

David, Christopher, April, Jalil, and Senna managed to escape Neptune's deadly clutches and have washed ashore in Eire. It's ancient Ireland, complete with giants, leprechauns, a band of gods and goddesses, and druids.


by Amanda Quick

A tantalizing tale of a legendary knight and a headstrong lady whose daring quest for a mysterious crystal will draw them into a whirlwind of treachery-and desire. When the fearsome knight called Hugh the Relentless swept into Lingwood Manor like a storm, everyone cowered-except Lady Alice. Sharp-tongued and unrepentant, the flame haired beauty believed Sir Hugh was not someone to dread but the answer to her dreams. She knew he had come for the dazzling green crystal, knew he would be displeased to find that it was no longer in her possession. Yet Alice had a proposition for the dark and forbidding knight: In return for a dowry that would free Alice and her brother from their uncle's grasp, she would lend her powers of detection to his warrior's skills and together they would recover his treasured stone. But even as Hugh accepted her terms, he added a condition of his own: Lady Alice must agree to a temporary betrothal-one that would soon draw her deep into Hugh's great stone fortress, and into a battle that could threaten their lives...and their only chance at love.From the Paperback edition.

Myth Directions (Myth #3)

by Robert Lynn Asprin

Tanda jumps in to a gloomy afternoon, Aahz and Skeeve have nothing to do and it's raining. Tanda wants to go shopping and drags Skeeve along with her. She's looking for a birthday present for Aahz, but what she chooses causes a civil war when she and Skeeve try to steal it. Tanda is captured and Skeeve returns to Klah to try and explain just how they bumbled things so badly as to be caught. So now they have to retrieve Tanda, except she's under a sleep spell and held captive by one sides magician. Aahz's birthday present is a hideous trophy which is won by an annual game to determine the ruling city of the dimension for the year, so when Skeeve and Aahz steal it again the opposing sides in the war decide that the game shall be replayed, this time with 3 teams, the winner gets both Tanda and the trophy. So it's off to Deva to gather a team, to play a game who's rules the team doesn't know with players the team has never seen. Game day arrives with some terrible surprises and some hilarious play by play from Skeeve and Gleep.

The Myth Hunters (The Veil #1)

by Christopher Golden

Yielding to his father's wishes, Oliver Bascombe abandoned his dream of being an actor and joined the family law firm. Now he will marry a lovely young woman bearing the Bascombe stamp of approval. But on the eve of his wedding, a blizzard sweeps in-bringing with it an icy legend who calls into question everything Oliver believes about the world and his place in it.... Pursued by a murderous creature who heeds no boundaries, Jack Frost needs Oliver's help to save both himself and his world-an alternate reality slowly being displaced by our own. To help him, Oliver Bascombe, attorney-at-law, will have to become Oliver Bascombe, adventurer, hero-and hunted. So begins a magnificent journey where he straddles two realities...and where, even amid danger, Oliver finds freedom for the very first time.

Myth Information: A Compendium of 590 Popular Misconceptions, Fallacies and Misbeliefs

by J. Allen Varasdi

It's common knowledge that Eve gave Adam an apple. Everyone knows that George Washington was the first president of the United States. And when your mother told you not to go swimming right after you ate, you took it as a matter of life and death. But you've been myth-informed by legend, by history . . . even by your mother! The truth is:* Milk chocolate may actually help prevent tooth decay!* If you "eat like a bird," you may eat up to one-half your body weight every single day!* The largest city in America is not New York or Los Angeles, it's Jacksonville, Florida!Now you can face the facts -- on everything from aphrodisiacs to zip codes -- in this alphabetically arranged collection of more than 590 fabulous fallacies and memorable misconceptions. You won't know what you're missing until you've mastered MYTH INFORMATION.

Myth-ing Persons (Myth #5)

by Robert Lynn Asprin

This is the fifth book in Robert Asprin's celebrated comic fantasy series about the lively exploits of an enterprizing magician and his demon mentor,. Skeeve is in a real pickle this time. His partner Aahz has disappeared and it looks like foul play. Finding Aahz ought to be a snap for a talented magician like Skeeve, especially with a sassy apprentice and a dumb but brawny bodyguard along for the ride. The trouble is, they're sleuthing in another dimension: a strange and chilly realm where day is night and humans are considered monsters. Add a murder rap, a couple of vampires, and the fact that magic doesn't work here, and you've got a trio in real hot water-that is, unless Skeeve finds a different trick up his sleeve! Here is the order of The Myth Books by Robert Asprin: ANOTHER FINE MYTH, MYTH CONCEPTIONS, MYTH DIRECTIONS, HIT OR MYTH, MYTH-ING PERSONS

Myth, Memory, Trauma

by Polly Jones

Drawing on newly available materials from the Soviet archives, Polly Jones offers an innovative, comprehensive account of de-Stalinization in the Soviet Union during the Khrushchev and early Brezhnev eras. Jones traces the authorities' initiation and management of the de-Stalinization process and explores a wide range of popular reactions to the new narratives of Stalinism in party statements and in Soviet literature and historiography. Engaging with the dynamic field of memory studies, this book represents the first sustained comparison of this process with other countries' attempts to rethink their own difficult pasts, and with later Soviet and post-Soviet approaches to Stalinism.

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